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Jared P gets GENr8 into the Hall of Shame w/ bogus Vitargo S2 Review

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*sigh*  :(

We've spent hundreds of man hours making it as obvious as possible for company reps that it is NOT a good idea to post reviews on your own products.  We ask if you are a rep when you sign up, and send you a bunch of information on best practices if you say "yes".  We created an entire Rep CP that allows you to manage your brand and products, update your info, post announcements, a banner, run reports, add your own prices and even request Expert Reviews, all for FREE!

We make you jump through hoops in order to post a review like verifying your account and passing the Member Oath with a score of 100% - that tells you that you may not post biased reviews and that you can even end up getting your company in the hall of shame if you do!

I noticed the user jaredbb22 ( signed up today and posted 3 low-quality reviews.  I went ahead and googled a piece of text from all 3 reviews and found that they had been copy/pasted word-for-word from  And none were even from the same person: - -

The review for Vitargo S2 received a perfect 10/10 across the board and sounded like an ad to me:

Banned Substance FREE- first off as a natural athlete this is a must!
University Proven studies, anyone can test a product, but to have proof that it works = KEY
Vitargo being a supplement with actual scientific studies behind it, is solid evidence to support it's claims. Vitargo tastes incredible and It mixed very well. I absolutely enjoy the taste, especially the grape. I also really enjoyed the unflavored and the Tropical flavor. Vitargo is versatile in that it can be used as a pre, an intra, and as a post workout. Why? because it is a carbohydrate! Carbohydrates provide calories, which I believe are a better way to fuel your workout over caffeine or other stimulants. I never get bloated from it, despite I sometimes take in 2x as much as the serving during and after my workout. I notice a greater amount of energy through out my lift and after.Believe the hype as this product truly delivers upon what it promises. The taste of it is very good as well if mixed properly.

Ironically, the review that he posted for his own product wasn't even written by himself!  He ripped it off!

I started by googling this guy's email (that he verified) and found this page:

Then I started searching around and found this: (Listed as "Genr8 Sponsored Athlete") (Official vitargo stating: We'd like to welcome Jared P @jaredbb22 to the #Vitargo family as our newest Brand Ambassador. He's been with us since 2009, as a loyal fan and supporter within the natural bodybuilding community. We look forward to cheering him on as he continues to "grow"!) (private, but matches the username on and the profile picture exactly.) - even his facebook is congruent with everything we found.

Seriously Jared P?  You jumped through ALL our hoops where we told you exactly what would happen if you posted biased reviews, and you did it anyway?  You thought we were lying to you or something? 

"Hey, don't post biased reviews!  You'll get banned and your company added to the hall of shame!"

"Naw, I think you are lying.  Yeah, you're lying.  It's just a bluff.  I'm going to post it anyway."

However, you've inspired me to move forward with an idea that we've been tossing around for a while:
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- Tommy

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« Reply #1: January 28, 2015, 09:34:48 PM »
Does he even lift?
Maybe you should TRAIN as hard as you HATE.

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« Reply #2: January 29, 2015, 07:39:39 AM »
Does he even lift?

Be nice, He's "Natty" lol

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« Reply #3: January 29, 2015, 10:42:59 AM »
"All roads lead to Rome"
Civilize the mind, but make savage the body

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« Reply #4: January 29, 2015, 01:45:12 PM »
This is why I still think we need the hall of shame.
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« Reply #5: January 29, 2015, 04:02:52 PM »
Lots of legwork on this one Admin - good job!

BTW - I love Irondude's GIF's.  Always gets a chuckle outta me.  Seaver, I think he's taking up the mantle you left behind months ago!

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« Reply #6: January 29, 2015, 09:34:04 PM »
Great job Tommy!!! This is why this place is a good place for athletes by athletes (FABA).
"The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do."

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« Reply #7: June 17, 2015, 11:23:27 AM »
Below is an abbreviated email from the founder:

Good morning, Tommy.

It has come to my attention that GENR8 has been added to the Wall of Shame, and as the CEO I’d like to rectify this unfortunate matter. As an aside, we have not operated under the GENR8 brand for over a year (now operating as Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC). Mr. Petrassi, the cited offender of your policy, was ignorant of this change, too…

Consistent with the Redemption thread, I offer the following:

1. The offending individual is no longer with the company.

Immediately after your Wall of Shame notice, I reached out to him to ask about his actions, which he described as “stupid”; saying that he ”wasn’t thinking”, despite stating “that he had read” all of the exclusion criteria. He apologized and accepted whatever punishment was delivered. In this case it was immediate termination.

Relationship With Company: Mr. Petrassi was a sponsored athlete/brand ambassador who never received direct financial compensation—only product and logo clothing. He acted in a wholly independent manner in this matter.

2. We are happy to have individuals review our product, including out new Virago POST. What is the best way to proceed with this?

3. We will be glad to post reviews through our social media.

Thank you for your assistance and I apologize for the independent actions of this individual.


Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN
Founder and CEO
Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC
Fastest Muscle Fuel

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