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Just had my first reject review and I have absolutely no idea why.

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I just submitted a review for a product (pasted below) and it was rejected for no reason that I am aware of, got 3 downvotes and no advice on what I could do better in the future. I posted a few reviews in the past and I don't recall it ever being so difficult to add in a review, the one that got rejected was far more detailed and well written than the ones that got approved in the past.

Maybe someone can give me some advice on what to revise before I resubmit it. Any clues would be helpful. Also for some reason my rep actually went down ever since I started to become active in answering questions and submitting my review. I wonder if the problem is the age of my account and lack of participation during that time? If so perhaps I should delete this account and start over. Any advise would be useful.

Product: Imperial Platinum 2000
Title: This is my go to for an enhanced sexual experience.
----Quick Summary----
This product gave me the increased stamina and sex drive I wanted, but in a calm, controlled way that gently tapers off over the course of several days. I've been using this particular pill for years and what I like most about Imperial Platinum 2000 is that it doesn't go overboard on the rock hard erection that some pills can give, they can often be too strong which causes pain after a while. My experience is based on having taken the product more than 30 times.

This is a sex pill that is supposed to increase size, stamina and overall sex drive. Of course no product can actually increase the size of your manhood (ie 6" is still 6" period) but I do find that this product gives a nice full and solid erection that last for a couple of hours. It provides the sex drive and the stamina as promised.

----Ingredient Profile----
Serving sixe: 1 capsule 2000mg
IMPERIAL PLATINUM Blend                            1150mg
PowerZen Enhancement Blend                         850mg
Tribulus Terrestirs                                             160mg
Lyco-pene                                                          200mg
L-arginine                                                           110mg
Damiana Leaf                                                       90mg
Guarana                                                               60mg
Yohimbe                                                             110mg
Maca                                                                     54mg
Vitamin-B12                                                           10mg
Vitamin-C                                                               28mg
Vitamin-D3                                                             10mg
Zinc Oxide                                                              18mg

Unfortunately this is another one of those pills that hides most of the ingredient profile in a propitiatory blend, but it does have some useful things listed such as 160mg of Tribulus and 110mg of Yohimbe both of which are known for having solid results increasing sex drive and overall male health.

Dosing directions are simple, you take 1 pill about 30 minutes before sex and according to the directions you should not take another pill for at least 7 days. In my experience I like taking this pill about an hour beforehand, for me it takes longer than 30 minutes to kick in. I notice fullness and increased erection about 50 minutes after taking. The effects do last for about 5 days for me (on and off) so I would NOT recommend taking another pill any sooner than 5 days.

To clarify, when they say the effects last for several days it doesn't mean you are stuck with that same erection for several days, the erection goes away after you climax during sex. The effects kick in again if you become aroused again later (with each time being slightly less intense). That's what's nice about this product, it turns back on when you need it to over the course of about 5 days.

Let me clarify that I am a healthy male in his mid-30s with an already perfectly healthy sex drive. I only take this pill to enhance the sexual experience on rare occasion, so that is why I choose the 2000 (which is one of the lowest dosages you'll find). It's very effective for me, providing a fuller erection, long lasting drive and a more intense feeling during sex. One thing I want to note, this pill can be too effective if taken too far ahead of time because once you get that first hard-on it last until orgasm and if you have the hard-on way before sex starts then you'll be going numb to feeling by the time you start. If this happens you'll lose sensation and may find it difficult (if not impossible) to reach orgasm during sex. So I recommend blowing your load within 2hrs of taking the pill or you might not be able to at all.

I think the 2000 is perfect for those who are new to using enhancement pills and have a fine sex drive to begin with. Older men or men who are having problems getting a normal erection would want to go with a more powerful pill (one that has a higher number than 2000).

Usually these pills retail for about $12/pill at gas station or quick mart. You can also find it online for about half that price at places like ebay. This is a decent value compared to other brands. I think $14 is about the average going rate for this kind of pill.

----Side Effects----
As I said before numbness in the penis can be a side effect if you retain your erection for too long without reaching orgasm, so I recommend a climax before too much time passes. Another side effect of almost any sex pill is headache. To avoid this please drink LOTS of water or a Gatorade type drink with electrolytes. So long as you are well hydrated you won't feel any effects of headache but if you thirst yourself then you'll have head pain by morning.

Over the years I have tried a lot of different sex pills of various strengths and I find that for me the Imperial 2000 is perfect. It's powerful enough to enhance my sexual experience, but just slightly in a nice way that feels comfortable and not over the top. Some stronger products give an erection that is too stiff, doesn't go away and starts to hurt badly after a couple of hours because too much blood is being forced into the penis, I think those products are best left for the more seasoned men who require more assistance.

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