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Organic Plant-Based Protein Sport Reviews

By: Garden of Life

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Organic Plant-Based Protein Sport is a Plant Protein Powder manufactured by Garden of Life. It is a common vegan-alternative to dairy and other animal based proteins. It supports lean muscle gain by supplying protein to recovering muscles and can enhance fat loss.
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  March 6, 2018

  • Good Taste
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Added Probiotics
  • Natural
  • Soy Free
  • Slightly Gritty Texture
  • Pricier Than Some Whey Proteins


As I have switched to more of a plant based diet since the new year, I have been looking for different proteins to try out. I previously have tried Garden of Life's Whey protein sport, so I decided to try out their plant-based protein.

Ingredient Profile

This has a pretty decent macro profile. Per one scoop, you get 85 calories, 1.5 g fat, 4 g carbs (2 g fiber, less than 1 g sugar), and 15 g of protein. They give the macros for two scoops as well, which obviously everything is doubled. Garden of Life used mostly legumes as their sources of protein (pea, sprouted navy bean, sprouted lentil bean, sprouted garbanzo bean) and finally cranberry seed. The flavors in this protein (chocolate) included cacao, carob (bean similar tasting to chocolate, used as a vegan substitute in many chocolate recipes), chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, sea salt, Stevia. It contains a "muscle recovery blend" that uses apple, tart cherry, turmeric, blueberry, and goji berry. It is a blend, so I am not sure how much of each are included. Finally there is a probiotic strand of Bl-04 containing 2 billion CFU. This protein is certified vegan, gluten free, soy free, and organic/non-GMO.


Taste 7/10: I thought this tasted pretty good for being vegan, naturally flavored, and sweetened with Stevia. I usually mixed it in water, although occasionally I mixed it in almond milk. Usually used 12-16 ounces of water or 8 ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Mixability 8/10: This mixed very well; never had any settling, floating, or clumping while using a shaker bottle. It did have a bit of the gritty taste that is common among plant based powders, but I have had worse.

Dosing: I usually used this as a snack if I wanted a bit more protein for the day. A lot of times I used a heaping scoop to try and get closer to 20 g of protein.


I enjoyed the taste of this protein. Like I said I used it occasionally as a snack if I felt I needed some more protein throughout the day. I really like the quality of the ingredients and it did not cause any digestive problems. The probiotics were a nice addition as well. According to the label, two scoops yields 5.5 g of BCAAs and 5 g of glutamine and glutamic acid which is pretty comparable to many whey proteins available. I do not know if I noticed much from the "muscle recovery blend," but I would like to think that it had some purpose. Would really like to know how much of each of those ingredients were even included.


I found this on Amazon for $38.47 for the chocolate flavor and oddly the vanilla flavor is almost $3 cheaper at $35.54. Not sure of the reasoning behind that since the only difference are the flavors. I know carob is pretty pricey, but I doubt that there would be enough in here to warrant a $3 difference in prices. Anyway, per scoop (38 scoops in a 2 pound jug) equals just over $1 a scoop. If you opt for the vanilla, you can get it for $0.94 a scoop. I did mention that I used a heaping scoop or even sometimes 1.5 scoops, so that can affect the value if you are looking for a protein powder that contains the more common ~24 g per serving. You do have to take into consideration the ingredients, quality, added probiotics etc.

Side Effects



Good option in my opinion to those looking for a non-dairy source of protein. I would recommend it based on the quality and ability to buy it at a decent price on Amazon.
  • Chocolate: 7/10


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    March 6, 2018

    Wow, only 15g of protein per scoop. I know plant based powders typically have less than whey but this has to be the lowest I have seen for a plant based product. Nice review!

  • JayT
    Rep: +2,781
    March 6, 2018

    Yeah that's why I decided to go with a little over 1 scoop. Thank you

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