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Best Creatine for Muscle Mass/Strength

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Best Creatine for Muscle Mass/Strength « : November 02, 2009, 07:00:51 PM »

Whats up everyone? I just wanted to see what types of creatine are recommended for gaining MUSCLE (not water) mass and strength during a bulk. I know that the "best creatine for strength" category was already listed, but I really wanna know what creatine is going to give me the most SIZE. I'm looking into NeoVar and CREATure, both of them seem to be effective and promote lean gains. Any other suggestions as to which ones give the best lean gains?


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« Reply #1: November 17, 2009, 05:48:43 AM »
hey whats goin on buddy, I would like to introduce you to the most wonderful creatine monohydrate supp ever. it is called PROLAB creatine monohydrate. it is top of the line stuff my friend. i am on my thrid cycle, i started it yesterday and when i went into the gym that day I benched 205 and i never benched 200!!!!!!! i benched 205 twice. very good stuff my friend and it will deffinatly give you the nice size you want.
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« Reply #2: November 17, 2009, 06:06:27 AM »
Personally, I wouldnt buy into which creatine states an advantage in this over that.  Creatine is a naturally occuring substance in your body and taken in with diets, especially red meats, but it's function in the body isn't necessarily due to where it comes from.  Anything that lists "creatine monohydrate" or just "creatine" means absolutely nothing other than how it's derived.  A monohydrate typically being better absorbed and thus giving a higher level in skeletal tissues.  The less-refined "plain" creatines found in cheaper products may still work just the same for certain people but may also have a higher tendancy for upset stomach and bloating as well as being made into a creatinine (toxic in large quantities) byproduct.  Then you have your Kre-Alkalin which is a pH buffered form of creatine that absorbs even better than the monohydrate form because less of it is broken down in creatinine, leaving more available for muscles to absorb. 

Having said that, I don't believe that one out-performs any other one in any one specific area.  If you were to take the creatine out of all the stim-packed drinks, all of the mono forms would work the same, just as the kre-alk's will all perform the same.  Now, there is the possibility that certain manufacturers have slightly different refining processes that may make minor tweaks to how much is absorbed and what-not, but the final effect of creatine in the body is still the same.  So the real question should be, which creatine absorbs the most and displays the highest levels in muscle tissue?  The answer may be different to everyone because everyone's body needs and ability to absorb are different.

BTW, Prolab is one of the oldest manufacturers I can think of (as I used them 10 years ago when Twinlab and Prolab ruled the industry) and probably one of the cheapest.  I would never personally state that any of their products have top-notch technology involved because their prices are set to sell mass quantities, rather than small quantities at higher quality.  Their stuff is generally effective but not elite.  Look at the NLarge2 gainer, TONS of sugar per serving but effective at weight gain.  There are certainly better options but for the price, it is not a bad option.

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