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Equilibrium Reviews

By: General Biotics

  January 4, 2015

  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Regularity
  • Little To No Bloat After Eating
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Limited Availability
  • Too Expensive
Probiotic supplements tend to be more in the 'under the radar' category for sports supplement users however, their inclusion should be considered for anyone who relies on a precision diet for improved performance. My diet may not have been precise during my run with this product but I believe that actually helped to show how effective this little capsule really is.

Profile Overview

Equilibrium doesn't break down each and every probiotic microbe included in each capsule (which is a good thing because there are apparently 115 of them!). Here is the information provided on the label:

A serving of 1 capsule includes:

Probiotic Ecosystem
115 Probiotic Strains in their Natural Ratios
1 Billion CFU's at Teim of Manufacture

There are 30 capsules per bottle with a suggested serving of 1 capsule daily at the start of a meal.


Taking Equilibrium couldn't be easier. I took 1 capsule daily, every day without fail, with my first meal of the day. It is a tiny capsule that has no negative flavor, burning, etc when taking.

Effectiveness: 8.5/10

I took Equilibrium in the time period shortly after Thanksgiving to just after Christmas. The opportunities to ruin a diet are endless during this stretch and I had my fair share of indulgences. I can say unequivocally that this product helped in digestion, maintaining regularity and truly did support health and mood (which is one of three label claims. The other two being: Replaces Missing Microbes and Improves Digestion). I did not once have any issues with regularity where I know I would have otherwise. Some foods just don't settle well with me but I was amazed to feel a constant normalcy, for lack of a better term, throughout.
There was also a nasty stomach virus that made its way through the kids school, my workplace and in the local area generally that I did not get. I did have a two day stretch where I felt a little 'off' but nothing came of it. Was it Equilibrium that held it at bay? Can't say for sure but I am convinced this little pill worked very well for me. Especially in comparison to other cheap, off the shelf probiotics I've used in the past. When taking other products nothing ever really seemed to change. I distinctly noticed a positive difference with Equilibrium and was honestly blown away by it. To be fair, it could be because my expectations weren't super high for a probiotic product to begin with.

Value: 5/10

General Biotics apparently only sells Equilibrium on their website via single 30 cap bottles at $34 plus $3.50 S/H or a subscription service at $29 per 30 cap bottle and $0 S/H. First off, it's not cheap and secondly, I'm not a fan of subscription services like these. I certainly understand it, especially with a product like this, but I've seen these services go bad far too often. They're just not for me. I would prefer to see something along the lines of buy one get one half off or buy two get one free, etc. Regardless, in the realm of probiotic supplements, Equilibrium is at the top of the price range. This could quite easily be a 'you get what you pay for' scenario however, as I mentioned above, no other probiotic has worked for me like this one. Like most, I budget my supplement expenses and $30+ for a probiotic is hard to factor in.

Overall: 7.9/10

This is a great product and has a price that reflects its uncompromising effectiveness. Does it fit into your monthly supplement budget? Is gut health, regularity, improved digestion and peace of mind worth the price to you? For me, the answer is "I'm not sure". When I'm eating on point and every mouthful of food is calculated, I don't think I necessarily need this support. When I'm not on a precision diet and things are a little fast and loose, I'd like to have Equilibrium in my supplement arsenal.

Thank you General Biotics for allowing the Expert Review team to evaluate some of your product offerings. I hope this helps you gain a better perspective of this product and assists in your decision to purchase.

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