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Instantized Creatine Reviews

By: Gains in Bulk

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Instantized Creatine is a Creatine Monohydrate Product manufactured by Gains in Bulk. It consists primarily of creatine monohydrate which is the oldest, most researched form. It is tried and true and is commonly seen as 'CreaPure' in today's products. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.
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  January 15, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Not Grainy After Mixing


    I have recently been lacking on my reviews mainly because I have decided to try a bunch a products and like to finish them all before I review them. There are many types of creatine in the market today that may or may not do what they propose. The main difference between this product and the rest is the "instantized" portion, claimed to be the first product of its kind in the United States.

    Ingredient Profile

    Insatntized Creatine Monohydrate (5000mg) - there many types of creatine all of which have been proven to help with muscle gain and even help with performance and strength. Creatine Monohydrate is one of the more cost effective dietary supplements, and works by supporting protein synthesis to help muscle growth. It does this by pulling water into the muscle cells and may be why some people "blow up" in the initial stages of supplementation. Some research also suggests that it works best with high intensity training especially in the area of endurance performance.


    This company's creatine is unflavored. This is not an issue because it COMPLETELY dissolves. There is no sandy, grainy, or gritty feeling in your mouth after drinking this. The bag they sell is 500 grams (1.1 lb bag) and a serving is 5 grams. I use about 20 Oz of water with 5 grams of creatine two times per day. There is 100 servings which is why I loved this product so much.


    This company claims to be backed by science with its dosing and its new and improved instantized creatine. I did some research and found that creatine monohydrate supplementation in amounts of 20-30 grams per day for a week significantly increases intramuscular contractions during rest and recovery after intense exercises. This company uses this science along with their claims of "fast dissolving" to support the effectiveness of their product In regards to what it did for me? Well I have noticed a big different in the time I have been taking it, which has been for about a month. My strength has been consistent as well as my endurance in the gym. The biggest area of improvement is strength. I have been in a limbo phase of hypertrophy/fat loss and was expecting my strength to have decreased during this time. Well, I was wrong. I am not going to to say it was a miracle and the creatine was the miracle supplement, but this definitely helped in to maintain my strength even in a hypertrophy based program. At first I was skeptical because creatine has never been something I wanted to buy. After a few weeks of taking this it has changed my opinion. I will continue to take this same product, considering I bought another bag, for another month or so then cycle off.


    You can get this product off for $14.34. I searched and, neither have this product. The fact that you get 100 servings for under $15 is a great deal.

    Side Effects

    Drink plenty of water as with any creatine.


    Grade "A" product. This company is fairly new and I came into contact with them at the Olympia Expo. I contemplated getting the instantized creatine for a while before I gave in, but I'm glad I did. I wanted an unflavored creatine to mix in with my protein before and after workouts, but little did I know this company's creatine is able to mix with water perfectly. There is no residue and after weeks of supplementation provided great results. My results of increased/maintained strength and endurance has proven that it works. Additionally, there was minimal bloating in the beginning stages of taking this which was an additional plus. I am still using this product and I have also purchased this company's BCAA's which are new. One last thing that made me really appreciate this company is the certificates of analysis they sent me with the product. Additionally, I will be posting about Gains in Bulk BCAA so look for that post if your interested within the next two weeks!
    • Unflavored: 10/10

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