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Bulk Stack: Animal Pak, Animal M-Stak, Animal Stak, FastTwitch, ON 100% Whey...

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Hey all,
Here the most recent stack that I completed. I am a hard gainer and have never had much body fat. I am 6'0" and have the build of a distance runner. I do not have a huge appetite and I don’t care for junk food which is why I stay pretty lean. My natural body weight is 155 lbs and I actually will lose weight if I stop working out. I have been working out for about 1 ˝ years to get me to where I am now. My goal with this stack was to break through a plateau and put on some muscle and fat before doing a cut.

Starting weight: 172 lbs
Bench sets: 175x8 185x8 195x4 205x2
Total weight pushed: 4070 lbs

Animal Pak
Fish Oil (generic)
ON 100% Whey
Animal M-Stak
Clif Builder’s Bar
FastTwitch w/o caffeine
Animal Stak
Cytosport Cytogainer

Here is the timing:
7 am - Breakfast: Oatmeal, 1 scoop ON 100% whey in ff milk, animal pak, Fish Oil
9:30 am - Animal M-Stak
10:30 am - Clif Builder's Bar
1 pm - lunch
5:30 pm - Animal Stak
5:45 pm - FastTwitch w/o caffeine
6:15 pm - Dinner
6:30 pm - Gym
8:00 pm - 1 scoop ON 100% whey in ff milk
9:30 pm - 3 scoops Cytogainer in ff milk

Week 1:
The first thing I noticed was my appetite was through the roof! I would eat a big meal and be hungry again 2-3 hours later. I mean, I was constantly hungry. Next would be that I did have an upset stomach and horrible gas for the first week and in the morning my stool was huge. I have never taken poops this big.

The gym was pretty good the first week, I was able to do 1-2 more reps than I could normally do on all lifts. (This may have been placebo effect.) I felt really good during and after my workouts. I was only slightly sore the next day, even after pushing everything hard.

Week 2:
Appetite was still way up. I was still having huge stools and horrible gas.

The gym was really good, I noticed an average 4-6% gain on all lifts. (This was measured by taking the total weight moved minus the total amount from last week divided by the total amount from last week. (W2Total - W1Total)*100/W1Total = %change). I was able to do 2-3 more reps of my last set than the week before. I had a ton of energy in the gym and my muscle were noticably harder.

Recovery was amazing! I was working really hard and did not have any soreness or stiffness the next day, which made me want to push it that much harder.

Week 3:
Same as week 2. I was amazed that I could do 2-3 more reps than I did in week 2. On most lifts I had to increase 5-10 lbs. Recovery was still amazing.

Week 4:
Stopped taking the M-Stak and Stak per directions. I also changed from 3 scoops of cytogainer to 2 scoops which helped with the upset stomach and gas.

I had slightly less energy at the gym and my average gain dropped to 3-4%, but still had pretty good gains. Recovery was still pretty good, but not as good as week 3.

Week 5:
Started on M-stak and Stak again. Gains were the same as in week 4. Still felt really good during and after my workout. Recovery was better this week.

Week 6:
Energy level was back up and I was pushing really hard. My gains were back in the 4-6% range and I felt great. The problem, however, was that I was pushing too hard and strained both of my biceps. They had a chronic dull ache even at night even when holding perfectly still.

I had to stop at this point because my biceps hurt so badly that I could not do any lifting which was disappointing.

Body weight: 184 lbs
Bench press: 185x8 195x8 205x5 215x3
Total weight pushed: 4710 lbs
% of change: (4710-4070/4070)*100 = 15.7%

Overall, I am very happy with how well this stack helped me. I did notice an increase in body fat around my abdominal area, but this was expected. It should be noted that some of the weight increase was water weight. After stopping all supplements (except the multi and whey), my weight dropped down to 178 after just one week. Would I recommend this stack to someone looking to gain weight and strength, absolutely.
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« Reply #1: June 22, 2011, 01:49:58 PM »
Great results man, im taking M-stak right now and am loving it.

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