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By: Flex Nutrition

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LIVER SUPPORT is an Herbal Product manufactured by Flex Nutrition. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.
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  May 18, 2018

  • Unique Profile
  • Liver Support
  • Enzyme Support
  • Low Dose Of Milk Thistle
  • Too Expensive


This is my second of three Flex Nutrition products to review. Thanks to Flex for allowing me to run several of their products and apologies for the delay in posting this review.

I'm a believer in consistently taking a daily multivitamin to ensure I'm meeting core nutritional needs. Occasionally though I'll pick up a liver support supplement just to give some extra love to that vital organ. For the record, I don't have any current liver issues nor can I say I experience any true effects from running this type of supplement, but I still feel it's beneficial in the long run.

My days of prohormones are behind me so I didn't run Liver Support as part of an on-cycle support stack.

Ingredient Profile

The profile of Liver Support contains six individual ingredients, all of which have some form of liver cleansing and enzyme support properties. I feel it's important to closely analyze the profile of this type of supplement to ensure you're getting effective doses, especially considering you're likely not going to experience much in the way of direct effects.

Solarplast - 300mg - antioxidant and chloroplast complex derived from spinach, unable to find research related to effective dosage but 300mg is a common dose across other support supplements.

Artichoke extract - 225mg at a 4:1 extract ratio - lots of research related to different extract concentrations and various effects, but I was unable to locate a hard line on minimal effective dose at this concentration. Dosage does seem to be on par with other liver support products.

Dandelion extract - 150mg at 4:1 extract ratio - a common antioxidant but, again, I struggled to locate hard research on effective dosages. The straight up dandelion leaf extract products I analyzed had the same dosage as Liver Support.

Milk Thistle Seed - 150mg at 50% - tons of research on milk thistle, but the most important aspect here is the concentration of silymarin in the extract. Some studies list a dosage of 100mg of silymarin three times per day as an optimal dosing regimen. I find the dose in Liver Support to be lacking compared to other products, which generally provide doses of 300-600mg with a silymarin extract percentage of 80%.

Protease SP and Lipase - both of these are metabolic enzymes that assist in breaking down protein and peptides. I find these to be rather unique additions to this supplement. Additional information as to their benefits can be reviewed in MFR's description, but personally I liked that Flex thought to include enzyme and digestive support in this product.


No issues at all. Three easy to swallow caps with no powder burps or overly strong odor/taste. I usually took my caps with dinner.


I've mentioned twice that effectiveness is extremely difficult to gauge with this type of supplement, especially if you're not experiencing any sort of liver-related problems. Short of running pre and post blood work, which I did not do, I'm of the opinion there're no reliable outward effects one can expect to experience when running a liver support supplement.

I do suppose some users may experience an uptick in energy as a result of their liver not having to work so hard, but personally I've never experienced this with any organ support supplement.


None of Flex Nutrition's products are available anywhere other than their own website. Hopefully that is a temporary situation, as it's common that the most expensive place to purchase a supplement is from the brand's own site.

Liver Support is $24.24 for a 60 count bottle, which will last you only 20 days and equates to a steep cost of $1.21 per day/dose. When I would do runs of Epistane, my on-cycle liver support product of choice was Competitive Edge Labs' Cycle Assist, which can be purchased for $27 for 240 caps/60 day supply. That's a MUCH more affordable .45c per day, not to mention the fact that Cycle Assist has more than TRIPLE the dose of Milk Thistle compared to Flex's product, as well as a spread of other, more common, liver support ingredients.

I'm not sure what's driving up the cost of Liver Support other products with Solarplast aren't this expensive and the other herbs/extracts are fairly common. Perhaps it's the metabolic enzymes? Looks like you can directly supplement Lipase for about .50c per dose, so perhaps the case can be made that the combination of the two types of ingredients is driving up the price point of this supplement.

Side Effects



Personally I like the profile of Liver Support but I'm torn on how and when I'd recommend it. I do not think I would suggest this product for an individual in need of heavy duty on-cycle organ support. The dosage of Milk Thistle is too low IMO, and I personally prefer a more robust profile that includes Hawthorn Berry and Celery Seed.

But for general wellness and the desire to give some attention to the liver, yes I'd consider this product. As mentioned, the combination of antioxidants and metabolic enzymes in a single product is somewhat unique and appealing. Really my only sticking point is the price. You could supplement Cycle Assist and Lipase directly for a bit less than the cost of Liver Support.

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