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Should I start a TROOP log? no way dude - dont do it...

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« Reply #540: March 23, 2016, 07:59:58 AM »
Sorry for the log inactivity - I havent stopped working just stopped logging.  I plan to start a new log shortly.

Here are the last few reviews I have completed:

205 Octane - really solid preworkout here.  I liked it a lot and I am picky about preworkouts.  Most of them cant pack the punch this stuff did!

100% Beef Protein - Adaptogen Science - This stuff was terrific as well; especially, valuable if you are lactose/gluten sensitive!

As with all the reviews - please provide feedback - what did I miss?  what would you like to see added?

I plan to start a new log soon - I would like to cut a little bit of weight and I have been far too inconsistent with it.

As for my workouts to date I have made some improvements.  My squat is getting much better - working more front squats as well.  Thanks to Bo and Killaz for the help on that front.  My bench has improved - I actually hit 300# 1RM on closed grip this week.  The current program I am running hits legs twice a week and has more cardio in it and little to no deadlifting so I am still at 435 on that as far as I know...

Hope everyone else is killing it.

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« Reply #541: March 23, 2016, 08:12:41 AM »
Way to go, sometime life gets in the way but keep coming back to log, it keeps you accountable......

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