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Abailey108's 10 day Lecheek AMPitropin Log

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Abailey108's 10 day Lecheek AMPitropin Log « : December 16, 2013, 02:25:36 PM »
What's going on guys? I recieved my bottle of Lecheek's AMPitropin today from Nutraplanet. I took advantage of the pre-sale and wanted to see what this new supplement was all about. Since I have not seen too much about it yet on our wonderful site, I figured I would share my experiences throughout the first 10 days of usage (maybe beyond) just to help out with anyone who is thinking about getting it and most importantly just for our general knowledge. I also figured its a good time to try out this supplement, because I just ran out of PWO, and am not taking any other supplements right now other than the staples (multi, fish oil, CLA, glucosamine, etc.)

This is not a sponsored log, I bought the bottle so I could see what it is all about. I've had great experiences with other Lecheek products and trust them as a company. I'll repaste in here the general ingredient info about AMPitropin just so you all don't have to go looking on another page.

I'll keep the log basic, no specific numbers for workouts but will obviously include what I did at the gym in a general sense. Will focus on more how I feel mentally and physically throught the AMPitropin experience.

Background on me:
Age: 30
Hovering around 252 lbs right now (Bulking season is almost over!)
Lifting with supersets most of the time but only cardio is usually a 3 minute warmup run.

Day 1:

Dosed 1 cap at 3:30 pm (Shortly after it arrived with the mail)

Well I can safely say I am feeling the effects within 30 minutes of initial dose. Working a night shift tonight, and already feel the increase in focus and alertness. It's now 5:15pm as I write this and I'm feeling it pretty heavily. But it's nothing jittery or over the top. I just feel wide awake and motivated. I like it. Very similar initial feeling to our old friend DMAA. Also feeling like my appetite is curbed, which is hard to do these days!

As a side note, I would consider myself very stim tolerant, so to be feeling it this much right off the bat is pretty impressive. I brought an extra cap to work sort of expecting to not feel anything after just one, but i was wrong!

That's all for now. Any questions, compliments, complaints, general mockery and/or humiliation is all welcomed!
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« Reply #1: December 16, 2013, 02:30:19 PM »
SARMinators rejoice!!!!!


Been curious about this product as well so I am really itching to see your progress and final thoughts Abailey  8)
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« Reply #2: December 16, 2013, 02:35:22 PM »
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« Reply #3: December 16, 2013, 03:55:15 PM »
Im in
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« Reply #4: December 16, 2013, 04:49:06 PM »
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« Reply #5: December 19, 2013, 05:04:26 AM »
Day 2

Well Day 2 wasn't nearly as good as day 1 unfortunately. I dosed 1 cap at 11am on a pretty empty stomach and only felt the effects for about 30 minutes. I also experienced a bit of a come-down effect which I didn't enjoy. Dosed a second cap at 3pm and had the same effect as the first, not very much. I also felt extremely tired when they were wearing off. I am not going to give up on these yet. I will continue to play with the dosing and also experiment more with them and workouts. Today and tomorrow are off days. Back to the gym on Thursday.

Day 3

Did a 24 hour fast today, as I like to throw them into my life every now and then. First one in over a month. Got through my work day just fine. 6am-2pm. Forgot the AMPitropin at home so didn't take any. Got home around 3pm and dosed 2 caps on the empty stomach with plenty of water. Definitely felt the effects from this. Clean energy one again. Good focus. Lasted about 2 hours before I once again experienced the somewhat depressing come-down. It's like coming off a legit drug I feel. Tired, quiet and lethargic. I'm a little concerned about this. I will dose 2 caps first thing in the morning tomorrow and see where that gets me. I am making sure to stay within Lecheek's guidance of no more than 3 caps in 24 hours. Thursday is leg day so we will see how things go! Another update soon!
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« Reply #6: December 23, 2013, 02:38:45 PM »
Sorry for the delay in updates boys and girls. My busy life always takes over. No one told me having two little boys would be alot of work!  ;)

Days 4-7

I played around with the dosing alot. After day 4 I was contemplating not taking any more of this supplement. It was making me very quiet and sort of tired without actually being tired. So on day 5 I made sure it had been more than 24 hours since dosing, and I dosed 3 caps at once. This really changed the game for me. I figure that at my size and the label saying no more than 3 in 24 hours, this would be ok. This dosing was really a game changer. Got a major rush of smooth energy and focus. It lasted almost 5 hours, and I did not suffer any come-down effects this time. Yesterday and today I have repeated the 3-cap dose and have had similar results. I really do enjoy the feeling I get from it. Brain optimizer does actually sound like a fitting description for the feeling. I have worked out on this supplement, and will say that nothing felt different than it does with my regular PWO.

I am happy to finally be able to report positively on AMPitropin. The one problem for me with the 3-cap dosing though is that I would only get 20 days usage out of one bottle. This definitely affects the value of this product. I will continue to use it through this bottle though. I figure once I kick a bottle it is probably a good idea to take a break from it anyhow. IMy body might build up a tolerance to it by then also. We shall see. I'm interested to hear from someone else who gives this product a shot.
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