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Personalized Protein Powder Reviews

By: Gainful

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Gainful for sending it out!
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  October 7, 2018

  • Personalized
  • Good For Individuals With Dietary Restrictions
  • Good Base Flavor
  • Builds Muscle
  • Slight Thermogenic Feeling
  • Great Base Flavor For Smoothies
  • High Price
  • Slightly Weak Flavor

How It Works

Gainful is a personalized protein powder based on your answers to a series of questions. These questions range from your age to current body type. For example, in my questionnaire I put my current body type was a "few extra pounds." I selected my goal body type as "toned/muscular" and added my current weight 210 and my goal weight of 190. Based on these, green tea extract was added to my formula. If I were to flip that around and add in options saying I wanted to gain weight the formula would change to include carbohydrates in the form of tapioca maltodextrin, tapioca dextrose, and oat powder.

One of the best things about gogainful is how they handle dietary restrictions. For me personally, if I take anything with whey protein concentrate (and some casein) I will have stomach issues. So, for my blend I added lactose as a dietary restriction and it gave me a whey protein isolate product. If I had not selected that it would have been a whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend. The dietary restrictions you can select are: vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, pea allergy, and whey allergy. For example, if I choose vegan, gluten free, lactose and whey allergy the formula would give me a product with organic pea and brown rice protein.

To sum this up, you go to their website ( and answer about 15 questions ranging from how many meals you eat, weight, height, ideal body type, dietary restrictions etc. Based on that the formula gives you a generated protein powdered based on your choices. If you are at all curious, I would go to their site just to see what formula you end up getting based on your answers.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile of my protein was unique to the goals I choose for my blend. In my questionnaire, the answers I choose most closely aligned with weight loss. Based on that and the fact that I had mentioned a lactose issue I was given the following protein blend containing whey protein isolate. Unfortunately, I do not have have the bag of the original protein I received of the birthday cake flavor. It did have a similar profile to the chocolate flavor that I personally purchased. So, here is the breakdown of the chocolate version since I have access to that profile. Each scoop contains 93.29% whey protein isolate, 3.27% organic cocoa powder, 1.64% green tea extract, 1.31% natural chocolate flavoring, and 0.49% organic stevia sweetener. I really liked that they included the percentages of each of the ingredients per scoop. The green tea extract within the blend is about 0.4 grams per serving. The main benefit to green tea extract is metabolism boosting and it also is an antioxidant. In addition, there is a very slight amount of caffeine and gogainful mentions 5% of a cup of coffee. I want to also mention that while my protein is flavored with stevia you can actually opt to have it sweetened without stevia.

I did like the ingredient profile that was generated based on the questions that I answered. However, I do wish there was a place to see what other options I have for the protein blend. How many combinations are there? Can I add something else other than green tea extract? What different herbal extracts or other ingredients are available? Unfortunately, I could not find anything on the website. But, you can reach out to them and they will get back to you rather quickly.


All of the following flavors are with the birthday cake flavor protein:
Unsweetened Almond Milk: When you smell this mixed you get a very slight nutty smell followed by a light almost vanilla smell. When you taste it you get mellow vanilla with slight cakiness followed by an almond milk taste.

Chocolate Almond Milk with Peanut Butter: I found that this flavor tastes the best in chocolate almond milk with a small amount of peanut butter. It gave a good combination of flavors that blend well together. It was kind of like one of those chocolate cakes with the peanut butter filling but very subtle in flavor.

Skim Milk and Cacao: I felt that this was the best mixer with this protein as it accented the slight birthday cake flavor of the protein. It gave it a smooth taste with a very slight vanilla/cake type taste that mixes well with the cacao.

Vanilla Almond Milk with Two Scoops of Chocolate Flavor Boost: I felt that this was really great tasting. It was kind of like a mix of nutty, vanilla, cake, and chocolate and was quite good. I would say this is probably the best combination of flavors I have had with this protein. I will mention that the flavor boost is from Gainful (I purchased that myself) and is organic cocoa and natural flavoring.

Overall, I felt that the flavor alone was just okay. It was rather weak to be honest and I felt that it was best used as a base flavor for smoothies. When I added different things to the shakes it was much better. I will mention that they do offer these flavor boosts in various flavors. I purchased the chocolate one and it did add some great flavor to the product. However, even with the unique customization this product is expensive and add in a $10 flavor boost the price goes up even more. I just wish that the flavoring was a little stronger. I want to note that I could barely tell that this was sweetened with stevia, which was great. For mixability, I always used a blender so that was not an issue and for dosing I did one to two scoops a day.


As I have said in past protein powder reviews the effectiveness of a protein powder is hard to rate. I will say that when using this protein I did not notice a dip in my recovery and it remained on par with other protein powders I have taken. I really believe that the effectiveness of a protein powder comes down to wanting to actually take it. I have had some poor tasting protein supplements and if I have to choke them down I am less inclined to take them. While I felt that gogainful flavoring was on the weaker side it still was okay to take alone. Due to the weaker flavor, I found myself experimenting with adding different combinations of ingredients to my shakes. I liked that about this protein because with others I have recently reviewed I did not really experiment. I think this gives credence to this protein being used a smoothie base and adding in your own ingredients into it. I do wish I tried baking with it but I never got around to it.

I do want to mention that I did feel a very slight thermogenic effect shortly after taking this protein. It was more pronounced when I took it before the gym. I did not track my weight while taking this but I did feel leaner when I finished the bag. I think the green tea extract help but honestly it was my diet and training.


The value of this protein I feel will really depend on the person. If placing a nonsubscription order this protein is $49 per 30 servings. With a subscription it is $45 per 30 serving bag. For some reason I have a 20% credit on my account so if I were to order now it is $36 followed by $45 for subsequent months (a single order would be $39.20). I will note that shipping was free even for the one time purchase orders. For me personally, this protein is on the expensive side even at one serving a day. The current protein I am using retails for $42 but I can get it for $36 then a 10% coupon on top of that but I will have to pay $12 shipping. I am accustomed to spending more for what I want and to note I only use whey protein isolates. I think gogainful will be the protein I come back to every now and again when they have a new flavor. I did enjoy experimenting with it as I felt it was the best base protein for different smoothies.

I do want to say that if you are someone with very strict dietary restrictions I would definitely recommend giving gogainful a try.

Side Effects

I had no side effects while taking this product.


GoGainful protein is a unique personalized protein that has a good base flavoring for smoothies and great for individuals with dietary restrictions but comes at a high price. I felt that the flavor was on the weaker side but made a great starter for smoothies. The price is high and I could see myself trying it again when they release new flavor. Thank you to GoGainful for sending out the product and sorry for the delay in the review.


Note: I purchased a bag of the chocolate flavor protein with the same formula I was sent. The reason I bring this up is there was an issue with the bag the product came in. There was a note within the box that mentioned there was a manufacturing error with the bags leading to issues with them closing. They also included a spare bag to put the powder into in the event yours had issues. Mine did have issues and I was careful but lost about a serving or two getting it into the other bag. I would still purchase this again even with the bag issue as the bag I received for review was fine.
  • Birthday Cake: 6/10
  • Chocolate: 7/10


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,098
    October 7, 2018

    Interesting product, protein to fit your needs.

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