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My mojo's so dope... taysab's getting back into it log.

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My mojo's so dope... taysab's getting back into it log. « : March 13, 2012, 08:51:38 PM »
Well, its been quite a while since I have been on here.  I use to be on here posting and replying to stuff all the time, but life got in the way.  Last time I was on here I was prepping for a competition I never got to do.  I dropped over 60 pounds and was shredded as ever, and 3 days b4 the competition I got swine flu.  sucks huh?

But I decided I would compete in 5 months... So I put on quite some size over the summer during which I squated 605 for 4 reps, leg pressed 1500 for 1 rep and benched 365 for 1 rep.  I don't think I ever went over 500 on my deadlift last summer, pretty much quit doing regular deadlifts. I held my weight at around 200-205 steady the whole summer while gaining muscle.  My diet was fairly clean and I actually didn't drink the whole summer. 

Then I started shredding and dropped down to 178.  But I had alot of bad things happen in august.. and then I got sent somewhere for about 5 months.. where i didn't work out at all.  I wasn't allowed to :'(  Soo I gained alot of fat because the food sucked and we sat around alot.  But in a way it did better me.  I was headed down a bad road.. but now i got my head on straight (kindof) and training to get back to wear I was and pass it.

My weight is about 205 currently, not quite sure my bf is really, but def over 10%  All I know my bench is around 315.  I don't quite know what my other stats are really.  I have been home about a month and have made considerable gains in muscle and in fat loss.  I'm starting a supplement stak here shortly. 

In the last year i have learned alot about lifting, supplements, nutrition, pros, and even gear.  Even though I got drastically out of shape, the knowledge i now have is making my comeback soo much faster than I thought possible.  I am trying to get into good enough shape to do a physique competition in june.  Lets hope im able to do it! 

This is what my current workout is like.  My diet is shooting for atleast 300 but on my higher carb days I try for 400.  I'm currently carb cycling.

Mon-300-250 grams of carbs
       high intensity chest with advance techniques
       high volume lats
       lower abs

Tues-250-200 grams of carbs
        high intensity bis and tris
Wed-150-200 grams of carbs
       upper abs

Thurs-250-200 grams of carbs
        spinal erectors
        volume/resistance bis and tris

Fri-250-300 grams of carbs
     high intensity lats
     volume training chest
     lower abs

Sat-350 to 400 grams of carbs

Sun-literally shoot for under 50 grams
      light body weight work, alot of equipment cardio

Now my carb intake is a little high right now because the only supplements i have are green mag, purple wraath, and protein.  No caffiene to keep me going, so i need those carbs to keep me through the day.  sucks, but thats what i got to do.

I will start up dating with my workouts so all can see I have some pics i will post up here, but their on my other computer soo I'll do those later.

For all you kid cudi fans.. please listen.  This is like my theme song right here.
Mom: "Why are there all these scratches on your back and arms!?!"
Me: "Uhhh... I got in a fight with a cat."
Mom: "Oh my God!! Well did you get it off you?"
Me: "Yea, I got her off."
Mom: "See thats why I don't like cats."
Me: "Yea, this one was crazy, I told her no, and she jumped on me."

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