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MyoFusion has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

MyoFusion Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition

  July 7, 2012

  • Tasted Great
  • Good Blend
  • Builds Muscle
  • No Sugar
  • No Side Effects
  • Meal Replacement
  • Milk Strongly Recommended
hello guys,

this is my second review. First i have to say that my english is not perfect because i´m from Germany. But i hope you can understand what i want to say.

well, lets talk about the product...MyoFusion - Gaspari Nutrition.

Taste (8/10): This protein tastes really good. i had milk chocolate taste. But only with milk. With water it is drinkable, but not nearly as good as with milk. Therefore, I give two points to deliver. But overall, i can think of no one other proteins that taste so good.

Value (7/10): Before I write a recession, I try to compare rates between Germany and America. in Germany I bought a 5lb container for € 44.90, which is about 55 dollars. I think that's okay. But I found better prices in America. but for German relationships a pretty good price.

Effect (10/10): Full point number here. the strongest effect which I feel is that I'm pretty fed after a drink. So you can also use it as a meal replacement. In addition, it supports weight loss. The relaxation of the muscles will be very fast. It also helps build muscles. seriously, really very good protein.

Other (10/10): There have been no side effects. I drink a shake after getting up, after training and before going to bed. I mixe it in a shaker and there are no lumps. really great, because I was disgusted in front of clump formation.


-Powerful protein mixture (multicomponent)
-With Mokenprotein concentrate, isolate and egg albumin
-Complex for extreme bioavailability with GaspariZyme
-Maximum amino acid levels in the blood stream
-No sugar added, aspartame free
-Unbelievable long term taste satisfaction

With this protein you can make really nothing wrong. Gaspari now offers great products. Gaspari is one of my main supplementation.

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