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Some other notable ones: (Muscle and Strength)  (Supplement Geeks)

Typically what I do is Google the product I want and then go to the site with the best deal!  I try and buy from the companies themselves when they have nice sales, and companies like MAN Sports ships very quickly.  Mostly I use Amazon if the product is available since I get free shipping due to prime.

Great idea!

I like getting deals where you save by buying in bulk.. like i'll make an order then not have to order again for 2 months or more
That sucks. I'll never get a flu shot though, ever.
That's too bad, but the flu shot might not of helped.  Our family gets them since my son was born premature.  Get better soon, that flu thing sucks from what I hear.
Not good dude... Thoughts are with you, keep us posted.........
Ahh crap, hope everything's okay bro!

Thanks guys.

Here is the information I have at the moment. First, a quick look back.

Monday, I had those really bad stomach cramps and fatigue. I had that Tuesday as well, but for only half the day. I had a little more energy Wednesday. If you look at my post on Thursday, you'll see I stated how fatigued I felt and I didn't want to go to the gym.

Friday, I woke up with extreme pain in my upper ab area whenever I would move or breathe and had extreme fatigue. Same thing yesterday. I actually took a PWO yesterday with DMHA, caffeine, and some noots and felt like I didn't take a thing. Last night, I could not sleep and went to my local ER.

After looking at me for a while, they had an ambulance get me and sent me off to the hospital where I had my heart transplant. The first thing they did was an ultra sound of my pancreas, liver, and gallbladder since that is where I  had the pain. Nothing was there,. Echo for my heart, just to make sure, nothing was there. Chest X-Ray to look the my ribs for a fracture and lungs, nothing there.

I told the doctor on duty how the Friday prior to me feeling sick my entire class was sick, I mentioned it earlier on this page as well. I also told the doctor I did not get a flu shot. They tested me for the flu and that is what I have. I am getting fluids since I am dehydrated, despite drinking close to 2 gallons of water per day. I feel it too in my mouth and I am just achy overall. I am on medicine for the next five days.

I may leave tomorrow, but I may not. I will meet with the doctors in the morning. Because my immune system is weaker, they may want to keep me. They may not let me go back to work either on Wednesday. We are off tomorrow and Tuesday for Presidents Day weekend. They are nervous I will be exposed to more sick kids while not being fully recovered. I don't want to take sick time, but we'll see.

Get your flu shot kids!
Ahh crap, hope everything's okay bro!

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Helps support recovery and improve muscle development.  Try yours today!

Journals and Logs / Re: Search for my old belt, recomp for all. Wis3guy
« Last post by Wis3guy on Today at 01:03:01 PM »
Yeah yeah, I had to drink it as it had celery in it and the celery was bugging her.  Back to the norm for me😄😄.


Insanity off day so I went for a walk on the old treadmill.  Something to do.  Back is doing better but it always stiffens up when I go to my parents house.  Bed is too soft so I generally sleep on the couch.  Probably not the best thing, but such is life.
Not good dude... Thoughts are with you, keep us posted.........
Pain got unbearable last night. Could not sleep. Went to the ER at 2 AM and I'm in the hospital currently.
Journals and Logs / Re: Search for my old belt, recomp for all. Wis3guy
« Last post by MarsheS on Today at 12:06:08 PM »
MTS: drop factor, Creatine, 2 caps yohimbine HCL (I have a full bottle left, am wondering if I should up the dose)
NutraBio beta alanine.

Chia seeds

Yesterday had a smoothie my mom made.  Way to sweet, too many fruits not enough spinach..... Spinach makes me strong like Popeye!!!!!
You finally drank a real tasty smoothie made by mommy ^^ How does it feel to drink a smoothie that doesn't taste like grass? lol.
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