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We are so quick to ban supps, but why not alcohol?

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We are so quick to ban supps, but why not alcohol? « : January 26, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
Unfortunately yes. Much of what gets banned is just at the cost of others stupidity. DMAA is gone because of them two knuckleheads in the Army that took a bunch and then went out on a hike with their full packs. Ended up dying of dehydration and they immediately blamed DMAA as the culprit. Hell I remember when you could go buy a real ECA stack over the counter. But there are always people who either don't do the research or think that recommended dosages don't apply to them. That mentality of "well if two pills is good at helping me lose weight then six pills must be great" What I don't get is why this is only pertinent to supplements for the most part. People die and get injured all the time from medicines and other substances. How many people every year die of alcohol poisoning? Don't see them rushing to ban Jack Daniels though. Just a bunch of hypocritical BS is all it is honestly.
Well said although I think the industry is fine without DMAA. I don't like things that affect my health.

And drunk driving accidents.  And long-term alcoholism.  It's so insanely hypocritical.

I know this isn't the correct topic to say this but... YOLO!

Plus Alcohol Related Crimes...Give to a dumb-ass big amounts of alcohol, what do you think it will happen? Overall, an alcohol free world would be much much better but i don't see any government banning it...We have an elephant in the room but we look upon the small ant....(P.S Contrary to the icon i am a teetotaler).
Not only alcohol but smoking as well... they know it heavily affects people and yet they don't want to ban it because they get a shyt ton of tax revenue from it.
Alcohol and Tobacco help to cause 8 million deaths approximately every year, generating hundreds of diseases, contamination of the soil, water, air, and plenty of other damages. Funny thing is that people think the Governments allow it because of Money but the expenses caused by the damages of Alcohol and Tobacco are way bigger than any revenues the Government could make. The health costs are huge, the environmental costs are invisible short-term but huge long term and sometimes incalculable... and how can we determine the costs of a human life or the cost of a violation made by the father to its daughter? or the abuse caused by parents to their children...?

Weíve tried banning alcohol before, didnít work out so well. Even with alcohol, itís the idiots that make it look bad.
I've studied that a bit and these are the causes of the failure I could identify:

1. Consumption of Alcohol was NOT illegal. Many people think that the ban on Alcohol made consumption illegal but that's not true.
2. Even though the commercial production of Alcohol was illegal, grape juice wasn't illegal. So a lot of grapes were sold to customers. They just had something on the sale saying "Don't let it get fermented because it's against the law." Of course people didn't pay attention to that. They bought a lot of grapes to get alcohol and consume it.
3. The border controls were terrible back in those days. You can't compare today's control (still has several flaws) with the 20's border controls. If the controls were horrible, then people like Al Capone could easily import alcohol into the US Territory, sell it, make money, form a mafia and give money to the authorities to corrupt them, which is what happened. With the law existing and the authorities not applying them or let's just say "applying them selectively", then the objectives of the law obviously were not fulfilled.
4. People bought A LOT of alcohol before the prohibition began.
5. Alcohol for medical issues WASN'T illegal. We all know this is totally corrupt. Any doctor I know can tell me medically I need alcohol just to have an excuse to drink. My father was a smoker and a doctor gave him a certification that his lungs are fine. He smoked for more than 30 years. You think his lungs were fine? He died months later after this.
6. Wine for the different churches WASN'T illegal. Perfect excuse to get alcohol. Perfect justification to be religious...
7. The depression in 1929. Government needed taxes and thought it was a good way to get money so they just made it legal once again. So they stopped caring about people's health. So today, you get taxes from Alcohol and Tobacco and hospitals full of diseases caused directly and indirectly by Alcohol and Tobacco.

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« Reply #1: January 26, 2018, 10:52:02 AM »
Interesting discussion here.  Do you think we should try prohibition once again?  I feel like legalization is the way to go (look at cannabis) plus a complete attitude shift on how we view these substances. 
- Tommy

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« Reply #2: January 26, 2018, 11:36:43 AM »
It all depends on the area as well. When I lived in Germany, alcohol was never too much of an issue(despite random fights at parties, which is normal), because people are exposed to it at an earlier age. A drunk 14 year old at a party was normal, and when they got drunk that young, they'd realize how dangerous it can be. While there are still plenty of alcoholics there of course, people blame the drinker for being an idiot, not the alcohol itself.

Here is America though, you typically have to drive places a bit more, especially here in LA lol.
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« Reply #3: January 26, 2018, 12:35:27 PM »
Governments don't ban it because the alcohol and tobacco lobby is powerful and has many connections. Plus they think based on short term economic profit and they don't want to risk it because for some it will be hugely unpopular. A prohibition will cause some revenue loss...but if the "reform" will work (reducing alcohol consumption sufficiently) the benefits long-term will be tremendous. Even short-term you will have some benefits like rise in life expectancy. They are many parameters if it will work or not (Marshes indicated some)... It's easier to implement this in a country that the state controls much of the every-day life like the Soviet Union.

During 1985Ė87, Mikhail Gorbachev carried out an anti-alcohol campaign with partial prohibition, known as the "dry law". Prices of vodka, wine and beer were raised, and their sales were restricted in amount and time of day. People who were caught drunk at work or in public were prosecuted.

The campaign was temporarily successful in reducing per capita alcohol consumption and improving quality-of-life measures such as life expectancies and crime rates, but economically it was a serious blow to the state budget (a loss of approximately 100 billion rubles), it was deeply unpopular among the population and ultimately failed.

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« Reply #4: January 26, 2018, 01:49:21 PM »
Interesting discussion here.  Do you think we should try prohibition once again?  I feel like legalization is the way to go (look at cannabis) plus a complete attitude shift on how we view these substances. 

I feel a lot of things should be legal.  It would make some people grow up early and either make them understand consequences. I feel. 
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« Reply #5: January 27, 2018, 07:47:13 AM »
Kaka, you hit the nail on the head man.

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« Reply #6: January 28, 2018, 04:10:12 PM »
There's nothing wrong with alcohol itself... it's that people consume too much alcohol to the point where it causes problems  - D.U.I's, drunken incidents, health issues for prolonged use etc..

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« Reply #7: November 26, 2019, 10:56:09 PM »
Hey, everything is good in moderation and alcohol and I can even tell you more that a little light drug will never prevent a normal healthy person from getting pleasant emotions. Have you guys listened to anything about full spectrum cbd oil? Now this product is becoming very popular for health promotion and I for example use CBD oil to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. It suits me and I become a little happier and more cheerful.

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