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2011 New Years Transformation Competition (GRAND PRIZE NOW $300)

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1/1/2011 UPDATE: Our friends over at have donated an extra $100 store credit towards the Grand Prize!

I want to encourage EVERYONE to stick to their New Year's Resolutions for the entire year!

Must ENTER by 1/31/2011
Winners selected in July of 2011

1st Place: $200 cash + $100 Gift Card to
2nd Place: $75 Gift Card
3rd Place: $25 Gift Card
4th Place: 2 Free T-Shirts

Winners are selected by a combination of the following:
 - My personal selection
 - The selection of the mods and site leaders
 - A public poll that will be run at the end of the competition
Each opinion is weighted differently.  I won't disclose how much each is weighted.

How to Enter:
1.  Start your OWN new thread in the "2011 New Years Transformation Competition" subforum.
2.  Post an intro with your current stats, goals, weaknesses, target diet, exercise plan, supplements, etc.
3.  Post SEVERAL "Before" pictures.  To help prove that these pictures are yours, and are current, you MUST be holding a piece of paper that says "" in at least a few of the pictures.
This thread will be your Journal for the competition.  Feel free to post updates along the way.  YOU MUST ENTER BY 1/31/2011!

Good luck to all!
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- Tommy

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