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Supplements / Re: What creatine works best for you?
« Last post by Muscleman100 on Today at 12:36:51 AM »
Creatine mohydrate is my favorite and there are studies that show monohydrate to be the best form of creatine you can get.
Food, Diet & Nutrition / Re: Protein before sleep
« Last post by Muscleman100 on Today at 12:35:32 AM »
I think casein or something with milk in it or cottage cheese would be good.
Supplements / Re: Stims/nootropics you want to see in your pre
« Last post by Clipper83 on Yesterday at 10:26:15 PM »
Never heard of this, I'll take more into it. After a quick google search I'm intrigued.

Dynamine seems to be one of those ingredients that you either love, or canít feel. I love it and get great mind-muscle connection, while others have told me they feel nothing.
Supplements / Re: Stims/nootropics you want to see in your pre
« Last post by Muscleman100 on Yesterday at 10:16:09 PM »
I want to have noopept in more preworkouts. I feel like that is the best nootropics for me personally.
Journals and Logs / Re: AntM's Lean Bulk and Everything Else This Summer Log
« Last post by AntM1564 on Yesterday at 05:09:49 PM »
April 20, 2018
Pull Hypertrophy

I did a crap ton of drop sets today. I am trying to get some extra work in before the deload. Again, I hate I'm taking one, but I needed a little caffeine pre workout yesterday and today and I normally don't need any for hypertrophy days.


Lat Pulldowns

120x6,6,6,6,6,6,6 (+5 lbs)

Close Grip Seated Cable Row

142.5x6,6,6 (+2.5 lbs)

Close Grip Pulldown (neutral grip)



100x10,10,10 (+5 lbs one set)

Overhand Cable Row

85x10,10,10 (+7.5 lbs)

Reverse Pec Deck

117.5x12,10,10 (+1 rep)


High Carb

Cals - 3,675
Carbs - 460g
  • Fiber - 50g
Protein - 255g
Fat - 95g
  • Sat. - 20g
  • Poly. - 19g
  • Mono. - 27g
Training / Re: Knee wraps for squats?
« Last post by Daemonium on Yesterday at 02:33:18 PM »
Knee sleeves (SBD) make my knees feel way better and just make my squat feel better in general. I feel it improves kinesthetic sense to a degree (i.e. knowing how my knees are moving throughout the lift). Wraps are completely different. I would absolutely recommend sleeves for longevity. They may add a very small amount to your squat but thats it.
Training / Re: Dropping some weight, while staying strong??
« Last post by Daemonium on Yesterday at 02:30:52 PM »
I would still lift at the same frequency to maintain muscle/strength if thats your worry. Just add in some extra cardio and increase your caloric deficit. If you do more exercise, you will want to eat more. Simple as that. If losing strength is your worry adding a ton of cardio will just exhaust you more. Eat less, add some cardio. Lift the same. Just recognize that you may lose some strength so don't try and lift the same heavy loads if you notice that you're weaker. Maybe try a more auto-regulated program that uses RPE, to take into account how you feel each time you step into the gym. Idk how you train so its hard to give a really clear answer.
Training / Re: Stretches for deadlifts?
« Last post by Daemonium on Yesterday at 02:26:51 PM »
Ok. Most people that think they have really tight hamstrings just have a prominent anterior pelvic tilt, which comes from tightness in the hip flexors pulling the pelvis forward, putting the hamstrings on stretch. This is becoming more and more common with our societies sedentary behaviour, where the hip flexors spend long periods of time in a shortened position. What you should really be doing (in addition to stretching your hamstrings, is stretch your hip flexors DAILY and before your lift. A few times per side, 2-3 times per day. It will make a world of different in improving your pelvic and spinal positioning, and has been shown to improve deadlift strength. I would recommend going into a lunge position, elevating the back foot, and pushing the hips forward while squeezing the glute of the down knee to open up the hips. Then, do the same thing with the back foot on the ground and push yourself even deeper. This should effectively stretch your rectus femoris and psoas muscles.
Food, Diet & Nutrition / Re: Healthy Breakfast Ideas
« Last post by E-2016 on Yesterday at 10:29:22 AM »
Have you wrote a tread on the fasting here?
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