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Swazz's Anabolic Perscription Log

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Swazz's Anabolic Perscription Log « : April 12, 2011, 07:22:09 PM »
So, I have decided to give Anabolic Perscription by Rival-Us a shot. It is 2 of their products; Helix 24 which is their GH supplement and Enpulse, their test booster. I noticed there are no reviews on this other than from that dbag kineticpen who was clearly a rep. lol. Anyways, it's expensive a phuck up here so will just be running a bottle of each (one month) that also lands on my birthday so kinda wanna see what I can do for my 26th as far as my physique goes. Today was day 1. Here is my stack:

ON 100% Gold standard
GNC Mens Mega Multi Sport
Fish Oil
Dymatize BCAA 2200 Caps
White Flood
Waiting for: Yok3d and Dymatize Elite 7

Workout today: Legs
Warm up on bike
Leg Extensions 210lbs(machine max) 3x10
Seated Leg Curls 180lbs 3x10
Standing Calf Raises 270lbs 3x6 (smith machine)
Squats :( as some of you know, this area is a huge struggle for me as I am not very experienced and am just getting into squats so bear with me on this embarassing stat 180lbs 3x8

My knees felt a little uncomfortable after my last set so I stretched for a while and called her a day.

If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it as I am looking to improve constantly. Thanks, hope you all enjoy

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« Reply #1: April 12, 2011, 07:25:57 PM »
Oya, my stats.
26 years old, been lifting for about a year or so now.
BF roughly 14%

I will try and upload some photos from my phone that I took yesterday so I can do a before and after. I know a month insn't very long and probably wont be able to notice much of a difference, but I figured I'd see anyways, maybe it'll really motivate me to really take it to the next level.

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« Reply #2: April 12, 2011, 08:04:53 PM »
I'm curious about rival-us products,so get it SWAZZ!
Scooper expert with a P90 in the trunk..

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« Reply #3: April 12, 2011, 08:22:10 PM »
I know, thats also a part of why I wanted to give em a shot. Also, I forgot I am also using Sci-Fit Gltalyn and Kre alk :-\ Rough start to my first log. Can't figure out how to post pics properly either. lol

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« Reply #4: April 12, 2011, 10:37:08 PM »
Cool swazz. I wanna check this out.

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« Reply #5: April 13, 2011, 04:57:28 PM »
Day 2: Rest day

Worked Back and Bi's on monday so will rest today and hit Shoulders, chest and tri's tomorrow

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« Reply #6: April 14, 2011, 07:40:34 PM »
Day 3: Chest, shoulder's Tri's

Had a half decent workout, I wish my joints weren't so effed. I'd love to put up more weight on these days but my shoulders simply won't let me, it's gonna be a loooong road to decent weights here as I destroyed my shoulders as a teen playing sports. Anyways, my main focus being the rival-us supplements here, I haven't really felt any difference yet as it is only 3 days in other than some acne on my back already. Gross. lol

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« Reply #7: April 17, 2011, 02:34:46 PM »
Hey guys, sorry I've been slacking but I am visiting my gf in Edmonton (2.5 hrs north of where I live, long distance sucks) Anyways, so day 4 was a rest day cause I was driving up here right after work so couldnt make it to the gym.
Day 5: Back, Bi's and abs
A store here had a sale on supps so I picked up a couple new things to change up my stack, finally trying Animal Pak and Razor 8 Blast Powder. Had a pretty good workout and took advantage of having a nice facility to use. Felt amazing the whole time and as you guys know I REALLY push myself on these days as they are my favorite.

EZ Bar curls- 90lbs 1 set 10, 1 set 8 and last set 7reps
DB Shrugs- 3x6 95lbs (PR)
Seated ab machine weighted at 100lbs 3 sets to failure usually getting 25 reps each set

Suplination curls 3x8 40lbs I felt pretty good here, I think I am gonna bump up the weight here soon
T-Bar rows- 3x8 90lbs
Abs again, same as above

Skull crushers 3x7 50lbs (PR)
Bent over flys 3x8 35lbs
and to finish the day off I did some hammer curls with light weight to failure for 3 sets, I believe I used 30's

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« Reply #8: April 17, 2011, 02:37:48 PM »
So, to anyone following, I am not a super experienced lifter and always welcome any advice that may lead to some improvements. Let it be a new workout, a different routine or maybe a different split that has worked for you. I won't be offended by any suggestions and thank you in advance

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« Reply #9: April 17, 2011, 05:52:09 PM »
Day 6: Leg day

Warm up on treadmill, 1 mile at 8mph and good stretch.
K, so as stated before, not very experienced and come from a small town with a fairly basic gym. So, I come to the city to visit my gf and get the opportunity to use a good facility and it has lots of equipment that I've never used before so bear with me if I get some exercises wrong. lol

Seated leg extensions- 260lbs 3x6 (PR) Also max on machine :)
Calf raises on a new piece of equipment Ive never used before, bent over with your a$$ pushing the weight up- 400lbs 3x6
Prone Hamstring curls- 200lbs 3x6
Super Squat Machine- warm up set of 6reps at 270lbs then went on to do 3x6 at 390lbs

Felt pretty good putting up this kind of weight today, workout was cut a little short today as I started to feel a little nauseous. Could be because of the change from White Flood to Blast Powder, hope not but will give it a few more tries and see if maybe it was just today.

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« Reply #10: April 18, 2011, 07:32:29 PM »
Day 7: Okay, today was supposed to be a rest day but my order from FINALLY came in and I was just too excited to let my yok3d just sit there and wait for tomorrow. lol So, did some chest, tri's and shoulders.

Also with my order came Dymatize's Elite 7 Fusion, Moccachino Rush, tastes fantastic! I will be using this as a mid day snack around 3pm as it is a protein blend. First impression of yok3d; took it on an empty stomach about 100mins pre workout(4 caps), then half hour pre: Took Razor 8 as well as Animal Pak. Felt it working for sure, not skin splitting by any means but could definately tell it was there, will try 5 caps on wednesday using the same timing and see what that does for me. Arms definately looked bigger while at the gym though abd it did feel plesant, jut want a little more, you know?

Cable Crossovers 3x6reps 60lbs
Tricep rope pulldowns 1x12 84lbs quite easily, 1x10 96lbs again felt good, 1x6 108lbs (PR)
DB Lateral raises 3x6 30lbs

Plate Press? In this workout I take 2 10lb plates and press them together in front of me using my plams keeping them at arms length away lowering them to my junk, back up at same distance then bring straight in to my chest and back out (1 rep) Just the pressure of keeping the plates together feels pretty good on the chest as well hits tris and bi's a bit. 1x14, 1x12, 1x10
DB Overhead tricep extensions 1x14 50lbs (very easily) 1x10 55lbs, 1x6 60 lbs. Last couple of reps here were a little shaky but I feel like I can start at 60 next time and do 3x6
DB Shoulder press 3x7 35lbs, a little disappointed here as I have done 40's before but that was a while ago

Bench 3x8 (low weight, embarassing to post sorry)
Single handed reverse grip tricep pulldowns 3x6 41lbs

I feel that my chest and shoulders are the area I struggle with most. I do my best every workout to improve on them and hope to see progress

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