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MyoFusion Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition

  September 9, 2012

  • Tasted Great
  • Inexpensive
  • Great Quality
  • Mixing
  • Mainly Whey Concentrate
  • A Little Bit Too Sweet
Profile: 6.0/10 Gaspari Nutrition has not disclosed the amino acid profile of Myofusion so as far as the profile it is a complete mystery to me although on the tub it says that it's a protein blend which includes cross-flow, cold infused WPC, cross-flow cold infused microfiltered WPI, egg albumin, milk protein isolate and whey hydrolysate. The amount of each or their ratio is not disclosed but judging from the texture I'd say it is mostly whey protein concentrate and egg albumin (the cheapest protein powder) but I doubt there is more hydrolysate then 5% in the whole mix.

Taste: Chocolate Peanut butter 8.0/10 it felt unusually good but kind of sweet for me cause I'm not used to drinking sweet beverages in order to cut some more belly fat. I've mixed one serving with water only and it was tasty but the texture is very thick so I had to pour more then 10 oz. of water.

Mixability: 6.0/10 when it comes to mixability of this protein I am almost sure Myofusion contains more then 2 grams of sugar and total of 5 grams of carbs. I put the protein powder and water in a shaker and after 40 seconds it still had clumps at the bottom of the shaker unlike any other protein I've tried, but hey that may just mean I consumed far better proteins mostly consisted of whey isolate and having less more carbs in their contents.

Effectiveness: 7.0/10 I am using this protein for the first time so I can't really say how effective it is but during this time I haven't noticed any gains whatsoever and it takes longer to recover from the previous training, having in mind I use only Myofusion PWO and don't take more then 2 servings per day.

Price: I bought a 2 lbs tub and didn't think it is expensive but after realizing it's just a protein blend with no amino acid profile disclosed I've come to a conclusion that the price tag it comes with makes this protein powder one of the most overrated protein blends. The bioavailability is surely one of the issues here cause there's no knowing how much of that is whey protein isolate and if merely just 60 percent of that 25 grams of protein are being absorbed in the bloodstream after a period of 3 hours of consuming one serving.

Overall: A lot of folks say it has amazing taste and I must agree on that, but as far as being the greatest protein ever maybe that spot is reserved for the more expensive ones. This protein blend is not the best there is on the market but everyone who's in bodybuilding should consider trying it at least to check out the great taste and the slowed time-release ratio of a protein blend. As far as it's profile I can't stress enough how important it is to me to know all the ingredients and the amount of the non-essential and essential amino acids. That makes it not far worse protein I have tried but sure one of the most doubted all because of the massive advertising and leaving no clue whatever if what it says on the tube is 100 percent true or not. But that't just me and I'm not saying to anyone not to buy Myofusion.

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