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G Fuel is an Energy Supplement manufactured by Gamma Labs. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.


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Trust: 82%
  February 11, 2013

Well hello ladies and gentlemen of supplement reviews. Glad to be the first to review this gamma labs product. I got this for free from a pro gamer that is sponsored by gammalabs which I grew up with. however, as of now the product goes about for around 35.00 for 40 servings which is somewhat okay depending on the person to me which i will go more further into detail why.

mixability-taste 10/10
First the scoop it comes with is very diffrent than any other scoop. Its actually a brilliant idea to me as it goes into tiny water bottles no problem. it also mixes in a few seconds with very little bubbles which also mix quick. G-fuel comes in three flavors lemon lime, fruit punch and blue ice. I got the blue ice for free but still tried the other flavors from the free packets i also received which were only a few. Anyways, no doubt does blue ice take the cake out of all of them. however the others are also delightful but blue ice was much more appealing to me. the taste is very unique and really good.

Effectiveness 7/10
Gfuel is designed to provide two things energy and focus. whether your a gamer, training, or something to give a person clean energy for the day. I thought the energy was decent in this product although the focus was really good. In my opinion this product is meant more for gamers as a energy product to play video games. To me its not really a good pre workout. Its meant to replace energy drinks such as redbull and monster drinks. When i used it for a pre work i did have decent energy and good focus but i never had a good pump with it neither did it raise my strength as other pre workouts do. I never got jitters nor crash which is a plus but also never got that perfomance that other pre workouts give me.

Price 7/10
From the price stand point on this product I would rather get a pre workout product that gives me energy, focus and strength at the same price.

Overall 7/10
For all those gamers who consume energy drinks and the morning coffee drinkers i would recommend and suggest to replace your drinks for gfuel. For those who like to explode through workouts i would suggest you spend your money on some other pre workout. and for those who like to have some energy with no jittery feeling stimmed out feeling i would also suggest to you.
  • Tastes Really Good
  • Increased Energy
  • Not A Good Preworkout

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