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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

1-XD is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Forzaone. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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Trust: 16%
  December 29, 2014

A bit about me:

I'm an active duty Chief 36yr male in the US Navy for 17+yrs, all things considered I have maintained a decent diet with a decent regular exercise routine. Unfortunately most active duty military either fall high and right with physical fitness or join the work out twice a year program. I've had numerous injuries but have came back fighting to overcome to just be as healthy as possible. The biggest goal I have is just personally to live as long and unaided as possible to watch my childrens childrens succeed. For my fitness goal the biggest thing I want to complete is an ultra marathon.

My initial thoughts on 1-XD where very pleased and satisfied with my purchase, having ready access for testing I watched my levels raise from a mere low 389 to a much better 518. However unfortunately I did not take into consideration all of the other items I was stacking with it so it skewed the results very much.

Concerning the ingredients and labeling 1-XD the biggest eye catchng gimmick is the increase 42% in just 12 days which in all reality is very possible but for the cost/benefit at approximately $240+ for the three bottle/90 day cycle the same results can be achieved with roughly spending half of the amount and just eating properly. The bulk of the supplements ingredients are nothing more than D-Aspartate Acid and Tribulus. Again the product does work however for the cost it is nothing but wasted excess money.

As far as dosing is concerned that was one positive side to the supplement was the fact of only taking 5 pills daily.

Again concerning effectiveness for 1-XD it does raise your levels however when I ran a cycle of it individually it only increased to 503 from 487 so it is nowhere near the supposed 42% boost.

For value concerns this supplement is far too over priced for the results that are actually achieved. At approximately $240+ for a 90 day cycle to achieve much less than the overzealous 42% in my honest opinion there are much cheaper and safer alternatives available. With the availability of only in-store purchases it makes it even more questionable as to their product mark up and profit margin.

I had no known side effects from taking the cycle, even after three tries of the same product. I believe it may be partially to the ineffectiveness of it actually.

At the end of the day everyone is more than capable of making their choice how to spend their own hard earned money, but at roughly $1.00 a day for the supplement and not achieving the “42% in 12 days” I would seriously recommend to look elsewhere for much cheaper but higher quality products.
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Libido
  • Too Expensive
  • Propietary To Nutrishop
  • Not Commercially Available
  • Not Effective
Rep: +316
Trust: 100%
  February 7, 2013

I just finished up 3 bottles of 1xd. So I figured I would take the time to wright a review since I had the day off. The bottle states that it promotes muscular growth and strength, increase serum LH levels by 33%, increase testosterone levels by 42%.

PROFILE: vitamin b6 ( as pyridoxal hci) 5mg
Vitamin b12 ( as cyanocobalamin) 65mcg
Folic acid (as folate) 400mcg
Vitamin d3(as cholecalciferol) 625 Iu
D-Aspartic Acid (3.12g)
Proprietary Extract Complex 4,003 mg

Agaricus Bisporous Extract 4:1,
3- hydroxymeghyl indole


DOSING 9/10: I took 5 capsules first thing in the morning before breakfeast. There easy to swallow and they don't have any taste.
EFFECTIVENESS 9/10: my stats were as followed before I started- weight-183, body fat 13%, bench 225×6, dead lift 350×6, squats 315×6. It took around 10 days before I felt it kick in. I felt more confident, less fatigued, muscles recovered quicker, strength and endurance increased, my libido went way up. My girl noticed a huge difference and even offered to buy me my second bottle. By the end of the first bottle all my lifts went up 10 pounds. When I started my second botlle I added isa-test, green mag, and ad3 for 8 weeks. By the time I finished my cycle my stats were weight-190, BF-11.5%, Bench-245×6, squat- 325×6, deadlift- 375×6. I didn't get my levels tested but sue to some of the sides I knew that it was working.

SIDE EFFECTS7/10- By week 2 my back started breaking out due to oily skin. I was more irritable, my girlfriend told me I was more short tempered.

VALUE 6/10: I payed 32 dollars at nutrishop. Since I'm a personal trainer I get a 50% discount. The regular price is 64$ which in my opinion is outrageous. Forzaone is a store brand for nutrishop so it is the only place that you can purchase it.

OVERALL 8/10: I think this is a really great product. I would recommend this to anyone that is willing to pay the price. I broke some PR with this product and I will use it again in the future.

I hope that I provided enough information, if not message me and I would be happy to give you more
  • Strange Feeling Of Confidence
  • Increased Strength
  • Vitality
  • Faster Recovery
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Oily Skin
  • Propietary To Nutrishop
  • Too Expensive
  • Irritability
Rep: +10
Trust: 0%
  October 10, 2012

GoodFella hit the product right on in his previous review. With the limited time available right now, I simply wanted to reinforce his post. I have tried many test boosters (P6, Anatrophin, Halodrol) and 1-XD seemed to be the most prodcutive to me. I was skeptical at first being it was a "no name" lab and new to me but I just went with it.

I began taking 1-XD only with Celllucor C4, GNC Strength vitapacks, and various proteins. When I began taking 1-XD I weighed 176 lbs with a little extra fat. I noticed after about 4 days the effects were more pronounced (felt a little more confident, increased strength during the day and in the gym, less fatigued, completely raised my libido, and more).

In three months, or 3 bottles, I finally finished weighing in at 196lbs. I had a better appetite, more drive, and overall felt better both during the day and during workouts. My personal bests on regualar bench, shoulder presses, and squat presses all occurred during this time. It obviously isn't a PH nor do I view it as one, but my core lifts and presses progressed.

I taped out (military) being that I'm considered overweight at 196 at the Army standard and per our scale I showed at 9% body fat. Prior to use I was right around 12-13%. My diet during use was as usual basically eat what I wanted with majority being healthy foods except I still ate the occasional piece of cake or candy bar.

My workout routine, usually consisted of 5-6 days a week for about 1.5 hours each session. I noticed about 2 weeks in the first bottle that I was finally getting the full results overall in the gym. I went from "man I don't really feel like doing this today" to seeing results and finally got that motivation to go back every day at 1530 hrs sharp!

Side effects were very minimal, I'm a very lax guy, however; my girlfriend noticed I was less empathetic or sympathetic and more headstrong than usual and was additionally more vocal in speaking my mind. Basically I just felt a lot more confidence in myself and my opinions on things. I at times got a little more aggitated than normal (nothing major). There were no breakouts, hair loss, muscle loss, or extreme fatigue after I finished the 3 month cycle of it. I simply finished and carried on.

If this product does nothing else for you, I will almost gurantee it will sky rocket your libido. I was totally surprised at the change it made in mine, which wasn't that great at times due to heavy and rapid workflow, over exertion during the day then gym, and just daily life. I was feeling like a somebody in my bedroom even after a hellish day and a few hours of sleep!

Two major flaws, it's just like GNC, it's extremely high priced ($63.99 with 15% military discount) and exclusive to them. You may find it for $69.99 here at my local Nutrishop and I spoke to another store in Little Rock, Ar who claimed he sold it for $49.99. I mentioned it to my nutrishop yesterday and the sales woman basically called me crazy. Just like GNC prices vary and basically are set at what the owner wants. I still recommend trying this product but just keep in mind, sadly it's only available at one place and nutrishop isn't quite as big of a chain as anyone else nor available for internet order.

I took two months off of 1-XD as the bottle recommends use no longer than 3 months and bought a bottle of Augment the following month (which is another Nutrishop Product and completely separate review I owe here, another great product). Following Augment, I tried Gaspair Anatrophin and I to this day haven't found a natural TB that has made me feel as good and had the effects as 1-XD. I went and bought another bottle yesterday to begin my next 3 months again. I will try and keep an update of the next three months of this product.

This is my first post, and I hope I didn't skip around of leave too many questions unanswered, but Goodfellow elaborated on the scientific side of this product and I wanted to back his with a personal side with my own details. If I have missed something or just jacked this up, I'll be glad to share more if needed.
  • Strange Feeling Of Confidence
  • Increased Strength
  • Vitality
  • Faster Recovery
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Propietary To Nutrishop
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Commercially Available
Rep: +34
Trust: 33%
  September 22, 2012

Lots of Vitamins B 6 and 12
Folic Acid
Vitamin D

3.883 g propriety blend:

Testosterone Elevation blend: D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris (60% Saponins), Shilayit Moomiyo Extract 20%, Eurycoma Longifolia Extract 50:1, Pfaffia Paniculata Extract 4:1, Lepidium Meyenii Extract 4:1, Agaricus Subrufescens Extract 4:1

Estrogen Suppression blend: Agaricus Bisporus Extract 4:1, 3-Hydroxymethyl Indole

Uptake component: Bioperine

OKAY...If you are completely unfamiliar with the aforementioned ingredients, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Each ingredient itself has pages of details that are not hard to find on the internet.

That being said, I will go over its effectiveness and dosage.

I felt excellent in the morning. I woke up feeling well rested. Its called VITALITY. Something that most testosterone boosters will provide for their users.
Strength and recovery gains increased significantly. These are not steroids or prohormones, so you wont look like The Hulk after one bottle. However, while you're on it, you have the potential to make some serious progress.

The 1XD was incredible. I really felt it working. I did not stack it with anything else besides protein and creatine, so I knew it was effective. I put on lean muscle, recovered faster, increased libido fo' realz, noticeable increase in strength and energy.

Its been clinically researched on humans in the U.S. Its legit. I've tried 5 test boosters before this one. This is by far the most effective. Can only be purchased at Nutrishop.


5 pills per day separated as follows:
1 Morning, 2 Afternoon, 2 Night

Eat plenty of food while on it, make love to your woman, and hit the gym like a maniac.

**Guys, if you are under 25, seriously consider skipping this product. Unless you are a bodybuilder or have low testosterone levels, you will be just fine without it. Guys 25 and up and/or seasoned gym-goers will benefit greatly from this product**

Enjoy! :)
  • Increased Strength
  • Vitality
  • Faster Recovery
  • Increased Libido
  • Strange Feeling Of Confidence
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle

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