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Going vegan to start 2018

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« Reply #60: April 01, 2018, 07:39:03 AM »
Thanks Wis3guy.

Yesterday's workout:

"Maximum Metabolic Overdrive Primer" - Total body
30-45 second rest in between each set.  My brother did the workout with me so our breaks were how long it took the other person to complete the set.  Funny, he looked over the workout and called it a "girl" workout because he's used to powerlifting and he could barely even finish it lol.

DB Hang Cleans
45 x 10 r x 3 s

Spiderman Crawl Pushups
BW x 20 r x 3 s
Do a pushup while simultaneously bringing your knee towards your elbow (similarly to how spiderman would crawl up a building). Works on mobility as well.

DB Curl and Press
35 x 10 r x 3 s
Biceps curl into shoulder press.

DB Bulgarian Split Woodchoppers
15 x 12 each leg x 3 s
This was super hard.  You do a Bulgarian split squat while simultaneously holding a dumbbell and doing a woodchopper. 

Squat to Stand Cable Rows
17 x 12 r x 3 s
Set the cables to the lowest height and stand back enough to where you feel tension in the cables.  Squat and then do a row when you stand up while externally rotating the hands.

Cable Reverse X Flys
7 x 15 r x 3 s
Same set up on the cables, but you're standing straight up and do a reverse fly.  Finish high and wide so your body is making an "x".

Ab circuit, sauna, and two mile run outside at about an 8 min/mile pace to finish.  Had nice weather so I wanted to take advantage of it. I was supposed to close last night at work, but while my brother and I were at the gym, a coworker asked him if he wanted two tickets to the Devils' game.  So I called out of work and went lol.

Diet for yesterday:

ACV upon waking.

11am Pre Historic, Ferodrox.

Intra workout of Hydra Charge, NB BA, Kaged BCAA and Glutamine.

2pm post workout smoothie: serving Naked Pea Protein, 1 c frozen blueberries, 1 frozen banana, greens supplement.

Meal 1: 1.5 servings of air fried veggie pot stickers from Trader Joes.

Meal 2: Leftover wild rice and sweet and sour chickpeas from a couple nights ago.

Snacks: blood orange, Cara Cara orange, salted peanuts at the Devil game.

Pre Bed: 1 c frozen blueberries, 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp sunflower butter.

Cals: 2480
Fat: 81g
Carbs; 353g
Protein: 108g

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« Reply #61: April 03, 2018, 07:08:39 AM »
Sunday's workout:

"XT-400 Challenge"

This was a timed workout and the goal was to complete 400 reps in total.  There were four different exercises and each one consisted of 100 reps.  The four exercises were Cross Knee Plank Pushups (push up while simultaneously bringing your knee to the opposite elbow - each push up counts as 1 rep), Renegade Rows (push up position with DBs in your hand. Row one DB up, then alternate each rep. I used 35 pound DBs.  One left/right combo counts as 1 rep), Box Jumps, and Opposite Elbow to Knee Planks (plank position, bring knee to opposite elbow.  Each left/right combo counts as 1 rep). 

The reps could be completed in any order for any amount of reps at one time.  The ultimate goal was to finish in under 25 minutes to be able to move forward in the program.  I finished in 21:17 and this was one of the hardest workouts I think I ever had.  I was dripping in sweat and my whole body was exhausted at the end. 

Diet for Sunday:
Calories: 2340
Fat: 76 g
Carbs: 288 g
Protein: 134 g

Yesterday was a scheduled off day and I needed it. 

Diet for yesterday:
Calories: 2140
Fat: 116 g
Carbs: 198 g
Protein: 90 g

Today is supposed to be an off day too, but I think I will be skipping the extra rest day and going in for a chest/tri workout.

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« Reply #62: April 03, 2018, 10:26:11 AM »
That is a crap ton of push ups........
Nice work.

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« Reply #63: April 03, 2018, 10:31:57 AM »
That is a crap ton of push ups........
Nice work.

I guess so. Technically it's only 100 within 20+ minutes. The rows you're just in a push up position, you're not actually doing a push up. But thanks man

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« Reply #64: April 03, 2018, 11:28:15 AM »
That's still a lot, I thought you where doing a push-up between rows as well.

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« Reply #65: April 04, 2018, 08:38:57 AM »
Week 2: Athlean Retro Rep Training Phase


This workout was done with "backwards" exercises.  These are sets designed to maximize time under tension and not starting the exercise from the resting position.  Rest between sets were about 45 seconds long.

Backwards Alt. Incline DB Bench
50 x 12 r x 3 s
Start at the top of the bench press with a slight bend in your elbows to keep tension on upper chest.  Lower one arm slowly and then alternate reps.

Hover Plyo Push ups
BW x failure (16, 16, 12) x 3 s
Start in a normal push up position, but with your body a few inches from the floor.  Hold that position for a second or two and explode out of it until your hands leave the floor. 

Backwards X Hi/Low Cable Crossovers
40 x 12 each arm x 3 s
Set one cable at the top and one cable at the bottom.  Start your hands at the midline position (almost where the cables meet) and do one rep with a high crossover and one rep with a low crossover.  Keep the tension on your chest.  Alternate cables to complete one set.

Backwards Lying Alternate DB Triceps Extensions
20 x 10 each arm x 4 s
Start with the DBs overhead, but instead of directly over your head, start with them behind your head to keep tension on the tris.  Slowly lower the DB towards your head and then alternate reps. 

Backwards Physioball DB Kickbacks
12.5 x 12 r x 3 s
Lie with your stomach on a physioball with DBs at your side.  Then just do a kickback with both DBs.  These are tougher than normal KBs because you have to incorporate stability in the lift. 

Ab circuit and sauna to finish. 

Calories: 2345
Fat: 90 g
Carbs: 295 g
Protein: 113 g

Today in for back and bis with the same backwards idea.

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« Reply #66: April 05, 2018, 01:57:08 PM »

Backwards Alt. DB Rows
35 x 12 each arm x 3 s
Start from a contracted row position, lower one arm, then slowly row it back up to your chest and then alternate arms.

Backwards Cable Alt. Pull Downs
100 x 12 each x 3 s
Start from a kneeling position with the cables on the highest setting.  Pull the elbows down and back and hold position.  One arm straightens over head and then back down into the starting position.  Alternate arms each rep.

Backwards Cable Alt. Iron Cross Flys
20 x 15 each x 3 s
Pull the cables out with your hands to make a "T". Bring one arm to the midline and then do a reverse fly while externally rotating your hand.  Alternate arms each rep. 

Backwards Alt. DB 1.5 Curls
30 x 10 r x 4 s
Stand holding a pair of DBs at the top of the biceps curl position.  One arm performs a full curl, then do a half rep and return to the top.  Then alternate arms.

Reverse Cable Alt. Lip Busters
10 x 12 each x 3 s
Curl the cables to the top of the curl position (near your mouth) then extend your arm and curl it back to the starting position. (Cable is horizontally across from you, not starting at your feet).

Ab circuit, sauna, mile run in the rain to finish. 

Calories: 2210
Fat: 80 g
Carbs: 281 g
Protein: 114 g

Off day today.  Was planning to go to a kickboxing class, but I don't think I feel like it anymore lol.  Ordered some supps on Amazon a couple days ago and they came in today.  Pretty nice haul.  Got 7 pounds of NOW pea protein, 5 pounds Naked sprouted brown rice protein, and three Genius products: Diet Pills, Burn, and Sleep Aid.  I like how Genius uses some pretty unique names for their products (lol).
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« Reply #67: April 06, 2018, 04:57:14 PM »
Yeah I didn't go to kickboxing yesterday.  Instead, I laid in bed watched the Devils clinch a playoff berth and Yankees lose to the Orioles (blah). 

Started Diet Pills and Burn yesterday. 

Yesterday's diet:
Calories: 1490 :x
Fat: 66 g
Carbs: 175 g
Protein: 71 g

I know, really low all around.  Didn't do much besides work yesterday, so I wasn't really hungry or felt like I needed to eat much.

Today - Legs:

DB Creeping Lunges
20 x 10 r x 3 s
Basically a DB lunge, but you never fully stand up. Instead, you keep tension on your quads by "creeping" along the floor (kind of like a duck walk).  Each rep is two steps forward and two backward.

Step Up/Lunge Combo
BW x 10 each x 3 s
Step up onto a bench/box and shoot the opposite leg's knee up to your chest and on the way down, do a lunge.  So the foot that is on the box is the one dropping down for a lunge. 

Lateral 2 Foot Skier Hop and Squat
BW x AMRAP for 45 seconds x 3 s
These burned like crazy.  It is a lateral jump, land on two feet, squat, and then explode up and jump as far as you can laterally again.  I don't think I made it to 45 seconds for any of the sets. 

Physioball Bench Glute/Ham Raise
BW x 10 r x 4 s
Get a bench that you can place your feet under to anchor, hands on a physioball, and roll yourself out.  Then raise yourself up using your glutes and hams.  Try not to use the ball too much, only use it as support as needed.

Slick Floor Bridge Extension
Couldn't do these because I didn't have anywhere to do them in the gym;
but you're supposed to find a slick surface in the gym and get into a bridge, slide your feet forward and then back while not allowing your hips to sink.  It is for the quads, but like I said, I didn't really have anywhere to do these in my gym. 

Ab circuit and sauna to finish

Diet (all projected totals for the end of the day):
Calories: 2230
Fat: 80 g
Carbs: 289 g
Protein: 113 g

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« Reply #68: April 07, 2018, 05:42:12 PM »
Shoulders/Rotator Cuffs:

Backwards Alt. DB Shoulder Press
40 x 12 each x 3 s
Regular alt. DB shoulder press, except you start at the top of the rep and lower one arm at a time.

Backwards Alt. DB Side Lateral Drops
15 x 9 each x 3 s
Lateral DB raise, except you start at the top (hence the drop in the exercise name).

DB Figure 8s
20 x 8 r x 3 s
Hold a DB (horizontally) in both hands and make a figure 8 with your arms extended out in front of you.

Backwards Alt. DB "W" Raises
10 x 8 each x 3 s
Hold a DB in each hand, slight bend in the knees, and slight trunk lean forward.  Bend the elbows a bit and retract your shoulder blades so that you look like a "W" from the back.  Lower one DB down in front of you about waist high while not allowing the other DB to drop.  Reverse the motion at the bottom of the rep and externally rotate your hands to complete the rep. 

Rotator Cuff Cable Step Outs
40 x 15 each x 3 s
This one is really tough to explain without seeing the video, but it was great for the RCs.

Ab circuit, sauna. 

Diet (projected for rest of the day):
Calories: 2035
Fat: 67 g
Carbs: 273 g
Protein: 108 g

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« Reply #69: April 09, 2018, 06:37:33 PM »
Weighed in at 198.6, which is the lowest I have been in a few years without doing a keto diet. 

Yesterday's workout:
"King T.U.T Challenge" (Time Under Tension)

So this challenge was 32 total exercises.  There was 8 exercises in each round for four rounds.  Each exercise in 30 second increments with no rest in between each exercise.  If you do each exercise for the whole 30 seconds, you get one point for that exercise.  At the end of each round, you get a one minute break.  A passing score to move onto the next phase was more than 23 points. 

So the 8 exercises were:

1A: Isometric Step Down Holds
Step up onto a bench/box with one leg and try to lower yourself to where that leg's quad is as close to parallel to the ground as possible. 

1B: Step Up Thrusts
Keep the same leg from the first exercise on the bench and just do step ups for this exercise.

2A: 3 Point Hovers
Get in a push up position where your elbow is bent at 90 degrees and your upper arms are parallel to the floor.  Lift the leg that you used on the first two exercises to engage the core. 

2B: Mountain Climbers

3A: Isometric Split Squat DB Side Lateral Hold
Using the same leg from the first two exercises, get in a lunge position and hold a DB in each hand while doing a lateral raise and form a T with your upper body.  Hold the position. I used 10 pounds.

3B: DB Overhead Split Squat Jumps
Hold the DBs overhead while doing jumping split squats.  By far the hardest of the 8 exercises. 

4A: Cliffhanger Planks
This is similar to a normal plank except you're on your fingertips and you're supposed to walk your hands out as far as you can go. 

4B: Cross Hop Planks
Done from the traditional plank position, you hop your feet up, back to the center, left, center, right center, repeat..

You then switch your lead foot on rounds 2,4 while keeping the same foot for round 3. 
I scored 29/32 total points.  My three fails came on the DB OH SS jumps.  Those were just brutal.  Sauna to finish the session.

I didn't fully track my calories/macros because I got take out with my GF for dinner and then got an acai bowl for dessert.  Dinner had veggie pot stickers for an app and a vegan cheese steak with fries for dinner.  Acai bowl had granola, chia seeds, agave, goji berries, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, almonds and almond butter. 

Today was supposed to be an off day, but I swapped today's off day with tomorrow's chest day and will just take the day off tomorrow.  It is better with my work schedule. 

Week 3: Athlean ARX Training Phase

DB Flat Bench
80 x 12 r x 3 s

A: Cable Sunrise/Sunset
100 x 10 r x 3 s
Set the cables about mid height and hold them straight out in front of you.  In a circular motion, meet the cables at the top and then in that same circular motion, meet the cables at the bottom while squeezing the chest.  Basically making a circle with the cables. 

B: Dips
BW x AMRAP (12 for me) x 3 s
Low and slow, making sure to get a good stretch at the bottom and explode up at the top.

Band Resisted Push Ups
Band x AMRAP (15, 12, 10)
Wrap a band around your back and do a conventional push up.  You will feel tension all throughout this exercise since the band gives you tension at the top of the push up as well. 

Elbows Tucked DB Bench Press
50 x 10 r x 3 s
Neutral grip and keeping the elbows tucked in at your side, perform a bench press.

A: Alt. Wood Chopper Push Downs
Band x 12 each side x 3 s
Wrap a band around a high pull up bar or something similar and perform wood choppers in a push down motion, alternating sides for each rep.

B: Standing Overhead DB Triceps Extensions
50 x 12 r, 65 x 12 r, 65 x 10 r

DB/Band Skull Crusher Combo
20 + band x 10 r x 3 s
Hold a DB in each hand and wrap a band around them.  Wrap the other side of the band around something sturdy and perform DB Skull Crushers. 

Sauna to finish.  Didn't feel like doing abs today.

Diet for today:
Calories: 2,420
Fat: 76 g
Carbs: 358 g
Protein: 101 g

For dinner made a chili. 2 c of vegetable stock, 1 c tri-colored quinoa, can of kidney beans, can of pinto beans, 2 c frozen sweet corn, can of diced tomatoes, can of jack fruit (low in sugar, high in fiber. Gives a pulled meat texture to the dish). Seasonings were pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, cumin, garlic and onion powder, coriander, crushed red chili flakes, chili powder.  Cooked in crock pot on low for four hours.  Topped with unsweetened coconut yogurt and avocado.

Started Genius Sleep Aid past two nights as I was able to sleep in both days.  Knocked me out and kept me asleep for like 8-9+ hours.  Bit of grogginess in the mornings, do not do too well with melatonin it seems. 

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« Reply #70: April 12, 2018, 08:22:31 AM »
Off day on Tuesday.

Yesterday I did an hour long kickboxing class in the morning and then back/bis in the afternoon.

Pull Ups
BW x AMRAP (10, 8, 6)

A: Band Straight Arm Push Downs
Band x 12 r x 3 s

B: DB Lat Pull Overs
50 x 12 r x 3 s

1 Arm DB/Band Row
30 + band x 12 each x 3 s
Attach a band around a DB and something to anchor it on the other side and perform a DB row.

DB Biceps Curl
25 x 12 r x 3 s

A: DB Fielder Curls and Lunge
20 x 6 each x 3 s
Start in an athletic position and lunge laterally to one side while simultaneously performing a curl and alternate to the other side.

B: Cable Stretch Curls
10 x 12 r x 3 s
Start with the cables behind you and perform a curl

DB/Band Curl
20 + band x 12 r x 3 s
Wrap a band around the DBs while standing on the bottom of the band and perform a curl.

Sauna to finish.  No abs since I did them at the kickboxing class.  In for legs today.

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« Reply #71: April 15, 2018, 12:02:00 PM »
Thursday did another hour kickboxing class in the morning then went to the gym for legs in the afternoon.

DB Dead Lift
60 x 12 r x 3 s

A: Band Resisted Retro Farmer's Walk
35 + band x 10 r x 3 s
Wrap a band around your waist with the other side anchored.  In a partial squat and while holding DBs, slowly take two steps backwards while driving your heal through the floor.  Then slowly walk back in and repeat.

B: Slingshot Lunges
BW x 10 each x 3 s
Do a reverse lunge and then explode up to the starting position while driving your back leg to your chest.

Band Split Squat Drops
Band x 10 each x 3 s
Too hard to explain

Physioball Hamstring Curls
BW x 15 r x 3 s
Lie on your back with your feet on top of a physioball.  While holding a bridge, bring your feet to your butt and then roll them back out.  Killed the hams..

A: Glute/Ham Raise
BW x 10 r x 3 s

B: DB Romanian DLs
30 x 12 each x 3 s

DB/Band Resisted RDLs
30 + band x 12 each x 3 s
It's a RDL while wrapping a band around the weight and anchoring the other side.  So you have to work balance, stability, and the added resistance. 

Sauna to finish.

Took Friday off then did shoulders and rotator cuffs yesterday.

DB Rotational DB Pivot Press
35 x 12 each x 3 s
Standing DB press except you're push pressing one DB overhead and across your body while pivoting the same side's foot. 

A: DB Side Lateral Raise
20 x 12 r x 3 s

B: Tubing Sword Cable Raises
60 x 12 each x 3 s
Start with a low cable and grab one side with the opposite arm.  Reach across your body and externally rotate your hand out to complete the rep. 

DB/Tubing Leaning Tower Laterals
20 + band x 10 each x 3 s
A DB and banded combo lateral raise while leaning away from whatever you're holding onto with your other arm.

DB Scaptions
15 x 15 r x 3 s
With your thumbs facing the ceiling hold a pair of DBs at your waist.  Then raise them up and out at the same time.

A: Tubing High Pull "L"s
Band x 15 r x 3 s
Tough to explain.

B: RC Stretch Aparts
Band x 15 r x 3 s

DB/Band Side Lying External Rotation
10 + band x 12 each x 3 s
Another tough one to explain

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« Reply #72: April 15, 2018, 12:12:49 PM »
Looks like fun.  Kickboxing, cardio and you get to hit stuff.......

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« Reply #73: April 16, 2018, 02:01:42 PM »
Yeah I like the kickboxing classes.  Just wish they weren't so expensive. 

Yesterday was the "3-Point Range" Challenge.

This was about a 15 minute challenge consisting of four exercises.  Within each exercise, three different reps must be completed to count as one rep.  I know that's confusing, but it was one partial rep, one full rep, and then one explosive rep.  33 total 3 count reps must be completed in under 3 minutes and 33 seconds to score a point for that exercise.  After each triple, you get one minute of rest. It should make a bit more sense below..

1: Push Ups
1/2 push up, full push up, plyo push up x 33 in under 3 minutes 33 seconds. 

2: Squats
1/2 squat, full squat, plyo squat x 33 in under 3:33.

3: Inverted Row
1/2 inverted row, full inverted row, plyo inverted row x 33 in under 3:33.

4: Sit Ups
Heel to Heavens, Jackknife right/left, v-up x 33 in under 3:33.

The squats were actually the easiest of the four exercises.  The cycle could have been completed a second time to earn a "+" next to your name on the scoreboard, but I chose to just do the cycle once because I was dead anyway. 

I finished Ferodrox yesterday and I should be getting a review up for it either tonight or within the next couple days.  I have an off day today and will start week 4 tomorrow. 

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« Reply #74: April 16, 2018, 05:50:30 PM »
Just out of curiosity were you/ are you doing Kickboxing or Muay Thai? Good on ya either way

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