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Off Topic / Re: Football Soccer World Cup 2018
« Last post by JayT on Yesterday at 07:26:59 PM »
I'm not watching it. Since the USA didn't even make it, I couldn't care less about it.
Training / Re: That Fat Dude in the Mirror...
« Last post by mhseaver670 on Yesterday at 07:03:58 PM »
I was the puny skinny kid,. Bullied a lot too, so I completely understand self image issues. I was 140 some lbs at 6'3 in high school. Now I'm 260 6'4  . Everyone says I'm the biguy. Actually is what my nickname is now.  But I still see the puny no confidence kid at times even now. 

Harness your energy it works.
Off Topic / Football Soccer World Cup 2018
« Last post by MarsheS on Yesterday at 06:28:04 PM »
I guess some of you are watching the Soccer World Cup 2018 so why not have a topic about it. It started on Thursday June 14.

Group A:
Saudi Arabia

June 14: Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia
June 15: Egypt 0-1 Uruguay
June 19: Russia vs Egypt
June 20: Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
June 25: Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

*Saudi Arabia didn't do a bad game but Russia was very effective.
*Uruguay giving a surprise goal at the end, boring game.

Group A Standings for now:
1) Russia 5pts
2) Uruguay 3 pts
3) Egypt 0 pts
4) Saudi Arabia 0 pts

Group B:

June 15: Morocco 0 - 1 Iran
June 15: Portugal 3 - 3 Spain
June 20: Portugal vs Morocco
June 20: Iran vs Spain
June 25: Iran vs Portugal
June 25: Spain vs Morocco

*Morocco played a good game but Iran had luck with Morocco's own goal.
*Portugal and Spain played a really good match. Intense from the beginning until the end. 3 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, a brilliant goal from Nacho, 2 goals from Diego Costa... One of the best games, if not the best game of the World Cup for now.

Group B Standings for now:
1) Iran 3 pts
2) Portugal 1pt
2) Spain 1pt
4) Morocco 0 pts

Group C:

June 16: France 2-1 Australia
June 16: Peru 0-1 Denmark
June 21: Denmark vs Australia
June 21: France vs Peru
June 26: Australia vs Peru
June 26: Denmark vs France

*Didn't watch France vs Australia, it was too early for me.
*Peru played better most part of the game but Denmark was more effective.

Group C Standings for now:
1) France 3 pts
2) Denmark 3 pts
3) Australia 0 pts
4) Peru 0 pts

Group D:

June 16: Argentina 1-1 Iceland
June 16: Croatia 2-0 Nigeria
June 21: Argentina vs Croatia
June 22: Nigeria vs Iceland
June 26: Iceland vs Croatia
June 26: Argentina vs Nigeria

*Iceland defended with everybody lol and they had 1 chance and were able to score. Argentina had a lot of posession but Iceland defended very well. Argentina couldn't find a way to score, Iceland's goalkeeper stopped Messi's penalty kick.

Group D Standings for now:
1) Croatia 3 pts
2) Argentina 1 pt
2) Iceland 1 pt
4) Nigeria 0 pts

Group E
Costa Rica

June 17: Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia
June 17: Brazil 1-1 Switzerland
June 22: Brazil vs Costa Rica
June 22: Serbia vs Switzerland
June 27: Serbia vs Brazil
June 27: Switzerland vs Costa Rica

*Brazil was dominating Switzerland but they got into the comfort zone and Switzerland managed to draw and defend well.

Group E Standings for now:
1) Serbia 3 pts
2) Brazil 1 pt
2) Switzerland 1 pt
4) Costa Rica 0 pts

Group F
South Korea

June 17: Germany 0-1 Mexico
June 18: Sweden vs South Korea
June 23: South Korea vs Mexico
June 23: Germany vs Sweden
June 27: Mexico vs Sweden
June 27: South Korea vs Germany

*The most surprising result of the tournament, Mexico beating Germany. Germany started slow while Mexico kept a high intensity from start to finish, they defended well, attacked alright but they could have scored more goals. Some luck also helped Mexico as Germany had 2 shots that hit the post but Mexico deserved the win because Germany was dissapointing.

Group F Standings for now:
1) Mexico 3 pts
2) South Korea 0 pts
3) Sweden 0 pts
4) Germany 0 pts

Group G:

June 18: Belgium vs Panama
June 18: Tunisia vs England
June 23: Belgium vs Tunisia
June 24: England vs Panama
June 28: England vs Belgium
June 28: Panama vs Tunisia

Group H

June 19: Colombia vs Japan
June 19: Poland vs Senegal
June 24: Japan vs Senegal
June 24: Poland vs Colombia
June 28: Japan vs Poland
June 28: Senegal vs Colombia
Supplements / How to properly review two similar items used as a stack?
« Last post by TheVenom on Yesterday at 04:16:06 PM »
I'm nearing the end of two transdermal hormone products that are used for similar results. If they were two different products meant for two different purposes, I could feel confident in my ability to review them fairly. I feel as if the stack is great, and want to share my experience once it's come to an end. I however don't feel as if I could accurately review them as individual products. Am I essentially stuck until I can run them both individually?

Journals and Logs / Re: Search for my old belt, recomp for all. Wis3guy
« Last post by Wis3guy on Yesterday at 03:36:23 PM »
Yesterday 4 hours of Hapkido, then off to the lake.

Today, fix toilet seat that got broke then went home to see my daughter.
Training / Re: That Fat Dude in the Mirror...
« Last post by Wis3guy on Yesterday at 02:22:46 PM »
The pictures of me that ended up on the family calendar........  Not cool.  Then with some motivation and help you slowly change things.  40#s later and I am much happier.  Use the motivation to start, realize diet is the biggest factor.  Last thing from me is don't look for the easy fix, or quick fix.  Just slowly plug away with diet and exercise and you will be amazed at what changes........
Journals and Logs / Re: AntM's Lean Bulk and Everything Else This Summer Log
« Last post by AntM1564 on Yesterday at 01:07:50 PM »
June 17, 2018
Push Power

Weight - 170.6

Weight is unchanged from last week. I am going to increase cals by 25 each day, in the form of protein and fats. I need to get my fats to at least 20% of my macros.

Today went over my expectations. The accessory work did not improve, or only improved slightly, but my bench really went better than I thought and so did military press. I did not hit a 6th rep on the military press, but over the past few weeks, since I have been back from the injury, I am resting the bar on my clavicle after each rep versus bringing it down and pressing back up. So they are essentially paused reps. I have been doing this because I can brace better and take my lower back out of the movement.

I am debating on whether or not to do the heavy variation for deadlifts tomorrow.

Last 5 Rep Week (heavy variation) 4/29/18


Military Press


Bench Press 5 Rep week (heavy variation)

200x7 (5+ set)
210x5 (joker set)

Military Press

140x5 (5+ set)

Close Grip Floor Press

190x4,4,4 (+5 lbs)

Incline BB Press

165x6,6,6 (no change)

Hammerstrength Seated Shoulder Press

185x7,7,6 (+1 rep)

Weighted Dips

70x7,7,6 (+1 rep)


High Carb

Cals - 3,450
Carbs - 405g
  • Fiber - 50g
Protein - 301g
Fat - 76g
  • Sat. - 29g
  • Poly. - 8g
  • Mono. - 3g
Journals and Logs / Re: AntM's Lean Bulk and Everything Else This Summer Log
« Last post by AntM1564 on Yesterday at 12:59:37 PM »
Is that your first cycle of test and deca?

Haven't heard of P Mag in years lol

Yea, I had it lying around lol. I figured I might put it to use.

It will be my first deca/test cycle. My previous cycle a few months back was just test e, 500 mg/week. I put on about 18 pounds, get 14-15. Bench is 5 pounds lower than on cycle, squat is 5 pounds more, and deadlift it is hard for me to tell since this lower back injury. If I had to guess, it is 5-10 pounds lower. But I am also working on form and pulling the slack out of the bar instead of ripping it right off the floor which is negatively impacted that lift.

I am going to run test at 400 mg and deca at 600.

Have you ever tried a chiropractor? You could have a disc slightly out of place.  That can cause the muscles to compensate and get tight.

Yep, I go weekly and have been for almost two years now.
Training / Re: That Fat Dude in the Mirror...
« Last post by mjtuf1 on Yesterday at 11:16:01 AM »
I understand how you feel man.. Years ago I was lean and looked good in pictures but wanted to keep getting bigger and stronger.. well I got that, and thought I was good, until I started seeing how I look in pictures.... Some pictures I looked bloated and thought to myself wow I didn't know I looked like that.

The gym is a place where you can achieve the goals you set out to and feel good doing it. It's not just about looks, but about performance and making progress.
Training / Re: That Fat Dude in the Mirror...
« Last post by DaSlaya on Yesterday at 10:05:34 AM »
Yup this is a tough one and really becomes a big mental game.  Tommy said it best, by harnessing that emotion and letting it out in the gym, because aggression really amps up those workouts.  One thing I see in the gym is lack of aggression by people. 

I understand what you are saying, I have gone a few routes in body image in my life.  I joined the Army in 1999 weighing 149 pound at 6'2".  Fast forward to last year and I keep my weight around 240 now.  So was a big change from the skinny guy to the bigger guy.  Now, its a battle in carrying fat in the mid-section.   Proper diet and training keeps it at bay for the most part, but as far as muscles go I never see myself as a "big" guy because I was skinny growing up, so I still see the scrawny little foo!  One way to break that is to take body measurements of not just the problem areas but of your muscular areas too, to get a no kidding did I improve or not.  Easier said than done, but there are a ton of little things you can do to get through these moments.  Best of luck brother, you are in the right place to vent and seek advice or what not.
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