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SuperPump Max is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +47
Trust: 42%
  June 14, 2015

So this is my first review on Supplement reviews, I originally found the site whilst looking for reviews on supplements I was planning on buying (who'd have guessed eh?). I decided to review the Gaspari Superpump Max as it was my first ever pre-workout and have recently finished a tub of it. I am currently doing a small cut just to shed a few pounds so I have room to lean bulk after summer. I've been working out for close to 2 years now but we don't talk about that first year as it was mainly badly programmed workouts and terrible nutrition. This will be my first review however I am currently coming close to finishing tubs of other products such as MTS machine fuel, Bullnox and Trutein.

----Ingredient Profile----
As I have said this was the first pre-workout product I ever used and the main reason I bought it was because of the label. It was in my local supplement store in the pre-workout section and was the biggest tub of them all so I thought I'd be getting good value for money and I'll come to that later on.
In terms of whats in it Gaspari use a proprietary blend of 11.3g of actives which leaves around 30% colours and flavours. In terms of whats in it there are five blends made consisting of:
40 servings
Taurine, Calcium Glycerophosphate, Sodium Glycerophosphate, Di-Magnesium Malate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine™)
L-Citrulline (2 g), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (Carnipure™), L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate
L-Leucine (2 g), L-Isoleucine, L-Valine
Creatine Monohydrate (1.3 g), Magnesium Creatine Chelate (Creatine Magna Power™)
L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone

Now that a hella lot of ingredients so I'm just going to quickly skim over them and what they do. In the Myovol electrohydration complex, this consists of taurine which helps with mental focus then a whole bunch of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Next up is the Nitric Oxiendurance complex which contains 2g of L-citrulline for pumps, an undisclosed amount of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate the salt form of L-Carnitine to help pull fatty acids into the mitochondria and L-Ornithin-L-Aspertate for anti-fatigue. The third blend named the Branch Chain MTOR stimulation blend contains the 3 BCAA's with L-leucine in a 2g dose but the others not listed so we don't know if it's in the scientifically validated 2:1:1 ratio. The second to last blend contains a blend of Creatine Mono and Creatine Magna-power with the Creatine mono in a 1.3g dose. Finally there is the Cognidrive acceleration matrix comprising of L-Tyrosine to help with mental focus, Caffeine and Glucuronolactone which also helps with endurance and complements caffeine.

So Both tubs of this I have used have been the fruit punch flavour, I'm not sure exactly what fruits are in the fruit punch but the taste is alright if not a little bit tart/sour but definitely drinkable. The powder mixes well in a glass with a spoon or in a shaker bottle, I prefer to use a shaker bottle though. I also found that if I shook the tub before use the taste would be more pungent compared to if I just took a scoop of the top. In terms of dosing the dosages stated on the front of the tub do refer to a 2 scoop dose so that is the dose that I took.

The energy from this product took approximately 25 minutes to kick in for me and when it did I felt giddy and full of energy but not really very focused. The pumps however were good and I found that when doing for example a chest workout I got pumped in all of the muscles involved not just the target muscle i.e. Chest,shoulders and triceps all got pumped doing bench press. The same goes for back, bent over rows made me feel pumped in my back, bi's and traps.

Now the 40 servings advertised on the product are not the same servings Gaspari shows on the front. To get the 4g of L-Citrulline it takes 2 scoops, this to me felt like a bit of a let down as some of the ingredients are only clinically dosed at the 2 scoop level. At the time of purchase I paid £32.99 for my 640g tub which for 40 servings would have been fine however for only 20 servings was a little pricey for my budget.

----Side Effects----
Okay so some people may have heard of the name superdump and I too have felt the wrath of the superdump. I can only chalk this bowel trouble down the large amount of active ingredients and a digestive system that just wasn't used to that amount. However after about 2 weeks of use the bowel problems subsided and I enjoyed my workouts much more.

To conclude I feel like the Gaspari Superpump Max is a good product for those who have a little more flexibility within their budget. The taste is on point and the pumps and good. I would however try to find a sample before buying a whole tub to see how your stomach handles the actives. Fair to say that if I could find it I would probably try Superpump Max again.
  • Good Pump
  • Great Taste
  • Clean Energy
  • Gave Me The Runs
  • A Little Pricey
  • No Focus
Rep: +57
Trust: 77%
  March 12, 2015

(Background info on yourself, diet, experience, goals, first thoughts on the product and how you discovered SR)
Awe man it has been a very long time since my last review but a broken finger and many of lifes other obstacles will keep you away from doing what I love most. Coming back into training though I figured I had to write a review on a product no matter how hard I try to leave it and try something new (not better) I find i just NEVER can.
----Ingredient Profile----
(Your thoughts on the ingredients/label of the product)
Not to sound corny but my name is Max so when I saw a pre with my name on it in big shiny letters i said why not and Im glad I did. Right off the back I noticed its pretty complete as far as covering the bases on an efficient pre. Before we get to the blend I enjoy the few bits of the Bs and C vitamins as well as the electrolytes mainly magnesium because of the regulation of heart rate for the stim junkies. On to the blend of course taurine is listed at the top because of its very cheap price as well as basic necessity. I have tried many pump ingredients from basic argine to many nitrates and found that citrulline works best for me and Im glad superpump packed a wopping 2 grams per scoop where most companies skimp out and put half a gram at best. Citrulline for those dont know is not only great for pumps but it also helps to reduce the rising lactid acid levels that allows for longer more intense training. Cant get any better than carnipure for carnitine. Again when i speak of complete, BAM BCAAS with at least two grams in leucine. With a name like superpump max you would think that would be it but nope. Next on the blend is a creatine blend with my favorite creatine magnesium chelate which helps alot more with water regulation. Sorry stim junkies but all the way towards the bottom of the blend is caffeine which Im sure its benefits to a pre workout is not unknown.
I have to say for people who love sweet tasting pres this is not for you. I have run blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and grape and all flavors have been sour with pink lemonade being literally like taking down liquid warhead candies. Not sour in a bad way (I personally love) but new to many of the regualr fruit punch users. It honestly mixes OK because you will not get clumps but there has not been one time where i dont get little flakes on the bottom. As far as dosing label says you can go from half a scoop up to three but i found my sweet spot at one and a half. Two the most but I would be pumped all day.

This here is the bottom line. Howd it go. As far as energy goes no matter when i took it 30 minutes after i was ready to go. I could be dead from a full days work drink it and BAM had to hit the gym and im not such a noob to stims I used to love hyde but i preferred this energy. Pumps were out of this world. No matter what part of my body I was training i was witnessing veins. Whether it was veins on my quads on leg days striations on my lats from back day. What guy doesnt like to witness that. For some reason and I believe it mightve been the aundance of magnesium but man I could not stop sweating and I know people sweat but I literally had to bring two shirts to the gym because the first would start feling heavy. Last but not least also not sure what it couldve been in here but when I used this I literally had tunnel vision. After it kicked in nothing nobody mattered to me but that trip to the gym and the work I put in.

I usually find it around 25 to 35 bucks which if your two scooping or at least one and a halfing you should get about a months worth which is pretty standard.

----Side Effects----
If anybody knows about magnesium too much gives you the poops. Now Im not saying every time but therewere a few rare occasions where it was a must to hit the bathroom.

I know it sounds like Im praising this pre workout and I only write reviews about products I love but I am just being honest. I have gotten great results with this product. My veins have started to show even with a great appetite for peanut butter and my strength levels keep rising. I know its a very old school pre workout but I also consider it very versatile for any form of training and gets the job done. Dont just take my word for it though read about it and if you like it give it a shot!
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Rep: +297
    Trust: 100%
      March 20, 2014

    Hi guys

    First of all since there is nearly a hundred reviews its fairly pointless for me to highlight the ingredient list... its already up there.

    With that said I feel like the ingredient list is not particularly worth bragging about anyway - it has a bunch of fancy words for a fairly generic set of components that are in my opinion belonging to an obsolete generation of pre workout formulas...
    The new ingredient list provides nothing groundbreaking in comparison to the original 250...

    It was a while ago since I used this...

    About 5 years ago when the oldschool pre workouts were around I had two favourites.

    Met-RX Amped and SuperPump 250 - I used to alternate them so I wasn't constantly running the same one.
    For back then they did their job, and pump and endurance wise they were both decent with Amped having the edge in my opinion due to the Creatine Source..

    When the MAX came out I got all excited, I was a little concerned about the lower volume and smaller packaging, but you kind of assume since its newer and 'stronger' that it is going to deliver a bigger punch in smaller amounts.

    I have to say sheer disappointment in both flavour (which was now bland compared to the tangy original) and effect.
    Like I said about the Maximise it was a big let down - it seemed to lack everything you expect out of a 'new improved' pre workout. The same happened to me with N.O. Xplode 2.0 - "newer and stronger" - big claims with little delivery.
    It's like they take a product that is becoming obsolete and dress it up as something next generation when in fact it doesn't move on at all - it got worse if anything - like they started out with a plan and then got bored and didn't bother finishing it....

    Weak Pump
    Weak Focus
    Weak Endurance
    Weak Taste
    Turns your lips into drag queen/Emo

    Only benefit vs 250 for me was it was less acidic and didn't upset my stomach - but I'd rather have the old one tbh if it were between this and that.

    I would say just look around - the game has developed and newer pre workouts are dwarfing some of these old ones (although I think the old 250 and Amped by Met-RX could still hold their own if it is pump and endurance you want...)

    Sadly this one goes down in the first round

    Aesthetics UK...
    • No Crash
    • Not Effective
    • Not A Great Pump
    • Blue Poop
    • Btw No Crash Because No Lift !
    Rep: +54
    Trust: 51%
      November 30, 2013

    Ok well Superpump Max... it is a classic! It's one of those old huge jarred PWO's and not a small concentrated PWO. In my book I would prefer that than concentrate. Was it amazing? Bad? Well let's discuss it.

    Ingredients: Ok this is a couple blends in so be warned. The ingredients are plentiful which explains why it is so much powder and guaranteed not be a filler prop. But it's got your vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, caffeine. Basically basic Pwo stuff for they're 16g a scoop jar.

    Price: I got this for 25 Since I had a 5 dollar offf coupon at Vitamin Shoppe. For 40 scoops I feel I got a good value.

    Mix: Ok this is what I call Talcum Powder. Soft and will smoke up by the slightest brush of air so open it slowly or else you'll get residue everywhere. Besides that it will mix good.

    Taste: I got Pink Lemonade.. It's ok, sorta. It was not a chore as much as it was a small task. Bluntly I can stomach it but it's stale pink lemonade if that makes sense.

    Effects: Directions say 2 scoops max. So I took 1 and a half of it. You will feel the caffeine in there and get a nice little focus in there. For a back day it was very nice. I didn't have the best workout of my life but I had a smooth progressive workout with a good pump over the days. I did go up 10lbs on dead lifting and squats which was pretty great!! It had that good feeling in there, not euphoric but I guess a good assurance of yourself.
    Oh I did have to take a restroom break now and then. But caffeine does that to people. It wasn't bad I mean I'd get that out the way and my workouts felt smoother from a empty stomach. Haha.

    Last thoughts: This PWO has been out awhile and I love Gaspari!! There products payoff! Did this one do it? In a matter of sense yeah I can not say this was a bad buy. For beginners I'd reccomend this. It's smooth like I said in the beginning!

    So this concludes my review. I could improve on some parts of the review but I'm learning along the way. If any questions are needed please do ask! Thank you!
    • Decent Taste
    • Good Pump
    • Boosted Endurance
    • No Crash
    • Clean Energy
    • Lean Mass Boost
      Rep: +151
      Trust: 100%
        November 9, 2013

      No, I haven't been living under a rock! But yes, I'm a little behind the curve with pre-workout products. That said, I use the hell out of 'em and get intimately familiar with them, because they are a such an important part of my training regimen. I train 1st thing in the morning and use PW on an empty stomach, so I get their full effects.

      So, if you read my SP 250 review you know I loved that product. SP Max I like, but I don't love it.

      I went through 3 tubs, each one a different flavor:
      Orange, Pink Lemonade and Sour roughly $30-34 each for a 40 serving container, pretty reasonable I suppose?

      The flavors where exactly as advertised and pretty good, considering the ingredients. What I noticed with each and didn't like so much, was that "Sucralosey," almost bug spray like after taste. Why?

      Seriously, why do supp. manufacturers continue to use Sucralose in these products? Aren't there better, healthier Stevia, Xylitol or the old school...glucose, sucrose, fructose combo?

      Isn't Sucralose made from chlorine or something? And here we all are, striving for health, fitness and maximum performance ingesting it constantly.
      I can't help but wonder if there's gonna be a price to pay for consuming all these artificial sweeteners?
      At the very least, nixing it could make these supps taste better.

      Anyway, sorry...that's my rant!

      The formula is very different from SP 250, but every bit as effective, if not more so, depending on your goals.
      Lots of neuro-stimulating aminos and energy substrates, minerals as well as, good old fashion creatine monohydrate and reasonable caffeine levels, make this a complete all-in-one pre-workout/event product.

      I had good focus, good stamina & energy and good pumps to power thru my 1 hour a.m. lifting sessions. I made steady gains in strength and weight with SP Max. But, I have some complaints too.

      Firstly, theres the similar cleansing effect issue that SP 250 induced, though, I suspect for a different reason.
      Either there's too much sucralose or the creatine monohydrate causes the within 30min. bathroom run, or both? But it's damn annoying when training at the gym or with a partner.

      Secondly, while I got bigger and stronger, I also gained a lot of water weight. Yes, I know that's what creatine products do, but my issue is the type of creatine used and how it does it.
      I've always had a six pack being naturally lean and working out hard. But, after SP Max I suddenly had what I call.... a mini muffin top. Lean arms and chest ect. but now more of a 4 pack with a little, below the navel pooch and mini-love handles. Not Pretty!

      So, if you want to maintain, or achieve an "American Ninja Warrior" type body, or you compete, model or just need to be ripped all year, this probably won't be the best choice of PW for you.
      If however, you need to gain weight, or want power for football, power lifting, strong-man ect. or maybe even long endurance events like triathlons, climbing, combat sports ect. this is a good choice for the duration of energy, stamina and it's hydration benefits.

      All in all a solid product!

      I went from 154lbs. where I started after a month off of SP 250 and finished at 168 after almost 6 months of using SP Max.
      Alot of this was water weight and a small layer of fat, I'm sure, so I had to dry out and not use any PW powders for a few weeks to get down to my new, truer weight of 165.

      Hey, I think I can see my lower abs again...sort of.


      • Decent Taste
      • Good Pump
      • Boosted Endurance
      • No Crash
      • Extremely Focused
      • Clean Energy
      • Lasts And Isint Jittery
        Rep: +6
        Trust: 0%
          May 8, 2013

        After some thought I finally decided to review this product...when it says "once you tried it you cant train without it" , they really mean it!
        This product is simply what the name suggests. It gives you a very strong shot of stimulants, probably the caffeine in it... it mixes very well, and is absorbed quickly. Taste is good, i had the wild berry, finished a large size one. there are enough servings in the tub to last you a long time, depending on the scoops you use, i found one scoop to be effective, i weigh 72kgs and im quite neutral to stimulants like coffee, so this thing really works!

        I could last longer, lift heavier, recover faster. The effect stayed with me even a few hours after the gym session. Low in calories and nice flavours.

        Side effects include a need to take a dump soon after you drink it, and if you are very sensitive to stimulants, this can give you a headache. The longer i used it the less the stimulation became obvious, but thats the body adapting to stimulants..

        i did see gains after finishing two tubs, due to the quick recovery and the fact that you can lift more.
        • Good Pump
        • Great Taste
        • No Crash
        • Extremely Focused
        • A Little Pricey
        • Makes You Poop
        Rep: +13
        Trust: 15%
          January 16, 2013


        Im happy to say i've used this product three times, and i recommend it to anyone who Is physically active at all!


        I usually find it for 34$ or so, i thing when it first came out it was 40. To me at 34$ its damn worth it. You get 20 to 23 servings(it says 40 but you end up using 2 scoops most of the time)


        I've tried grape, fruit punch and watermelon. all a little powdery and take a few minutes to mix, but tasty.


        The pumps i get from this product are really strong. it doesn't have a lot of pump inducing ingredients, but it delivers, along with hydration and bcaa's


        You get really good tunnel vision and intensity (and sweat)
        from superpump max and it lasts a while, i could work out for 90 mins and still feel good.

        Side EffectsNegative

        Many people experience a bowel movement after taking the two or so scoops, and this may happen sometimes, but for me its always before the workout itself, like as im finishing the drink, so i cant say its negative, but it is a side effect. personally i dont mind too much.


        with a good amount of creatine and stimulants, in conjunction with bcaa's this stuff is kick ass and iv'e never had a bad workout with the stuff. its definitely my favorite pwo
        • Good Pump
        • Great Taste
        • No Crash
        • Clean Energy
        • Lasts And Isint Jittery
          Rep: +31
          Trust: 48%
            October 15, 2012

          I have been meaning to start reviewing for a while now, I just haven't found the time. I wanted to start off on superpump max because I am currently using it, and pre workouts have been a part of my supplementation regiment for about 6 years now.

          Energy: 9/10
          I am not particularly stim sensitive, but I don't have a high tolerance either. I have taken Jack3d, C4, D stunner, N.O Xplode, the orginal superpump,and 1 M.R. I would say superpump is on the higher end of these supplements as far as energy goes. I never take more then one scoop. I used to take 2-3 scoops of my pre workout supplements, but I've come to realize I get just as good of a workout with just one, so I stick to that. As far as energy goes this supplement had me going so hard at the gym, I was overtraining and had to take it down a notch.

          Pump: ?
          I cannot rate this accurately because I have been on D-pol for both my tubs of this stuff, but the combination of the two has be pumped out of control. On arms day I find it hard to drive home from the gym i get that swole, and I'm sure superpump has something to do with that

          Taste: 7/10
          If anyone has tried the original superpump then you know those flavors could NOT ever be beaten. I went through about 5 tubs of that stuff and loved it all. SPMAX still tastes really good but not in comparison to what it used to be

          Value: 9/10

          Buy it on amazon and for the servings you get this product is priced great. Definitely a good value on this stuff. Not quite as good of a value as craze (which I will review next) but still totally worth the purchase if you haven't tried it and want to switch it up

          Overall: 8/10

          I love this product and will purchase another tub at some point, but its not the best I've tried and for some reason I feel like my body responded better to the original superpump. I am not an ingredient scientist, just a bro scientist, and for me I rate things of what I feel and see during my lifts. This is my first review but I hope it helps those who are looking into this product.
          • Decent Taste
          • Boosted Endurance
          • No Crash
          • Extremely Focused
          • Clean Energy
          • Lasts And Isint Jittery
          • Shouldn't Have Changed The Formula
          Rep: 0
          Trust: 0%
            August 7, 2012

          at first,sorry for my bad english. here is what i need to say. i am sprtsman for over 20 years, and i naturaly have good focus and concetracion for training. In my life, i was very little buying suplements, few time weight gainers and once No reacto/NO explode before four months. before five week, i bought super pump max, in AMG shop suplemet shop in belgrade for 45$, and, i can say that i am very desapointed about it effects.
          FOCUS/After taking the dosage of one scoope, i feel sleepy, little fogy in front of my eyse.
          ENERGY/i doont feel any growth of energy,
          PUMP/ there is no pump,
          TASTE? who cares about the taste, i think everubody drink suplements about its effects, if i need a taste, i will drink hot chockolate or coffy.
          STRENGHT? and there is no increasing of strenght.
          MIXABILITY? is terible, there are some particles that you can not mix, on the top of the cup.
          I swear that is a true and i have no interest to make marketing for any product. On other side , extrem expand is apsolutely oposit of super pump max. Sorry, but i needed to say that. next i plan to try JACK3d, but in Serbia, you can not find this product in any shop.
            • Poor Value
            • Not Effective
            • Too Expensive
            • Not A Great Pump
            Rep: +5
            Trust: 0%
              July 1, 2012

            This is my first time writing a review so bare with me guys. I have been taking this product for roughly 3 months now and I Love it!

            Taste: A
            My first experince with this product was with the Fruit Punch flavor. It was an amazing taste, kinda reminded me of Hawaiian Punch. For some reason tho about 2 weeks in it would start to give me an upset stomach in between my workouts and gave me a small case of acid reflex. I changed the flavor to Pink Lemonade and I have to say that all the side effects I was experiencing with the Fruit Punch went away immediatly! I still cannot figure out why the fruit punch gave me that feeling but with the Pink Lemonade I have zero complaints on the flavor. Its amazing!

            I am now up to a lil over 2 scoops now that I have been on it for going on 3 months now. I get amazing pumps with this stuff. I also feel like I have more endurance while using this. I can make it through a 2 hour workout and feel good. My first time taking the product my Veins were popping from every part of my body and I felt like I could lift just about anything. That feeling died out about 3 days later. Still got a good pump tho.

            Value: B

            I feel like this product is kinda expensive but if you get on at the right time you can grab it for really cheap. At the local GNC it sells for 56.00 and I found my last bottle for only 29.99 for 640 Grams. Overall not a bad price at all.

            I love this product and I really cant complain about it. Keep in mind PWO has different effects on everybody, for me it worked great but I have friends who prefer other products. If your looking for a product that can deliver results and get you through a tough workout without felling fatigued then give this product a try.

            Thanks for reading.
            • Good Pump
            • Great Taste
            • Boosted Endurance
            • A Little Pricey

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