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Shoulder issues

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Shoulder issues « : February 05, 2019, 05:51:09 AM »
Advice needed, I've been dealing with a tight, weak, achy right shoulder since December.... Nothing happened to injure it, I was in gym strong and everything was all good, went on vacation for 1 week in December where all I did was drink and eat all day for 7 days, came back and when I started working out my shoulder was weak and achy.

Took 2 weeks off from gym shortly after when I got sick, and since I've been back my shoulder just is weak and aches, some days worse than others.

I don't have any deformities, I still have full range of motion although it aches and makes a cracking sound when I raise it laterally to my side. The achy/pain is in my middle deltoid it feels sometimes extends to my front. Strength wise even though it's weak im still putting up heavy weight at gym (although im going to lighten up for a while). also sometimes the pain and weakness is bad at the beginning of my workout but goes away as the workout goes on.

The movements that it seems to feel weak at are standing overhead press and incline bench press.

Any idea on what kind of issue this could be? I'm thinking possible rotator cuff tendonitis.

any thoughts on what I should do for rehab?

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