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GYMRVT2 - FAKE Reviews/Shill for - BANNED!

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It's been a while since I've had to post in the Hall of Shame, but today I discovered a total shill account that caught my eye.

User GYMRVT2 has been banned for sneakily posting a review on, a company they are clearly affiliated with.  Well, it wasn't so clear to the naked eye, but after some digging, I was able to come up with some pretty substantial evidence.

History on SR:

GYMRVT2 dropped a link to SameDaySupplements in this thread:

Posted 11 Deals, 100% of them for

Posted review for SameDaySupplements (now deleted):

Here’s the now-deleted review:
Quote a general review of products and service
   January 20, 2017 Overall: 10.0 | Service: 10.0 | Selection: 9.6 | Prices: 9.6

(About yourself, 1-3 sentences maximum)
As a young lifter I followed the trend of my gym buddies and just picked supplements at my local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. Didn't really take the time to research product and really just went off the recommendation of the employee, that was clearly not certified to give me supplemental advise. Eventually I got smarter and researched supplements on my own where i came to and found

The selection at sameday is amazing. I always find what I'm looking for or am introduced to a product that i hadn't been aware would be my new favorite. If in the off-chance they were out of stock on the item I wanted, they ordered it for me and gave me a phone call of when it had arrived. (Usually within a day or two).

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The website is pretty easy to get around especially if you know what you are looking for. If you don't, there is a live chat option and they can help direct you to a product worth looking into. If you live close by to the warehouse you can also just stop in and have one of the workers help you out. I usually opt. for this. The workers here are very helpful and informative.

I haven't seen a supplement store with prices as good as sameday that offers the extensive amount of deals as they do. If you do checkout the site be sure to take a look at the deals page they have. You might find what you're looking for is on sale! Plus there are additional discount options such as the " firsttime" discount if its your first order. Or other discounts that you can see on specific items.

If I did chose to get my products shipped to me rather than just driving by, they ship my order the same day (samedaysupplements). You can also just place the order online and chose the "pick up at store" option at checkout for the shipping method and they will give you a call when the order is ready for you to come by. All in-stock orders placed before 3pm on EST are shipped that day.

I have never had a disappointing experience at sameday. Like I said previously the workers are very helpful and informative. They were able to help me breakdown product's ingredient and dosing questions. I enjoy talking to the guys working, they have never put onto a BS product. And they have always given me a bunch of sample of other products to try.

In conclusion if you want to buy supplements at a great price, shipped the same day ( or picked up), with a great team of customer service reps behind you to follow up on your order and your supplemental questions, order from

Posted a review on Metabolic P.S.P. (which was not approved) and included text that was straight up copied and pasted from the website (see attachment).

Research outside of SR:

If you google “GYMRVT2”, you find that he has accounts on several more forums, all of which seem to be used as promotional tools for Forums: Forums: (Here you can actually see GYMRVT2 having a converstaion with another shill account, “jackedjimbean”.  Just look at the join dates, and google “jackedjimbean” and see his other spam posts for Forums:

Reddit: Forum: Forum:

DealSpotr: (8 deals, 100% for

StumbleUpon: (46 likes, 100% for (Links are dropped by another account created around the same time, “JoeyGym65”)

Anabolic Minds: (Shows quoted text from a spam post by GYMRVT2 that was deleted)

The above references are just a sample.  There’s a lot more out there if you google “GYMRVT2”, or any of the other usernames that are clearly shill accounts for  I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface on the number of duplicate topics from one forum to the other, or the number of fake discussions between different shill accounts of  It’s amazing what you can find with Google.

While it’s possible that brand super fans will voluntarily share their favorite website with a variety of online outlets, this behavior is clearly beyond a “super fan”, and obviously a paid shill account that is going around to different forums and spamming their site.

Also, keep in mind that brand reps are 100% welcomed here on!  We’ve literally spent thousands of man-hours developing a whole dashboard for brand reps which they can use FOR FREE! could have chosen to follow the rules and participate with the site like all the other brands, but they decided to set up undercover shill accounts and completely undermine everything we’ve been working for with this site.

**If anyone is also a member of the above mentioned forums, please feel free to report those posts and let the admins know that GYMRVT2 is clearly a shill spam account for
- Tommy

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« Reply #1: January 25, 2017, 11:54:50 AM »
Yep, his reviews were suspicious. I was going to say something about his review of but I didn't because I'm trying to control myself lol. But that 9.6 for prices was ridiculous and his review overall was too perfect.

Good job admin! Nice investigation! Well done, you could probably make some extra money doing this for other areas (criminal, relationships, etc)  ;D

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« Reply #2: January 25, 2017, 12:39:04 PM »
Yep, his reviews were suspicious. I was going to say something about his review of but I didn't because I'm trying to control myself lol.

Always say something!!!   I read most of the new content on this site, however sometimes things slip through the cracks.  I saw this review and thought it was suspicious too, and figured he'd slip up which he did.
- Tommy

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« Reply #3: January 25, 2017, 01:01:28 PM »
Good catch Tommy, yes it has been a while since someone has been caught! Lol he used the same username... I didn't think his review was legit, as I wouldn't rate any site that high even allstarhealth is far from perfect or the scores he gave sds.
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you: For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened." - Matthew 7:7-8

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« Reply #4: January 26, 2017, 01:20:17 PM »
Good work I checked that site and I was trying figure out how in the world he cosine it a 10 on anything.
I meant to say something but got sidetracked and forgot.

Good catch.
Maybe you should TRAIN as hard as you HATE.

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« Reply #5: April 06, 2017, 05:14:58 PM »
Nice detective skills, mister Tommy.

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