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AlphaBulk Reviews

By: Forerunner Labs

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AlphaBulk is a Prohormone manufactured by Forerunner Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

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  September 30, 2013

  • No Sides
  • Slight Increase In Libido
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
Hello SR Community, this is my first review on here, however ive been meaning to review this prohormone, being that i logged it close to six months ago, for quite some time now, i just didn't have the time recently to sit down and do so, but here it goes..

My diet is clean, Fish, chicken(no red meats), potatoes, legumes, rice, etc.. I have a six day split as follows:

Monday:Chest/Tri/Abdominal "A"
Tuesday:Back/Bicep/Oblique "A"
Wednesday:Legs/Shoulders "A"
Thursday:Chest/Tri?Abdominal "B"
Friday:Back/Bicep/Oblique "B"
Saturday:Legs/Shoulders "B"
Sunday: OFF DAY

I upped my intensity while on cycle in each workout, being that before when i may do 16-20 sets per workout, i was pushing 25+ while on cycle. I dosed at 120/240/360/360/240 (each capsule=60mg). My cycle consisted of dynamitize XT release whey, pre workout, Creatine, Cycle assist and hawthorne berry (preloaded 14 days prior to beginning cycle) Multi-Vitamin, Milk Thistle(on cycle and through PCT) Bulk Amino Acids, Nolva 20 mg for PCT, and Cissus for joints.. I ran milk thistle high too..i know it may not have been necessary, but im very conscious of preserving my health while on much as i can..

Prohormone makeup: 3b-enanthoxyandrost-1-en-17-one; weak/mild compound

Week 1: Obviously since i started out at the lowest dosage, it wasn't that much of a noticeable difference. If anything it flickered my libido a bit, but only a bit.

Week 2: Still nothing noticeable, libido still up..but no acne from boosted test, or back pumps. Not that those are bad things, but usually some effects are expected. No noticeable gains yet however.

Week 3: Water retention began to become noticeable. Maybe 3-5 pounds. Strength was still same. I tried upping all my normal compound movements by ten pounds, but didnt feel any easier.

Week 4: Water retention was up more(bloat). I kind of began to get upset by now, due to the fact that i paid a lot of money to gain water weight.. Still no sides.

Week 5: I lowered my dose to four pills daily(240 mg/day) to ease out of my cycle. I may have lost 1% BF, but dont know if that was because i was working out more intense or from this supplement. Anyway, i lost my water weight the first week and halfway into my Nolva PCT.

Effectiveness: 4
I feel like to classify a supplement as a prohormone, it should produce results. I ran this cycle safe, ate clean, even upping my carbs from 175/day to 275/day to help give me some more energy and give the supplement some macros to work with. The only thing i felt was a libido increase, no alpha male feeling, no vascularity increase, and nothing as far as gains worthy of a PH.

Value: 2
I paid close to 54 bucks just for a bottle alone..not to mention all the other on cycle supports i bought to go along, and PCT.. the only thing that kept this from receiving a 0 on value is that there were enough for me to run a full five week cycle.

Overall: 3
Im sorry but in general this product was not worth my time to research, purchase, OR run. I never got the "gym euphoria or dratic gains" their label states that the product produces.. No offense to any reps or fans of the product, but it just didnt do anything for me. I understand what they are going for; a prohormone that does not aromatize or convert to estrogen, and being that it is in a fat based oil capsule form, it is supposedly 70% bioavailable to the body. I had no issues with aromatization or estrogen levels, but then again i ran proper cycle supports and PCT.. Also no sides, nice, but made me feel like all i was taking was a test booster. Again no offense, but i wouldnt recommend this product to anyone.

By the way, i just finished my mx-75 and hd-50 cycle from double dragon pharmaceuticals. starting my torem pct now, will do a review for you guys soon. Thanks everyone for reading, hope i helped some.


  • ron
    Rep: +5,387
    September 30, 2013

    Great First Review!!! youre good at the details. Perhaps start a journal here on SR with even more detail?

  • KKramer
    Rep: +15
    September 30, 2013

    yeah will do brother, i have used a lot of supplements and im very OCD about logging and keeping track of what works and what doesnt, i will post my review of my most recent cycle soon, hopefully sometime in the next few days. i appreciate the support!

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