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Complete cycle for sale..

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Complete cycle for sale.. « : May 18, 2015, 05:59:58 AM »
I bought these before DASCA thinking I would use it. I've discovered a love for SARMS so I'm going to pass on running this. I have the following for sale..

Olympus Labs Tr3n- 2bt sealed
Olympus Labs The 1- 1bt sealed
Hard Rock Cycle Support- 2bt sealed
SNS Inhibit-P- 2bt sealed

This cycle was meant to be ran together so I'm selling it as one lot. I also have another support supp I'm going to throw in there but I don't recall the name of it, it's targeted toward liver health though. Original retail price was around $220 I'm asking $150 and that's shipped USPS with tracking info provided. This is everything you need for a nice summer stack just get your lab rat a SERM and you're good to go!

Send a PM if you're interested..

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