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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Lean EFX is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Fahrenheit Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Weight Loss > Thermogenics


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,264
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 57
  June 7, 2012

Review #2 of the Fahrenheit products I received through the ER program. Thanks again to Fahrenheit for participating and allowing me to run a bottle of Lean EFX. I primarily ran this product while on a "lazy cut" (props to Slysteps), meaning I was generally attempting to keep my calories low and incorporate fairly regular cardio sessions into my routines. Towards the end of the bottle I started my hard cut with strict calorie counting and more frequent/intense cardio.

Thumbs up, let's do this.

Lean EFX calls for one pill daily upon waking, but not on an empty stomach. The pills are standard sized, coated, and go down easy. I experienced no powder burps or any problems with dosing. What I do find interesting is the bottle says only to take one pill per day and not to exceed the daily dose. With most burners you see the recommendation of bumping up to two or three caps daily once tolerance has been assessed. I personally appreciate that Fahrenheit isn't encouraging their users to simply get through the product as quickly as possible.

Lean EFX is a mild, standard burner that provides decent secondary support to any cut regimen. Unlike my fellow ER'er Mhseaver, I didn't feel ANYTHING after dosing this product. No thermogenic effects, no immediate boost of energy, nothing along those lines. I played with the dosing time a bit and tried taking it midday closer to when I actually workout. I even went against the bottle's instructions and upped the dosage to 2 pills daily for a while. Still I didn't notice any elevated heart rate or increased sweating.

So why the 7? The one big effect I got out of Lean EFX was appetite suppression. I am generally hungry ALL the time. Cutting is very difficult for me due to my appetite. This product shut that down completely. I found I had a much easier time controlling my portion size and caloric intake while on EFX and honestly, it was this effect of the product I feel truly benefitted me and aided me on my cut.

VALUE: 7.6/10
A bottle of Lean EFX will run you around $30 depending on the retailer, and each bottle contains 45 caps and would therefore last you 45 days. This calculates out to a per day cost of .66c. On the whole, Lean EFX is comparable to most other major fat burners on the market, if not slightly less expensive. For what it's bringing to the table, I think Lean EFX is fairly priced.

I like to mention sides when reviewing burners as many of them can cause some pretty rough/obnoxious side effects (ex: OxyElitePro). Probably due to its weaker potency, Lean EFX did not cause me any worrisome issues with one exception. After I had been taking the product for a few weeks I noticed an increase in anxiety. I suffer from mild anxiety issues and am pretty tuned-in to my body and its reactions. I stopped taking Lean EFX for a while and the issue subsided, but then resumed after I had restarted the product. I doubt everyone would experience this issue but did want to make note of it.

OVERALL: 7.3/10
Overall Lean EFX is a decent burner that makes a good addition to a well-rounded cutting stack. Its appetite suppression effects are outstanding and perfect for anyone who struggles with overeating. I didn't find the product to be very potent or strong, which isn't necessarily a negative. A first-time burner user or stimulant-sensitive person might want to check out Lean EFX. Personally I prefer a bit more of a punch from my burners, but I still liked this product and felt it provided solid ancillary support.

Did the product itself cause me to lose 10 extra pounds or anything along those lines? No. I noticed more results from moving to a stricter cutting regimen than I did from Lean EFX, but in the long war against fat you want to have multiple weapons in your arsenal. If you're looking for something a bit different that's a solid value, give Lean EFX a look. And then do more cardio you lazy SOBs.
  • Excellent Appetite Suppressor
  • Good Value
  • Milder Effects
  • Solid Secondary Fat Loss Support
  • Mild Anxiety
  • Weaker Potency
  • Less Effective Than Other Products
Rep: +5,613
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 78

  June 6, 2012

Ok guys First Off I want to say sorry for not getting this up sooner but I have been covered up with moving and getting married and bla blaa blaa.

Next I want to thank the ER program and Farhenheit Nutrition for the chance to try this great product.

Ok on to the review.

Next gen EFX ( proprietary blend ) 375 mg
1,3,7- trimethylxanthine, cassia nomame, Taraxacum, Green Tea Extract, Bearberry, Niacin.

Thermo EFX ( Proprietary Blend ) 240 mg
Thiamine Disulfide, 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine, Phyllanthus emblica, bitter Orange.

NueroTherapy EFX ( Proprietary Blend )
5- Hydroxytryptophen, N-acetyl Tyrosine, Ginseng 80%

Dosage 10
It was a easy one pill a day I took this for quiet a while up until almost end of the bottle I started taking a day ( split doses though )

Effectiveness 9
I have to say Its been a LONGGGGG time since I have a fat burner actaully feel like it was working. This stuff from the first dose I could feel. I felt hotter and had some of the best clean energy I have had from a pill. Appetite suppresion from this is crazy strong at first. I had to just remember to eat. Never really felt hungry on it . From first day to about week 2 it kinda made me a bit sick/jittery feeling for a bit ,... But I was taking rasberry ketones with it too. Once I stopped those it went away. I feel this did help kick start the weight lose I was wanting, I did loose almost 15 lbs while on this and that was honestly without much change to my diet at all. So that in itself it pretty awesome.

Value. 9.5
I have seen it on several site for 35 bucks and as low as 20 something on TFsupps. So for 45 days worth at one pill a day . GREAT VALUE.

Dosage 10
One a day.. How hard can that be?

Overall 9. 5
I have to say I am very satisfied with this stuff. I would most certainly recommend this to someone trying to get over a bump in the road. I never had wierd burps, I did however have a couple of restless nights, but that is to be expected at first to be honest. Like I said I have struggled to loose weight for a while. I bulk very easy. And for someone not to kean to have a strict diet and have results like this I think speaks volumes. I cant say that everyone will react the same as I did, But for me Im glad to find one that helps and works well.
Again sorry for the delay on the review. And thanks for the opportunity.

I think this company is really headed in the right direction. I did notice that they may have redone the formulation of this product on thier site. But I had the original one. So that is what I reviewed.
  • Good Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • One Pill A Day Is All!!!
  • Clean Energy
  • Feel Good All Day
    Rep: +2
    Trust: 0%
      December 6, 2010

    Nice, the first to review... So I went to my local vitamin store and spoke with the manager and he highly reccomended these to me. I figured why not and bought them for around $45-$50. A bottle contains a 45 day cycle and you only have to take one a day. For convenience it is great because about 30 minutes before you eat breakfast you pop one of these and you are good for the day. I enjoyed the energy it gave for the first couple weeks. It also took away my hunger for the most part (mild evening cravings). Also during those couple weeks I was happy with the results, I averaged out to losing a lb a day! Of course I did keep my calorie intake below 1750 calories and did workout 5-6 days per week. After the first couple of weeks I would feel sluggish and drained by the time I left work at around 4 and didn't feel like going to the gym, I also felt anxious and jittery in the evenings and didn't sleep well at all. Losing weight was my main goal but I decided to stop taking it beacuase of the side effects. If you are not sensitive to stimulants then I would say give it a shot because it did do what it claimed, I wasn't willing to deal with the strung out feeling. From an effectivness point of view I would recommend it.
    • Good Weight Loss
    • Jittery And Strung Out

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