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lipo 6x cycle

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lipo 6x cycle « : November 07, 2010, 03:36:50 PM »
hello everyone,

i am doing a journal of my first cycle of Lipo 6x and would like everyone's feed back on the product as well as anyone's personal opinions. i have no received any negative side effects on the pill, but some positive side effects though like consistent intense energy when working out. Today is day 2 pill 2 feeling great. i will up my dosage tomorrow with three pills. i am going to be on a low calorie diet i am going to try to consume the maximum of 1500 calories. i will update everyone with my progress on a weekly basis, i bought the 120 capsules and going to try it for a month and rest for a week and try Lipo 6 black. my diet is going to consist of 3 eggs in the morning with a piece of fruit. my lunch is going to be a chicken breast with veggies. my dinner is going to be some salmon and some more steamed veggies. my stats are 225 pounds 6 foot my body mass index is 30.5. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.  :)

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