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New to Cryotherapy, have some questions

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New to Cryotherapy, have some questions « : May 31, 2018, 08:43:03 AM »
My local gym just started doing Cryotherapy treatments for only $25 full body or $15 localized areas which is a steal compared to the national average cost around $75. The reason I am starting this is for fat loss and pain relief in my back (3 spine disorders). I can't seem to find these answers online, probably because it seems to be just starting to pick up in its popularity, or the answers I find conflict with others so I'm hoping you guys have the answers.

1. Is this better in the morning, afternoon, or night? Or does it truly not matter when?
2. Since it helps increase your metabolism, would it be beneficial to do this right before a workout or after? or does it truly not matter?
3. Would taking my normal fat burners beforehand increase the fat/calorie burning effects at all? Taking Opt-Burn Amped, Yohimbine, Ephedra, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, and CLA if it makes a difference to know. (Don't worry I'm being careful with all this together)
4. Would it make any kind of difference if I ate or avoided eating before or right after doing this? Or, again, does it truly not matter?
5. Around how many calories does your body burn trying to get back up to it's normal temperature?

I think there was another question or two that I can't think of so I'll ask when/if I think of them
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