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MyoFusion Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition

  March 27, 2013

  • Good Texture
  • Good Blend
  • Builds Muscle
  • Great Profile
  • Great Quality
    I used this with NOW Carbo Gain from January through February 2013. My goal was to regain lost muscle size and weight due to an extended layoff due to a car accident. I used it with Krealkilyn creatine and near the end I added Labrada Humanogrowth (both products also reviewed).

    Other than the Humanogrowth I have used the same combo plenty of times with Optimum Whey. I think the Optimum whey is a quality product but I liked the myofusion better. Maybe the different types of protein digested more slowly or absorbed more fully, I'm not sure but I gained 7-8 pounds while taking this and that is better than what I have experienced with the regular whey combo.

    Taste/mixability-fine, I used chocolate and I used a blender anyway so no problems.

    Effectiveness-it worked for me and I certainally qualify as a hardgainer

    Value-for protein priced at this level I think it is one of the best. Cheaper proteins and supplements in general I have tried with high hopes in the past and generally regretted it.

    Overall a quality protein powder that I will purchase again.

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