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What is difference between ON 100% WHEY AND GNC AMP WHEYBOLIC 60

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as a beginner who doesn't exercise if i just cut out the fast food and sodas and keep my calories low should i supplement with these shakes and which one is better... should i just take it as a snack in between meals and eat small meals... i know you need protein to make muscle and burn the fat but also too much proten may make me fat and i think it may be too much protein cos thinking of the fast food i been eating it coudln't be high in protein more high in carbs than anything. so basically my question is should a beginnger use this protein or will it lead to disaster and which whey product is better.
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Too much protein does not turn into fat, its very difficult actually for your body to turn excess protein into fat since its much more efficient at utilizing carbs and fat for energy and depositing them as adipose fatty tissue than proteins.
I would say the 100% whey from ON is better just because the GNC brand is very overpriced and you dont get what you pay for when going with GNC.
Lastly, use your whey protein after a workout since this is when your body is craving protein the most and it is also when the most protein can be absorbed into your system at one time.
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