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pHasted Kardio + EAA's Reviews

By: For Active Bodies

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to For Active Bodies for sending it out!
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  September 4, 2018

  • Hydration
  • Increased Energy
  • Recovery
  • Taste


A little background about me. I am a college athlete, specifically a triathlete, so this product seems like it was made for me. I'm a huge fan of trying out new pre-workouts and I usually always pair my lifts with some cardio so when I saw that this product was a thing I took great interest. Most pre-workouts can feel heavy in your stomach and impair your cardio. PHasted Kardio does not.

Ingredient Profile

I always start this section off with a little warning. I am not a scientist, nutritionist, or health expert in any way. All info here comes from the company, research, and the experience I have with different ingredients.

pHasted Kardio has a fully transparent list of ingredients. I'll attach a picture of the full rundown of ingredients. Their BCAA/EAA mix is 2:1:1 + its vegan. The BCAA mix helps with protein synthesis and pretty much helps your muscles from breaking down which can happen if you're putting in some mileage with cardio. EAA or essential amino acids cannot be produced naturally in your body and come from your food or in this case, the pre-workout. They help with cellular repair and energy. Check out the ingredient list for all of the BCAAs and EAAs used. Moving on from there we have just a reasonable amount of caffeine with about 200mg. I like this since most of my fasted cardio happens in the morning the caffeine is just dosed enough to get me moving but not have my heartrate explode on the road. The entire profile has a great mix of everything you'd need for a good cardio workout.


The one scoop of 10.4 grams mixed fine in about the 10 ozs of water I drank before the workout. The taste was pretty bad but wasn't unbearable and went down pretty quick.


I took this mostly in the morning before long runs or long bike sessions. I did not know what to expect going into it since most other pre-workouts mix terribly with cardio but I was pleasantly surprised. For some workouts, I would drink it and forget about it. Like the packaging says there were no tingles, jitters or other common symptoms that come with other pre-workouts. This was great since I don't typically want that while running or biking. I could feel a difference when I went on my longer workouts feeling. Fewer cramps and easy recovering afterward. I paired this drink with some HIIT workouts as well and saw the same results as with my more endurance cardio workouts too which was great.


With 30 servings a container and a total price of $35, you're getting just above a dollar per drink. I feel like this is a completely fair price for this product.

Side Effects

No side effects.


Overall pHasted Kardio was great and felt like exactly what I needed. I will for sure be getting this again. If you spend a lot of time with cardio training I'd say give this a try.


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    September 4, 2018

    Don't forget to add the flavor rating in the review, especially since you mentioned this one was pretty bad.
    Also for the value section, it would help the reader if you give them an idea of where you found the price(s) mentioned. Can this only be purchased from the brand's website? Is it on Amazon or another supplement site?

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