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Eviscerate SUPERNOVA™ Reviews

By: EvoMuse

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to EvoMuse for sending it out!
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  August 11, 2017

  • Increases Definition
  • Reduces Fat
  • Ingredient Amount Not Listed
  • Little Brown Clumps
  • A Little Pricey
  • Frustrating To Dose Accurately


Currently on the long road to try and reduce some of the fat around my love handles. I was doing well until vacation happened I just finished using this product prior to vacation. I went off the rails a little bit with my eating as far as serving sizes and the fact that we ate at more places the kids would eat at than us just worrying about the adults.

Ingredient Profile

One big prop blend with absolutely no indication of how much of each ingredient is in the product. These are the first 5 ingredients listed - Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Bitter Melon Seed Oil, Triglyceride Complex, Raspberry Ketones, plus many more. Am I getting higher amounts of these than the other 15-20 or so ingredients listed? I have no clue. I'm also not going to pretend I know what each and every one of these things does or how they may interact. This does have caffeine in it although I'm not sure to what extent. I do feel that maybe the kitchen sink approach was taken with this product upon seeing the list of ingredients. It might be better to weed some out that are inadequately dosed or not as effective.


This is a topical fat loss product so not something that I was going to taste. I was especially not going to taste it after it looking like diarrhea either. Directions state to "shake the product very well and apply approximately a silver dollar sized amount to the midsection area." ???????????- um, ok. When is the last time anyone has seen a silver dollar? I know it is bigger than a quarter but it has been a while since I have seen one. Some sort of pump, little plastic measuring cup, or syringe would have been nice here. I never knew if I was putting too much on or too little. Some days I would rub this all over my belly and then rub it around my love handles and back it seemed I had so much. I did roughly get 30 days so I think I was dosing it accordingly but it always seemed like a lot.

My other issue with this was the application. It was dark brown and clumpy. No issues with the color but when clumps of the product come out that tends to be an issue for me especially with something I am rubbing on my body. Did I mention it looked like diarrhea? The clumpyness did not seem to go away no matter how much you shook it up. I would have clumps of product on my skin that I would be picking off after application. This did turn your skin and clothes brown but fortunately it did not stain either and came off with a quick wash. I would also come away smelling like icy/hot after application of this product. Fortunately, the smell seemed to dissipate rather quickly so I was not smelling like that all day.


I felt this product was effective although maybe not to the extent or degree it is marketed at. The first week I began using this I definitely felt that I looked leaner in the mirror. The love handles and little bit of pudge in the front did not stick out at much and I felt I could see the outline of my abs a little better. After that first week, I could not really tell a difference anymore. I did not really gain or lose any weight while taking this product but maintained more than anything. Looking back in my journal after the first week of taking this it looks like I was 198.3 bodyweight with a 35.25 inch waist measurement and a 36.25 inch belly measurement. Over the course of use of this product, it appears my bodyweight would fluctuate 1-2 pounds ending at 200.6 lbs when I finished. My waist measurement stayed down a consistent 35.0 inches and my belly measurement actually fluctuated anywhere from 36.25 - 37 inches. I feel this product help keep me in-line with where I wanted to be over the course of using it and was happy with the results when I finished using it.

I did not notice any energy or thermogenic effects during the course of the run of this product. I was expecting some due to the caffeine in it but the caffeine is either too low for me or not as effective as a transdermal .


A few searches turned up the following prices, Amazon - $52.99; Evomuse website - $54.99 for 1 or $85 for 2; $44.99 - $49.95 elsewhere with a Google search but most of the sites seem to say "out of stock." This is a bit steep for me even though I thought it was fairly effective. It might possibly be justified from Evomuse's end with all the ingredients that are in it but not something I'm going to shell out money for when there are other products that are just as effective for a lot less of a price. SKALD being my go to right now and they seem to have a sale every month or two on Amazon where you can get a bottle for $10.99 - $15.99 or a BOGO Free. I could see myself buying this again every once in a while if it was around the $35 range but at the current price I will not be picking up another bottle.

Side Effects

I had skin irritation the first couple of days. This went away after about day 4-5 but was concerning at first because I would wash the product off and my belly would just be red. A positive is that once the skin irritation went away and you applied the product you would have a nice tan look on your midsection :)

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