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A wrestler's journal... Diets: Cutting sucks

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A wrestler's journal... Diets: Cutting sucks « : December 15, 2009, 09:03:22 PM »
As many of you know or experienced, wrestling is a sport that demands that you must maintain a weight (and i mean 0.9 lbs from the weight you classified for) In total, cutting weight blows. After i certefied for my weight and passed my hydration test, i pigged out in Taco bell with my friends. Nothing sucks more than running while almost passing out. Our schedule goes something like this: Monday: Meat grinders, basics, new moves, live wrestling, and my favorite: 20-30 minutes of conditioning, lift weights after. Tuesday: Run 4 mile run, more drills, Conditioning. Wednesday: Make weight/monday practice. Thursday: 4 miles again, make weight day, conditioning. Friday: Monday practice/extreme conditioning day. (some) Saturdays: 300 pushups, like 500 situps, 500 ab crunches, and other exercises. Sunday: EAT, SLEEP. Wash rinse and repeat. I only ate an Orange and a bottle of water yesterday, today i skipped on my diet and ate some real food. Right now im gonna try a new diet so i can freaking eat again. I am 1 lb from my weight but last weight in i was 3 over, what can of diet i can use?

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