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I want to lose from 205lbs to 185lbs & currently am on Animal cuts.

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Hello friends,
I'm have finished with my first cycle of Animal cuts with good results as i lost about 09lbs.

I want to carry on with this & after spending daily 02 hours in the gym i have come to the conclusion that i will become a bodybuilder.

I want to develop a physique like "WOLVERINE" Hugh Jackman.... & I'm ready to go to any extent for that. I like that body because that is not very bulky & is lean & sexy.

Now i come to my query....

Can anyone suggest me :

1. A pre workout which will not bulk me up.
2. A protein which will again..... not bulk me up
3. A fat cutter with good results.

My Current statistic are:
Height - 5.10 feet
Weight - 202lbs (i wanna bring it down to 185lbs)
Waist - 40 (i wanna bring it down to 34 )

Anyone can please suggest me a way to achieve my GOALS.... Thanks

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« Reply #1: August 03, 2011, 02:43:24 AM »
I dont know how stim tolerant you are. But I hear great things about OEP. I loved ECA stack seen great results, would only rec it if you research and kno what you can handle. If you Ec stack you will def see results in a 3-4 week cycle. Ecspecially if your eating and training right, Fat will burn off you.
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« Reply #2: August 03, 2011, 06:22:46 AM »
your waist is 40 but you weight 202lbs? thats weird i weighed 220 at one point and only had a 36 inch waist then

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« Reply #3: August 03, 2011, 08:11:22 AM »
For pre-workout I would suggest something like Jack3d by USP Labs, it will give you good energy to work out.

Intra Workout - I would do something like BCAA or Xtend so that your maintaining muscle while burning fat and help with recovery.

For Protein - you can do Isopure, its high in protein and comes with Zero carbs... taste is okay.

Like someone mentioned earlier OxyElite Pro is a good choice, but be aware its a pretty strong stimulant which can cause you to have trouble sleeping and as you know a good sleep will help with recovery. I would also throw in some Green Tea either drinking it or Herbal Supplement.

Also what is your multi vitamin and are you taking Fish oil ? These both will help.

Do lots of cardio and keep your diet in check and the fat will melt off.  Diet is 90% of your success, working out is only 10% to be honest.

Do not forget to train your legs twice a week, because your legs are the biggest muscle in your body and will help burn more fat when not exercising.
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