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VPX Redline White Heat - New Preworkout. Holy smokes.

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VPX Redline White Heat - New Preworkout. Holy smokes. « : March 20, 2014, 06:44:38 PM »
Okay so I searched first and this and another VPX product was kind of mentioned but not really in detail.


I just wanted to share. I got 3 sample packets from the Arnold Classic and it's a new product coming out very soon if it hasn't already.

In terms of PWO I've taken jack3d, jack3d micro, c4, neurocore, novex, iron pump, pump HD, and a couple others.

I took my first sample packet of 1 serving in the morning since it was mainly just a stim I didn't think much of and needed a boost on my shift at a hospital doing cardiac rehab. HOLY SMOKES. I parked my car 25 minutes after ingesting and walked into the hospital doors actually having fun with effects of white heat. This stuff is cocaine in preworkout form, seriously. Out of all the preworkouts I've taken nothing gave me this kind of awesome feeling. There's something about it that isnt just a panic of stimulation, it's a smooth alert feeling of you wanna just run and be superhuman. It will probably be banned within a year or something I wouldn't be surprised. Not for stim sensitive people. But I love this product. Walking through the hospital briskly I actually thought about how I wanted to go from a walk to a jog and was laughing inside about it. Call me crazy, just try it.

Later that evening I took another sample of it, and cracked open my Iforce Nutrition Hemavol powder watermelon and combined white heat with a scoop of that since it is a non-stim nitric oxide/pump pwo. For the record I put it a 500mg scoop of amgapure agmatine and a scoop of bodybuilding.coms carnosyn/beta alanine (3.2g) into my weeweetail as well.

I had the lift of my life combining the best stim preworkout I've ever tried (redline white heat) with some nitric oxide (hemavol). match made in heaven.

White heat just lets you go into that psycho motivated mode, given you add in your own passionate motivation as well to the gym, that is.

There isn't much online about it but literally everything I found goes along with what I'm saying here. It's awesome and everyone so far is talking about it and how it will be the next big thing. I really believe that if it gets enough attention.

This video really sheds light on it that I haven't covered, and u can get it off the website (704)....

 Propietary blend 2,626: Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate (food starch modified), 400 mg caffeine anhydrous, 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, highly branched cyclic dextrin, citicoline sodium, evodia fruit, yohimbe, theacrine.

EDIT:    < nutrition label

I want a tub. I'm prob gonna stack it with hemavol and beta alanine and add in a little more agmatine like i mentioned above and go love my life in the gym.

This stuff is the bee's knees out of 9. A drug. I seriously thought about blowing it up my nose. I'm fired up about this product and can't wait to get some lol. Hopefully running an actual tub you don't get too much tolerance built up from it (never as good as the first time).

Give it a try when you can. If you're kinda stim sensitive please please use caution.
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« Reply #1: March 20, 2014, 08:44:12 PM »
Eh. I tried it too and wasn't too impressed. That's a poo ton of caffeine so of course you will get stims and AMP citrate is nice. But food starch and Cyclodextrin at those doses are laughable...I mean...why bother? I like Cyclodextrin, I take 25g intraworkout and its nice but less than 400mg? Gimme a break. I think that the profile is lacking with I megadose of caffeine like that you would be crazy to take 2 scoops but it really doesn't have much else in it. Just take caffeine pills for goodness sake. And it in no way stacks up to Muscle Marinade, Speed Extreme 3, Craze, Stimul8, Nitramine, or any other heavy hitters. Its just VPX being VPX (Their pump drink was mighty tasty though)

Just my opinion, not trying to bash you bro.
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« Reply #2: March 20, 2014, 10:37:56 PM »
I got that same feeling you're talking about the first week I took AMPilean. Enjoy it while it lasts! Amp citrate is the new sexy stimulant, but it's not an everyday thing
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« Reply #3: March 21, 2014, 05:05:47 AM »
Yeah man it's definitely high on the stims but the feeling won't last. Food starch as the most prevalent ingredient...bad stuff bro
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« Reply #4: June 23, 2017, 10:56:02 AM »
Its clear that this supp dosent respond on everyone , but for me its gross and i am used to supps and especially coffeine (Denmark where i live is on top 3 in the world when it comes to coffee intake  ;D
My experience with white heat : i am used to 300 mg coffee in my preworkout and drinks a lot of coffee during the day (6-7-8 mugs) i do even can drink a big mug just before sleep , so forget about the influenze about the 400 mg cofffeine in white heat and it definately not the content of food starch that makes me want to run on the walls and ceeling in the gym and gives me this mind blowing focus and tunnel vision i get from white heat (must almost force myself to have break between reps ) . I tried before URX bombshell who has the same content , (bombshell killed two marines who took 3 scoopes before the exercise field and was therefore removed in all us camp shop supplies ) VERY IMPORTANT ONLY MAX TAKE ONE SCOOP A DAY AND NEVER BEFORE HIT OR OTHER HIGH IMPACT CARDIO . Then there is usually no risk with white heat . I always have hydration drink (fast and slow carbs) in my drink bottle when i use white heat , i do then get the best out white heat .
Avoid white heat without the 4-Amino citrate ingredient it dosent provide this crazy focus .

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