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Creatine plus pre?

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Creatine plus pre? « : September 11, 2017, 01:32:46 PM »
Ok guys, wanted to get your opinion on a couple topics.  I have always stuck with taking creatine mono for a couple years now but i have a couple questions...

1.  Most of my pre's contain creatine.  Should I still take my normal dosage of creatine along with my pre?    This question is coming up because a friend of mine at the gym had some issues with his bloodwork so the doctor told him he should probably stop taking the creatine??

2.  Any other suggestions for "better" creatine than mono that won't break the bank?

Thanks for any input!

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« Reply #1: September 11, 2017, 01:49:05 PM »
Can't really comment on the medical part.

If you're at a saturation point already, simply using the creatine in your preworkout(as long as it is above 3 grams), should keep you saturated. Just make sure you are taking a normal dose of creatine on your off days as well. Some people may only need to take creatine 4 days out of the weeks to get the effects if they've been taking it long enough.

Creatine mono(especially CreaPure), is the best bang for your buck. Also, CreaPure has excellent quality. While creatine anhydrous and creatine hcl work just as good, they are nowhere near as cost effective as mono.

Be sure to drink plenty of water of course.
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« Reply #2: September 11, 2017, 04:50:06 PM »
I'm not a doctor but from what I've heard and read, doctors measure kidney damage with the amount of Creatinine in the body. So everytime someone that takes Creatine goes to the doctor and the doctors sees that high Creatinine amount, they tell the patient to stop taking Creatine. Creatinine is an indicative of kidney damage but I assume that when the levels of Creatinine increase because the person is taking Creatine, then there's no problem with that. The problem is if the person isn't taking any Creatine and has the Creatinine levels high.

From "Creatine supplementation usually increases serum creatinine levels during the loading phase (but usually not during maintenance), since creatinine is the breakdown product of creatine. This is not indicative of kidney damage."

More info from "Creatine is normally metabolized into creatinine (note the difference in spelling), which is eliminated by the kidneys under normal conditions. When the kidneys fail and cannot clear the blood as effectively, many metabolites get “backlogged” in the blood. Creatinine is easy to measure and as such it is a biomarker of kidney damage. Uf creatinine levels are elevated, the doctor may suspect some kidney damage. Low dose creatine may not cause alterations in this biomarker in otherwise normal adults but high doses of supplemental creatine may cause a false positive (an increase in creatinine, due to creatine turning into creatinine, which does not signify kidney damage) and is a diagnostic error."

Summary of above: "Kidney damage (from anything) will cause high levels of creatinine in blood, and creatine can also increase blood creatinine levels in a manner that is not due to damaging the kidneys. This results in a false positive when trying to diagnose kidney damange when the subject also supplements creatine, and does not signify any actual damage to the kidneys."

If you're worried about your kidneys, stop taking Creatine for 1-2 months and go make some blood tests. That way, the Creatine won't influence your normal Creatinine levels. Most people that have problems with Creatine is because they stop taking Water. Creatine drags the water to the muscles. It's obvious that if you stop taking water or don't increase the water intake, then your organs will begin to have problems. Doctors usually don't know too much about supplements so they don't know how they work. You tell them you're taking aminoacids and they think it's like steroids.

I've tried Creatine HCL and it's effective. I've tried the one from MuscleTech Creactor. You can usually find offers on it, BOGO, B2GO, BOGO 50%, etc and you get 120 servings which is a lot. You can also check Ergogenix ErgoCre, EVL Creatine HCL, Betancourt Carnitine Plus... there are a lot of options.

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« Reply #3: September 11, 2017, 05:01:07 PM »
Typically, people who take in a lot of protein have high creatinine levels.
If you can't explain it using simple words, you don't understand it well enough.

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« Reply #4: September 11, 2017, 07:33:16 PM » House brand creapure is pretty cheap.

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« Reply #5: October 07, 2017, 08:48:23 AM »
Really good input. I've often had the same question myself since almost off of my PRE's contain creatine and i took 5g of monohydrate almost every day
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