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Cellucor and there filthy dirty minions!

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« Reply #90: December 22, 2011, 07:12:43 AM »
Wait occupy movement.....oh no
Fear not the army of wolves led by the sheep
Fear the army of sheep led by the wolf

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« Reply #91: December 22, 2011, 09:27:21 AM »

i would avoid political convos on this site.
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« Reply #92: December 22, 2011, 10:06:20 AM »
Mike, I appreciate you coming on to try to remedy the situation.  I do think sending some samples for review to some of the top members of this site is a good idea.  I'm still wondering however what is the explanation behind all the "hit and run" reviews.  There are all kinds of people who came here just to review Cellucor products and rate them a 10, that obviously doesn't make Cellucor appear to be on the up and up and I'm wondering how this all started.

Still waiting for an explanation on this...

Its simple go to, and you will see most people rate 10/10 for products, because a 9/10 is now average all of the sudden. Also, M5 is a 2in1 custom dosing system. People kind of freak out over it. Im used to it because I had it since prototype, and I forget how nice it is not to have to stay up half the night every time I want a good workout.

Its apparent reviews that are fake or seem sketchy are deleted or flagged. Why would they think of faking reviews? Rating high, well they got the product for free, and that is now mandatory to be listed with products we give away, but a month ago, that was not made clear when I sent a batch of M5 out. This site particularly was a suggestion of finding some new sites to review product. So, from one post a dozen followed. Admin caught the issue, and here I am submitting to your Expert Review panel, and reading posts like RD's all within the first 3-4 hours of the relationship, lol.

A rating of 9 is far above average.  It is unheard of for so many people to be dropping into this site just to do reviews of Cellucor products.  Sorry man, not buying any of it.

I agree with you Stocks, I'm not buying this BS, this appears to be an obvious planned ambush of the website and they are trying to be civil with there little ambassador here who's obviously just here to put a band aid on the situation since they got called out for it. But he's lost his credibility in my eyes, as the entire Cellucor company has with all these shinanegans. Cellucor has just lost my chance of ever having future business, in fact I have a tub of C4 I bought last week that I am going to take back now.

There was a suggestion to do some reviews on by a few members who had recently reviewed their M5 2in1 for other sites. Once I got a complaint from one of your members, I came to see what was going on.

 Again, not directly comparing this site to or, but their review system is a bit different, and new people jumped the gun trying to promote Cellucor, in a place where things are a bit more detailed and organized for reviews. Obviously, it stirred the pot a bit, lol.

 What started at 10-12 reviews could have been a few hundred. I stopped that from happening, because I have a bunch of highly motivated Cellucor customers, who volunteered their time to do logs/reviews, etc...

 They also help beta test products. C4 had 3 rounds of beta testing for instance, and is now a topped rank pre-workout. The point is to do good things, and the occasional bump in the road is going to happen. I dont agree how things went down, and Ive asked the reviewers to edit their reviews or remove them based on taking a deeper look at this community and how they rank product.

 I accepted the challenge to have our products reviewed by some top members/Experts here.

I asked the the Cellucor forum members to hold off on reviewing here. Point is that there is more to gain with a little patience, then setting up some drama. I have no problem letting the product speak for itself. Everything has to be a conspiracy to some people. The Cellucor Forum will open up in 2012 to a more public form, and its still in the beta phase of its development.

 So, again jumping the gun, and calling this some type of organized effort to infiltrate this site, is kind of ridiculous. My avatar is simply a statement of supporting the Occupy movement, having attended Occupy Austin myself....

 Anyway, point is that I've made all the moves to correct the matter, well beyond a band-aid. Ive opened my product supply to, and offered whatever is needed to get a complete review from the Expert Panel.

**If I got a lil witty or emotional in my responses, its just because I heard about stolen product, and I think stealing is worse than lying. Also, the same rules that some of the reviews were cleared by, were then broken by a member out what I felt was spite, and slightly hypocritical. I apologize for jumping to conclusions myself. I assumed, and made a poor choice in actions. I can admit that, but I was frustrated by being open and kind as I can be, to be met with a kind of kick in the teeth. Over the last 24 hours I think youll see my actions added up to positive. I hope to start on a clean slate from here.

Oh, so this is just all one big misunderstanding then?? Whoopsie, lets just post a bunch of reviews in mass on a site... That's so much more believable...that's sarcasm if you can't tell. Ignorance is not an excuse either, saying that your members didn't understand the concept of the site doesn't take away the evil of what they are doing. And furthermore you lost even more credibility saying you support the occupy movement. Leave your politics out of this.
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« Reply #93: December 22, 2011, 10:30:50 AM »
Wait occupy movement.....oh no
You see his avatar. Guy Fawkes mask. That's the OWS hero. An Englishman from the 16th century. Lol.
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« Reply #94: December 22, 2011, 05:02:52 PM »

I took responsibility, and it seemed fair that if I run our product by the expert panel, they would decide how good the product was. I offered the max 3 units on the submission form, and I sent them out today.

Also, your admin did some checking on our reviews, and didn't delete them. So, obviously what happened wasn't so wrong, just not that "cool", and its being fixed. I'd say that's a good day. Plus, your board experts are getting hooked up, and I'm happy to do so, even though they could trash it just for kicks. I think I'm being pretty chill about things. Trust is important, and we can't start on shaky ground. So, I sent the product in question to the guys in charge. Right away I might add....

I've got nothing left to do but wait for their feedback. I'd hope things will resolve over time, not asking for anything other than the chance to make up for this issue at hand.

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« Reply #95: December 23, 2011, 10:04:32 PM »
Wait occupy movement.....oh no

That certainly explains a lot!
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« Reply #96: February 07, 2012, 07:14:41 AM »
have any of you even used the products? or do we just assume they are a sham because they've "advertised" their product??

If you can actually read, you would have noticed that this thread is more about Cellucor's supposed bad business practices and not the actual effectiveness of their products.  I have tried several of their products and really enjoyed them, even left some very positive reviews but you are either too foolish to check into that or just don't have the skills to read
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