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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with SizeOn Maximum Performance

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SizeOn is a Creatine Monohydrate Product manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition. It consists primarily of creatine monohydrate which is the oldest, most researched form. It is tried and true and is commonly seen as 'CreaPure' in today's products. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with SizeOn Maximum Performance

See all 18 products in:
Creatine > Monohydrate


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  February 19, 2013

I had always looked at this product for years whenever I was looking for a new creatine and only recently had I just finished my 1st tub of it, and boy did it deliver.

Effectiveness 9/10- The name for this product is perfect because you literally put size on while on it. I was using this during my workouts and took Carnivor as a post workout protein for the past month and a half and off that stack I've gained I'd say 7-8 pounds. Also recovery is good with this I rarely felt sore while drinking it

Taste/mixability 8/10- I had fruit punch it was a little on the sweet side but outside that it was very good had no real issues with it. Mixed very easily to.

Value 9/10- At the place I go to a tub of creatine or protein is anywhere from $35 to $40 and I think for the supplements that deliver like this one thats a fair price.

Overall 9/10- With how well this product worked for me I am actually mad at myself that I held off this product for at least 3 or 4 years. Outside of N.O synthesis, which is a post workout creatine I took in high school, this stuff is the best creatine I've taken. Does as advertised in my opinion
  • Builds Muscle
  • Recovery
  • Great Taste!
    Rep: +4
    Trust: 0%
      November 14, 2012

    Hey I finished up my 3rd tub of this and I figured i would finally post a review about it. I just want to start out by saying this is a great product that i recommend to anyone who is looking to safely but a little size on. I've always been fond of Gaspari products I've really had no negatives to say about the products.

    First off I see a lot of people saying that this product is a little pricey. I do agree that this is a little pricey but when you figure in the results you get and compare it to what you would spend on a lesser product and HOPE to get the same results i personally do not mind dropping an extra 20 bucks to get a quality supplement. With that being said, the larger tub i got for 46.99 with a discount dropping it to 40.00$ This lasted me a month and two days. I think that this is a great price for that.
    Price: 8/10

    Result wise, i was excited beyond belief. I put on about 5lbs with this that i kept. I would say i put on around 8lbs 3 of which fell off. I intook roughly 1.5 gallons of water while on this so i attribute the 3 lost pounds to myself. I like to be hydrated what can i say. This product also helped me get my weights up. My strength was solid throughout. My bench went from about 5 reps of 275 to about 4 reps of 285 while i was on this. I dont exactly attribute that directly to the supplement but it sure as heck didnt hurt.
    Results: 9/10

    I stacked this supplement with Gaspari's Myofusion peanut butter chocolate protein. This to me was an easy choice because if you bought the size on you got the protein for 10 bucks so it was an easy choice.

    Taste: This is where this product sets head and shoulders above others. Now i will say that i think i got the best taste. I took Grape. The best comparison i can give is that it was identical to the blue tootsie pops. I mean serious i would sip on this if they sold that taste as a water flavorer. It was just a great easy taste to put down. My buddy however got the fruit punch and absolutely Hated the taste. He couldnt even finish it he had to get another tub of different flavor. The grape however, gets a 10+
    Taste 10/10

    Would i take this again?
    Absolutely i would and will. I'm deciding i need to put on more size so I am preparing to start my first PH. But this product is something that I will get on after that cycle. Not a doubt in my mind i will jump all over this. And i advise you too as well.

    This is my first review so i hope that y'all find this helpful any questions of something maybe i didnt cover or y'all need answered i will be glad to answer.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Gained 5lbs
    • Huge Strength Increase
    • Great Taste!
      Rep: +6,973
      Trust: 100%

        August 7, 2012

      Gaspari Size-On Maximum Performance is designed as an intra-workout carb/protein/amino complex with a creatine blend. A big thanks to Cray and Cryo for turning me on to this shizzle. That said, let's get into the review..

      ----- Ingredients 7.5/10 -----
      I'm not going to post the whole profile as it's rather large and you can easily look it up. This is a 66g/180 calorie per serving hybrid complex carb in a prop blend along with whey hydrolysate, creatine, aminos, etc. Ingredients that stand out (for me) are pterostilbene - an insulin secratogue, whey hydro for di and tri peptides, 5g of l-leucine, sustamine (l-alanyl-l-glutamine), glycerol phosphates and the LOLA . Overall, a well thought out mix of growth and recovery triggers. I seriously just wish it wasn't in a prop blend. I also personally don't feel the creatine blend is much of a value add for me but for someone who isn't taking creatine elsewhere then it's not a bad addition since it does contain Creapure as the primary creatine. In any case, I'm deducting 1 point since there's no way of telling how much of any of these ingredients we are actually getting.

      -----Taste & Mixability 7/10 ------
      Both taste and mixability are, at best, acceptable. It is not the easiest powder to get to mix, and it tends to foam, but if you put it in a shaker with adequate water it will eventually dissolve. I use the grape cooler and it was on the sweeter side unlike some other grape flavors that tend to be more tart. When using it an an intra, I just used a bit more water to mellow out the sweetness. It also takes a bit to get used to the smell. But all these things are relatively minor in my personal rating system; what really matters is effectiveness.

      ----- Effectiveness 9/10 -----
      You can be as critical as you like about the clinical effectiveness of some of the ingredients but one thing that Size-On does deliver on is performance. Given the ingredient mix, its not hard to see why this gets tagged as a bulking agent - 180 calories designed primarily to illicit an insulin spike. I do know one thing, if you want to build muscle and strength then you cannot skip the carbs. We all focus on protein and are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on whey products or so called "muscle builders" but I had no idea how much I was hampering my progress until I started adding serious carbs into my training nutrition.

      And Size-On can be used post workout. I have switched from using this as an intra to using it post workout and the results have been great. I guess it all depends on preworkout nutrition and workout style but for me it's more effective post workout and I just cut the carbs elsewhere during the day.

      Recovery with Size-On was much better than anything I'd experienced with other recovery supplements such as adding l-glutamine to my protein shake or mega dosing bcaa's.

      Strength and energy increased, primarily due to the addition of a quality carb source to my training nutrition (and increased greater than what I saw with carb sources like maltodextrin). In the past I have been very frustrated with loss of strength while trying to cut, but with Size-On, I get a great carb hybrid which is allowing me to moderately reduce bf while still add muscle and increase strength.

      ----- Value 6/10 -----
      I got like 20 of the smaller tubs during an insane deal from Allstarhealth, so I'm rating this using the normal retail price which comes in just under $2.00/serving. That is one expensive carb when you compare it to oats or maltodextrin. However, I do think that it is just effective being taken in a half dose post workout and for that method, it comes in at just under $1.00 per serving and definitely would bump the value up a point to a 7, or maybe a 7.5. Of course, you have to compare this to whole food carb sources and as such, it's always going to be a more "luxury" type purchase.

      -----Overall 8/10 -----
      If you are looking for something to help trigger some real success when combined with serious lifting, and willing to spend a bit more money, then I think this is a fantastic product to try out. If you are a casual lifter then I think you're money is probably better spent elsewhere. I particularly like that fact that it is versatile enough to be either an intra or post workout carb source. I also love the fact that you don't have to use a full scoop and that greatly improves the value. All in all, this is now an addition to my "staples".
      • Builds Muscle
      • Recovery
      • Versatility
      • A Little Pricey
      Rep: +13
      Trust: 7%
        April 1, 2012

      SizeOn is one of those products that you don't realize how good it is until its gone.
      When I first started using Sizeon, I didn't notice a difference. The only major difference I saw was my size and weight. I gained a solid Lb a week on this with a good DIET. I also appeared to gain some decent muscle after using two tubs back to back.

      However, I soon realized how much SizeOn really did do once it was gone. After it was gone I noticed my energy during workouts was not as high. My muscles fatigued quicker and I needed more rest between sets.
      My strength gains slowed down as well.
      As I was using this during a bulk, my weight gains slowed down as well even though my diet stayed the same.

      Its an Overall pretty good product, I just wish it wasn't as expensive. If you buy the stuff, please eat right and drink enough water!! I've used 3 tubs of SizeOn, the first tub went to waste because I was an idiot and did not eat nearly enough. If you eat right and train hard, this SUPPLEMENT will do exactly what it claims to do. Just look for it on sale and I'd recommend it...
      • Taking It Increase Your Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Recovery
      • Great Taste!
      • Too Expensive
      Rep: +17
      Trust: 17%
        October 11, 2011

      So I heard a lot about this product, good and bad so I had to try it out for myself. I must say I like it a lot. I drank this in between sets while in the gym and gave me a good amount of energy and helped a little with recovery. I had problems with gas while in the gym with this product, I am not at the gym for the ladies but having to hold it in isnt all that much fun.

      Taste: I had grape and it was pretty good. It wasn't something I looked forward to, mainly because I am not into fruit flavored drinks but I still didn't mind it.

      Effectivness: The thing I loved most about this is it helped me stay pretty lean. I am a 16 year old national level bmx racer so I am not looking to get huge but staying lean and clean looking was definitely a plus. The only thing I didn't like about this product was that the recovery wasn't all that great. I am a die hard wheybolic extreme 60 and recovery with that was amazing. The next day I still found myself pretty tuckered out and sore. Like I said before though you can get some nice lean muscle and strength with this product and it gives you some energy with no crash.

      mix-ability: I always use a shaker cup with about 10oz of water and it mixed just fin, just a shakes and your set. It was a little foamy but went down after awhile.

      Value- It can be a bit pricey if you dont get it on sale. but If you find a deal take it, you wont be disappointed.
      • Taking It Increase Your Energy
      • But I Strongly Think It Derives Psychologically.
      • Vascularity Through The Roof
      • A Little Pricey
      • Bloating
      Rep: +30
      Trust: 51%
        March 21, 2011

      I recently had finished a tub of Size On maximum performance and I must say I was happy with my results. I was on a bulk cycle while taking this and really liked the profile on this product which was my reason for choosing it over other products.

      Dosing: The way I dosed this I found to be very effective. I would throw one scoop into my shaker then fill it with water. I would sip it through my workout and drink it down till it got alittle past half way then refill my shaker with water. I would make sure to do this at least twice in order to supply myself with enough water through out my workout.

      Taste: I went with the grape flavor and actually found it enjoyable to sip on through my workouts. I definitely suggest it over the wild berry ones of my roommates had it and he said he grew very tired of the taste over time.

      Mixability: No problems I just made sure to give it a few shakes before sipping it and you should be fine.

      Recovery: With Size On recovery was decent definitely better than just my pwo whey shake but I had seen much better recovery from products like Dark Matter and After Shock. However, I wasn't taking product for its recovery to this did not affect my view on the product.

      Effectiveness: I was satisfied with this product it helped me put on some weight and size, nothing insane but just about what I was expecting from it. I did enjoy the bloat effect it gave me in my arms. I constantly had that swollen feel which was nice. The carbs in this were key because it helped give me energy late in my workouts to keep me going.

      Value: This is the problem when it comes to this product if you buy it in stores it comes out to like $65 DO NOT BUY IN STORES!! I found it on AllStarHealth for around $34 which in my eyes was a great deal. Not as cheap as other proteins but I had no problem paying that price.

      After being injuried and being out of the gym for 2 months Size On helped me put back on the size and strength I lost over that time period. I think this is a great creatine I can't compare it to the new big things like Kre-alklyn and green mag because I haven't tried those yet but definitely better than some of the other creatines I tried in the past; cell-mass,cell-tech,cyto-cell. In my eyes Gaspari has a great product and as long as you find it for a reasonable price I think you will be satisfied with it.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Recovery
      • Great Taste
      • Increases Energy
      • Can Get Pricey
      Rep: +451
      Trust: 100%
        January 15, 2011

      I've taken this supplement for 2 cycles: each cycle consisting of 4 tubs (15 weeks each). First off, tastes amazing - looked forward to taking every day... Artic Lemon especially - tastes like lemon meringue pie... :) Didn't mind sipping through it while I worked out.

      I've been training over 15 years so I didn't anything too much from it. Slightly increased my strength but nothing dramatic (based on my years of gym experience). It did increase my weight by around 10 pounds after a month. No this was not new muscle, but just the water being retained inside the muscle cells.

      Compared to the new Maximum Performance stuff (which has Isolate peptides and costs a lot more), I just added 10-15 grams of Leucine powder to my shaker bottle when taking. In my opinion this created an even more potent formula and the carbs/sugars in the Size On helped Drive the amino acid into my muscles (along with the creatine) while I lifted. For $30/kg for Leucine (lasts months) well worth it.

      Overall a good product. It's still just creatine so don't expect ridiculous results. Keep in mind my training background I didn't have much room for new muscle growth as I'm near my genetic limit.

      If you're training well, eating 4+ solid meals each day (plus 2 shakes/day) then this would be the next supplement I'd add to your program. Again, add 10-15 grams of Leucine (or WPI) to the shake to reap more benefits.

      • Builds Muscle
      • Tastes Great And Refreshing At Least Lemon Ice Does
      • Recovery
      • A Little Pricey
      • Bloating
      Rep: +10
      Trust: 0%
        December 8, 2010

      This is my first review, so stick with me here. I used SizeOn about a month ago, and noticed results immediatly. The results stuck for the most part, and it helped with my weight, i put on a good bit of weight for only using this. I didnt use protein with it, but did use superpump 250 as a pre with it. I was 156 lbs when i started this product (it was about 2 weeks after football ended) and Went up to 165 in the time span that i took it. Taste is big for me, and i decided to go with the grape. It was great. The best comparision i can give is to a blue tootsie pop. A friend of mine go the fruit one and said it was awful, needless to say, ill stick with the grape. I payed 72 for this product at GNC and it was a ***in joke. I completely stopped going there after i found a small, but better selection at a store nearby that sold this for 45. Which is a pretty good difference in my opinion. As far as side effects are concerned i only encountered one. One night i did not drink enough water after, and got shaky and light headed, this was cleared up with a *** ton of water. So water is must with this product as in all creatines also. I work out everyday, for 2 hours and twice a day 3 times a week. This product helped me up my flat bench 10 pounds, and my squat 25 pounds along with numerous other lifts that went up.

      I actually bought another tub of it and am starting today, while using Myofusioin with it. Im 165 as i write this, and i need to get to about 175 by next football season (those first 10 pounds were easy since thats what i weighed before the season started i just lost a *** ton during football due to limited lifting time and just the constant running) I'm intrested in knowing if anyone has any ideas for anything i could take to help out with this process.

      Overall great product, i would suggest this to anyone who is planning on gaining mass, and uping weight.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Recovery
      • Gives Me Great Pumps
      • A Little Pricey
      Rep: +48
      Trust: 61%
        November 12, 2010

      Please note this review is just to help you, based on my personal experience of the product, everyone reacts differently:

      I liked this product, the recovery from it was great, it does build muscle but unfortunately it causes bloating...Not good.

      I gained 8lbs, and lost 2lbs of that after I went off, therefore it must have just been water-weight. Ever since reading the ads for Size-On, I have been interested to try it. So I thought for the last 4 weeks of my 12 week cycle I would give it a shot. I have been lifting now solidly for about 11 weeks. When I start lifting after a break, I always lift a couple of weeks before starting any cycles. I started out doing full body workouts, then push and pull days, to where I am now with different body parts. Also I just started doing cardio two weeks ago and switched my lifting to the mornings. Up till then I was really lazy with cardio, but I need to shred serious pounds too. I am 5'8" and 235 lbs. Up till taking Size-On I was using Higher Power's CEE Powder. I will do the review first, and then give the optional info such as my background and regimen.

      Size-ON Day 1 - It's hard to give a review on day 1, because a lot of what you feel is just in your head, but you gotta start somewhere. I will only due updates once a week.

      Cost: A little on the expensive side, but you only need one serving a day, so I can get over that.

      Mixing: Very poor in the mixing department. I had to constantly shake it over and over again throughout my workout. Every time I put it down for a minute, powder would settle to the bottom again. But that's not enough to turn me off to a product.

      Taste: I got Fruit punch flavored, and it wasn't .... disgusting! Haha:) Due to the poor mixing, it kind of tasted like a slightly chalky grape gatorade. I am far from picky when it comes to taste, so I was fine with it. If I continue with Size-On though I think I will try the lemon ice flavor.

      Effectiveness: Again, it's hard to say on the first day. I was really excited to try the product, so I am sure a lot of what I felt was due to that. Also it's creatine, so in a few weeks I would be able to give you better details. I will say that my first day was arm day. I achieved a great pump, better than usual. At the end of the workout, I thought I could do it all over again. Not because it wasn't a hard workout, but because I was so pumped up. I felt a lot more energy and recovered faster than usual.

      DRINK ALOT OF WATER! Otherwise, you'll be visiting the toilet alot with the runs and you'll feel incredibly ill.

      I really liked this product, wondering if i'll try it again, i probably will if I get enough money, but I prefer SuperPump250, and SizeOn gave me that bloated look and there was a noticable loss in definition! :( I would prefer to put on lean mass, rather than blow up like a balloon and slowly lose it.

      ALSO! I could NOT , I repeat I could NOT do any abdominal or core excercises while taking this stuff! If I tried to, It'd feel like I was about to barf everywhere..not good! I rate SuperPump250 over this product, gives more pump, gives more energy and gives you more solid gains... I really loved the recovery of this product though, but that was the only real highlight of this product.

      Overall, this product DID help, and thats what supplements are supposed to do. Try it, if you're going into a bulking cycle/phase, then you might as well give it a shot.

      That's all I got to say, any questions will be answered ASAP!:)
      • Builds Muscle
      • Recovery
      • Too Expensive
      • Bloating
      • Stomach Cramp
      Rep: +31
      Trust: 63%
        July 14, 2010

      Finished this stuff a while back and was kind of disappointed with it. I dont want to get flamed or anything, but I found this product to be a bit over priced for what I was getting out of it. I wasn't expecting a gain in size in 1 tub so Im not going to complain about that, but the strength gains were nothing like I was expecting them to be and the bloating was pretty bad at least in my experience. Thats why I dont recommend taking this Intra Workout like it says you should or else you'll be working out with a belly of liquid and its quite uncomfortable. The taste was fantastic probably because of the high amounts of sugar in it which is supposed to spike your insulin levels to transport the Creatine faster, but still I would prefer that there be less sugar in it since theres quite alot(30g) I think it was. Im not going to flat out diss this product because I know different people react differently to supplements, but in my opinion this wasn't worth it and who knows how much this effected my liver and kidneys. I think Ill just stick to just my protein powder from now on.
      • Tastes Great And Refreshing At Least Lemon Ice Does
      • Strength Increase
      • Instant Bloating
      • Dehydration
      • Too Expensive

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