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On the banning of jasonmyers55, the ASC supplements rep who wouldn't admit it.

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Just wanted to post a little note here for full transparency, since you may be wondering where his recent reviews went. 

This user signed up the other day and posted two reviews.  They were acceptable reviews (in terms of content), but Clipper noticed that the server log showed a connection between him and the ASC Supplements rep:

I checked the server logs as well, and it there was a very clear and unmistakable connection between the accounts.  The odds of it being a mistake are about one in a trillion.  Think "logged out of rep account, immediately clicked the Sign Up button and created new account".   When called out, JasonMyers55 denied it.  I was going to give him the chance to own up to it, but he continued to deny it.

One interesting thing is that JasonMyers' first review was a negative review of Pre Jym, which currently holds the #1 spot in the PWO list.  Coincidentally, ASC supplements ONLY has a PWO: that was just starting to get TROOPer reviews.

It's sad that I still have to do this.  We make it abundantly clear that you cannot post reviews as a rep.  Anyone who wants to post a review literally has to click a button saying that they are not a rep.

Again, we do not allow reviews from reps, even if they are not reviewing their own product - there is an undeniable conflict of interest and we have drawn a hard line in the sand there.

- Tommy

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« Reply #1: December 18, 2017, 11:31:17 AM »
If his introduction thread didn't say "I'm training to beat Phil Heath", I wouldn't have looked into it myself lol. Thought it was a simple troll with that kind of post.
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