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Brainfinity Reviews

By: Brainfinity

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Brainfinity for sending it out!
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  February 27, 2016

  • Good Value
  • Has Caffeine
  • Good Focus When It Delivered
  • Too Inconsistent


Thank you SR TROOP and Execure for sending a bottle of this to test and review. I'm a big fan of Nootropic supplements, when they work of course, primarily to use during my work day and sometimes in conjunction with stim free preworkouts for an extra edge. With such an impressive profile IMO, I had pretty high expectations for this product. However, it was a little too inconsistent for me.

Ingredient Profile

Attached a picture of the label.

Loved how they included multiple sources of stimulants -- from the time released caffeine, to green tea extract, synephrine, etc. I'm also a huge fan of Vinpocetine for cognitive enhancement, I've experienced pretty great results from supplementing with it alone. Now with the combination of cognitive enhancing ingredients paired with the variety of stimulants Brainfinity has to offer, I was expecting really great results. However, as the title states, it ended up being too inconsistent for me. I'll elaborate more below.


1-2 pills a day depending on the user. I typically utilized 2 pills, experimenting with different timing and dosing protocols. Usually 1 pill, split every 4-6 hours depending on the day's activities.


I'll break this up in a few different sections

1.) 1 pill serving - first few times I used this, it worked pretty well. Nice clean and sustained energy, slight cognitive enhancement, but it seemed that I built a tolerance to it pretty quickly as the effects seemed to dissipate much quicker the more I used it.

2.) 2 pill serving - split 4-6 hours - I started utilizing this after my tolerance started to build up. Again, the second serving would deliver quite well, but then the effects would diminish pretty quickly. Some days it would hit pretty strong after the second pill, and then other times, it just didn't deliver. When it did deliver, I felt like I was tuned in with everything. Work responsibilities became easier and felt more motivated to do them, as well as paying attention to details much better.

3.) 1 pill w/ a stimulant free preworkout - This is where Brainfinity shined for me. I used this with a few servings of DNO preworkout and I experienced some of the best workouts ever with this combination. Tunnel vision and energy was on par with some of the best preworkouts out there that I've tried. Unfortunately, I don't know which product shined more here, or if the synergy of the ingredients in both products just worked extremely well for me. Definitely a noticeable difference than taking DNO and Brainfinity as a standalone.

Bonus - Now one of the first few times I tried this product was when I was making 6 hour trip back home to NY. I usually start to get drowsy after 4ish hours (yeah, idk why, it just happens -- I could never be a truck driver lol), but I was hoping Brainfinity would help overcome this issue. I took a pill 3 hours into the drive, waited 45 mins - 1 hour for it to kick in, and felt nothing. So I took another pill, and then again, nothing. Idk if it was because I wasn't physically active, but I was surely let down.


You can purchase a 30 pill bottle of Brainfinity for under $17. Can't really beat that...especially if you respond very well to this product.

Side Effects

No issues.


I mean, after reading the reviews on here and other websites, it seems to be a hit or miss product with people. Which also seems to be a similar trend with Nootropic products -- just need to find the best ingredients that work well for your specific body. Although it was too inconsistent for me specifically, for the price and profile, I would still recommend others to give it a shot as we all know supplements affect people differently. Again, thank you for sending me a bottle to try -- it just didn't hit the mark for me.

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