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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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Go is a Pre-Workout manufactured by EXT Sports. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 239 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,259
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 52
  May 11, 2013

Hey guys, under Petey's orders I have been ordered to review this. This is a fairly popular pwo, under the brand EXT. One thing to remember is that EXT is a company owned by BPI, the same people who make 1MR and also own another branch called Image Sports.

I used a full tub of GO a while back, about a half of a tub 2 months after that(gave that away), and I also used one serving of another tub before I gave that away. These were all given to me by BPI when I worked at GNC, one was a launch gift, one was given to me by Jay Cutler himself at one of their conventions, and the other by a co-worker who didn't want it.


I don't really rate profiles anymore, I just go over what I like/dislike about them. Just looking at the amount of ingredients in here, you can't help at think that GO is just another underdosed BPI product. In a 5 gram scoop, you get 3.6 grams of actual ingredient(reminds me of Speed x3, just not as good). The first ingredient on the list is creatine. Even if the the whole scoop was creatine, it would be underdosed. Anyways here are some other underdosed ingredients.

Caffeine-doesn't specify how much, but I'm guessing 300 mg because it does say on the label that it contains as much caffeine as 3 cups of coffee.

Beta-Alanine- has to be underdosed.
Glycine and Taurine- underdosed
Ceylon leadwort- all I could find on this was that it is supposed to be good about stomach issues.
Psoralea- nothing worth mentioning.
Orris- All I could find is that this is used in perfumes.
Glutamine- underdosed

Honestly, this is just 1MR or Alarm in a different tub. A few different ingredients, but at the dosages, there is no real difference between them.


This mixes very well, and the taste is fine. It has a "deep" flavor, the only way I can describe it, sounds weird I know. The watermelon is enjoyable, and the fruit punch is one of the more enjoyable fruit punch flavors I have tried. Goes down easily and is quite enjoyable.


Back in the day where the big 5 pre-workouts were 1MR, NO Xplode, Superpump Max, C4, and Jack3d, all we really cared about was getting energy. Since this is a copy of 1MR, you can expect the same thing.

This will give you as much energy as 300mg of caffeine should(depends on you tolerance). Every time I took it I got a a nice jump in energy that would last throughout my workout. Nothing that would crack me out, and it's def. not a "clean" energy, but more of a quick high end buzz of energy.

Nothing in the profile would make me expect a pump, must be why there is nothing on the label hyping it up. Still, I enjoy have a pump based ingredient along with my pwo so I don't have to add anything. would 500mg to 1 gram of Agmatine really hurt BPI.... sorry, EXT?


You can get this for under $30 on For 30 servings, that would be a great value if this were to provide more than JUST energy. I personally would buy it if it were on sale and I'll tell you why.

Suggested Use from Me:
I would personally use EXT GO if I wanted to test out a non-stim pump product, while not giving up the extra energy. Since GO only provides energy, you wouldn't have to worry about not being sure which pre-workout(think of stacking Condense with Yok3d, both have Nitrates in them) is giving you the deep pumps.

GO could also be good for leg days where I'm not looking for a deep pump and rather just energy to squat heavy.


EXT gets 7's across the board. I know I reviewed both 1MR and Alarm, but I was a big noob to pwos back then and only wanted the energy as opposed to performance.

GO is a nice to have when you just want straight energy. The taste is enjoyable yet the profile is lacking. If a pwo like EXT GO is what you are looking for, look at the prices of BPI-1MR or Image Sports- Alarm, they are all the same in terms of effectiveness. There are still much better options out there.
  • Good Taste
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Lasting Energy
  • Stacks Well With Pump Products
  • Tolerance Build Up.
  • Not Much Of A Pump
Rep: +25
Trust: 14%
  May 7, 2013

First of all, let me say that I was recommended this product due to the fact it doesn't have 1,3 Dime. in it, which is something I've had mixed results with. Don't want to seem overly stereotypical, but I have tried my fair share of PWOs from a wide range of brands and would rate this one somewhere above the mean, but with a long way to go behind my personal favorites. In essence, it does what you need it to do - gives you the extra rush of energy you want and provides solid pumps as well. On to the meat of the review.

EFFECTIVENESS: I would assert any PWOs main objective is to give the lifter an onslaught of energy and rage, the skin-crawling feeling you get when you NEED to go lift. This is where GO shines in my eyes, and leads to my overall positive review. I listed a rating of 7 for Overall and 8 for Effectiveness above, though, for a couple reasons.

First, I did cycle off of PWOs/stims prior to using this product, but am usually pretty good about "re-assessing my tolerance." I started with just a bit over the recommended first dosage, but almost immediately got the crappy feeling of having taken WAY too much PWO. Cold sweats, shaky limbs (much more than the usual amount at least), and a semi-manageable headache. The worst was the cold feeling, though. Usually if anything, I start feeling heated up and flushed after taking a PWO and preparing to hit the weights, but this made me almost shiver the first couple of times I took it. I know many of you may ask, "Why did you continue taking it with such bad effects then?" And all I could tell you honestly is that I hate wasting a workout and figured with more water consumption and energy burnoff I'd start feeling better (I did). The negative effects did wear off eventually and each consumption led to less and less of the side effects, but I didn't see too much tolerance build-up with regards to the energy I gained to use DURING my workout. This was my favorite feature of GO. If something gives me enough energy to go all out (no pun intended) for the entire length of my designated workout, I know it's doing a good job. 7.5-8/10 for this area.

FOCUS: Solid, but not elite. I'm a normally focused guy when it comes to my workouts and don't have much problem working through my set regimen, so the difference GO provided was minimal for me. Might be better for others, but I definitely couldn't see it being worse. My personal rating here would be 7/10

PUMP: Another above-average category. Never had the shirt-ripping, quad-bursting pumps with this that I get from some other PWOs, but still saw increased vascularity and solid overall size. Would go with another 7/10

ENDURANCE: 9.5/10 - as mentioned in the Effectiveness section, this kept me going throughout my entire workout regimen, which I tend to keep pretty lengthy. My top category by far for this product.

VALUE: Got this as part of a 2 for 1 deal through EXT getting their new-ish Silk Amino Acid product BLOX along with it. Would say that particular deal made the whole thing worth it easily, but if you're shopping for just a PWO on its own, look for a special offer or something to get your money's worth. Not a rip-off as a standalone by any means, but if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks, there's bound to be a better product available for you. 7.5/10

TASTE: Listed last because, like many others, I don't care too much about a PWO taste since I'll just be downing it anyway. Got the watermelon flavor and wasn't too fond of it at first, but it grew on me. Feel like that happens with most products anyway though so don't put too much stock into this particular area. 8/10

  • Great Pump
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Lasting Energy
  • Cracked Out Energy At First
  • Need To Find Tolerance Early On

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