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SuperPump250 Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition

  July 19, 2010

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Drive
  • Endurance
  • Decent Pumps
  • On The Pricey Side
  • Makes You Want To Drop A Deuce
This is so far the best pre-workout I've ever taken it completely blows NO Xplode out of the water which leads me to say that I'm happy to anounce I'm now BSN product free lol. I ask one thing out of a pre-workout and it's to give me that extra boost I need to go to the gym cause a lot of the time I'm whiped out. The Pro's - Good energy, Good taste, it got me excited to lift, the pumps weren't fantastic but they could be worse. The Con's I got restless at night (I workout late around 5:30pm, kinda pricey, and I got bloated. All in all I like Super Pump 250 I do recommend it, however I just ordered my first container of Jack3d so I will be starting that soon and my opinions about this stuff might change.


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