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Detonate Reviews

By: Gaspari Nutrition

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  December 11, 2012

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Increased Energy
  • Could Be Cheaper/better Dosing
Detonate is Gaspari Nutrition's fat burning, energy amplifying powerhouse. I went through a bottle using it pre-cardio and pre-wrestling practice. Got some great sweats going and solid workouts in.

Initial Experience/Mood/Energy-8/10
The first time I took this supplement was before a cardio session I had in the morning. I used two capsules as I am often very tolerant to fat burning, stimulant based substances. I began my cardio (30 minutes on the treadmill) with a 5 minute warm up walk. I began to feel warm and was honestly, very excited to get the cardio in. -I took Detonate about 30 minutes prior to the cardio btw. at about 5 minutes i began my jog and felt warm and got a slight sweat going. By 15 minutes, I was drenched with no plan on stopping. As the cardio ended I had a very focused feeling and this lasted throughout the day, as I did the cardio fasted, in the AM. My first experience, I was impressed.

I started to take Detonate before my wrestling practices to help get me through tough practices and lose some more water weight. It did its job and I was losing around 2 lbs a practice. This is definitely a product to look into if you want that extra bit of focus and energy to get you through long cardio sessions and/or tough practices.

For what Detonate is, the value is alright. At about $40 bucks for 60 servings, it seems like a good deal. If you can get away with taking one a day, it will last you 60 days obviously. However, I took two 6 days a week and it lasted me a little over a month. Not bad, because it is a good product, but could be a tad cheaper. You definitely get what you pay for.

This is no doubt, a good fat burner. It gets you excited to do some cardio which is defintely not always enjoyable, while also giving you the energy to do it. If you want something that can help you lose those last few pounds and/or give you a boost/focus to get through the day, check Detonate out.


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