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Do I need to PCT..currently taking the preworkout "Fury Dmz"

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Ok like the title says, I'm currently taking the preworkout Fury has 30 mg of dmz per serving. 60 servings in my tub. My plan was to finish the tub as I've had pretty good success with it. But do you guys think I'll need to pct afterwards? Someone recommended taking "Activate Extreme" and "Traizole" afterwards. Wanted to get some opinions though, I'm new to this.

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« Reply #1: March 11, 2017, 11:41:29 AM »


My man, not only do you need sufficient pct but you need some serious cycle support.  I mean, HOLY FOO!!!, DMZ alone is a pretty harsh compound that even the more experienced guys still have adverse effects from it.  Not to mention, the additions of high dose caffeine and DMAA is only fueling the fire, particularly on your heart.

Also, you said you were new to this?  That alone should be enough to have had you stay away from this in the first place.  DMZ is NOT a good beginner compound.  You need liver protection, blood pressure support, and overall enhanced general health support when running any prohormones, especially those of higher level such as DMZ.

For PCT, you're NEED a SERM like clomid, toremifiene, raloxifeine, or nolvadex.  One test booster will NOT suffice. 
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« Reply #2: March 11, 2017, 12:45:52 PM »
Ok thanks for the reply. Yeah the fury dmz is a crazy recipe. I've noticed huge strength gains on it though over the last month...but lately I've noticed my blood pressure is high as well. So I'm thinking I just just get off it. So for a PCT you think if I do Novalex along with a test booster like Activate Extreme and Triazole thstll be sufficient?

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