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Eviscerate Smolder Reviews

By: EvoMuse

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Eviscerate Smolder is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by EvoMuse. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.
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  September 24, 2017

  • Visibly Effective
  • Works Well
  • Smells Odd
  • Too Expensive


Throughout my time dabbling in multiple different supplements, never have I used anything topical, especially a fat burner. I was more of a pill kinda guy, they always got the job done so I saw no reason to change my ways. After seeing this pop up and being in the beginning of a small cutting phase, I figured I'd give this a chance, I'm always up for trying new supplements and seeing what works for me. Huge shoutout to EvoMuse for sending this bad boy out to the Troops.

Ingredient Profile

There are a ton of lengthy named ingredients in this bottle. I'm going to focus on what I believe are most effective. First we have isopropyl alcohol, which is the main ingredient. This is where the smell and heat sensation come from. Next is benzyl alcohol, which can actually be used to cure head lice. After looking this up, it appears to dry out skin and can tighten up the area where applied. Also, we have raspberry ketones with break down fat within the cells to increase weight loss. Lastly, there is yohimbine and aloe within Scald. There are no amounts listed for any ingredients, so there really is no telling how each is dosed.


Smell: Obviously this is a topical supplement, maybe you can eat it, maybe you can't, but I wasn't going to find out so I'll talk about the smell. In my opinion, it smells like hydrogen peroxide mix with something else, can't put my finger on it. Maybe a hint of Listerine. Regardless, it doesn't smell well, especially when it's on your body all day. Whether I worked out or not, I personally always smelt a hint of it. More so when I was sweaty, obviously. Was never really sure if others could smell it or not to be honest.

Appliance: So this is a dark brown gooey substance, I'd say it has a similar consistency to flan. Has some solid chunks but also watery. You really need to rub it into the section you are applying it. If you use too much, it can remain clumpy and get onto your clothing. I tried to do a thin layer, but enough to cover the area I was targeting. The direcitons say to apply an amount about the size of a half dollar.

Dosing: The bottle suggests to apply this right after your shower in the morning so the area is clean and clear. I typically shower every morning unless the first thing I'm doing is fasted cardio. In those instances I just used a damp wash cloth and wiped down the are where I was going to apply Smolder. I put it on every morning, sometimes twice a day if it was a two a day.


So I never tried the original Smolder, so i cannot compare them. However, I've heard the original has a burning sensation, and so does this one. I think it's pretty obvious it was going to though. It wasn't unbearable, but could be a little annoying at times. Nothing like the thermo effect form a fat burner pill.

I applied this solely to my waist and lower abdominal region. That is where I wanted to target some extra fat loss. On a typical day, it would just have a sensation of heat in the area. On workout days, it really made me sweat and have that extra burn. I did not take measurements, but through the course of applying this, my work pants became looser and I did use tighter notches on my belt. I did more cardio than I did lifting, due to an injury, so I'm happy with what the results I received. By no means was it anything insanely drastic, but there was a noticeable difference. If stacked with a typical fat burner, I think the results would have been even better. The fat burner would affect the entire body, and Smolder would target specific areas you wish to lose a little more.


This can be picked up for the cheapest on Amazon for $31.99 for 180ml.

Side Effects

DO NOT touch your eyes or put in your contacts AFTER applying this to your body. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly!


My end thoughts on this is that at $32, its a little pricey for what it does. However, I feel it would be beneficial to stack this with a typical fat burner to aid Scald. By applying it to the areas you want to target, it will help, all you have to do is get past the smell. It's not terrible, but I wish it were better.

  March 26, 2014

  • Works Well
  • Visibly Effective
  • Bad Water Retention
  • A Pain To Apply
  • Smells Odd
  • Not As Good As Abliderate
  • Too Expensive
To start, since SR only has Eviscerate Smolder as an option for review, this review will cover, Eviscerate OG, smolder, & burn free formula.I will rate each aspect of the product on different values, determined by what I think is most crucial in the product.

Eviscerate is a topical fat loss supplement sold by Evolutionary Muse (Evomuse) and claims to cause targetted fat loss with repeated application. Eviscerate is meant for subcutaneous fat more so than visceral fat.


Eviscerate consists of a blend of products and a transdermal carrier, meant to release fat from the specific area into the bloodstream. I am usually fairly irritated by proprietary blends, however i dont feel like knowing the specific quantities would affect my impression of the product much.

isopropyl Alcohol, .Benzyl Alcohol, Water, Triglyceride Complex ,n-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone, Raspberry Ketones,Yohimbine, Glycyrrhetinic Acid , 50% Cholorgenic Acid Green Coffee Bean Extract, Caffeine anhydrous, Aloe Extract, Aminophylline, Bergenin, Ginger Extract, Cucumber extract, beta-Escin, Benzyl Nicotinate, Dandelion extract, L-Carnitine, Ellagic Acid 40%, Banaba Leaf Extract, Theophylline, , Laurocapram ,l-menthol,Sodium Polyacrylate, Carbomer, Capsaicin 98%

as there are so many ingredients, I am not going to go through all of them, however the main difference between Eviscerate OG, Smolder, and BFF is that OG has the most capsaicin content, followed by smolder and BFF. BFF also apparently contains slightly more yohimbine, with no capsaicin content and therefore no burn.

Although Eviscerate is meant for subcutaneous fat and abliderate is for visceral fat, I personally believe that both the profile and results leave the abliderate series as the best choice in both the subcutaneous and visceral fat situations.


Eviscerate is best absorbed after both showering and exfoliating the area. If you don't, I would suggest leaving clothing off the area for 30 minutes or so. On application the product causes large quantities of skin to flake and it can be quite a pain to clean up. The burn from eviscerate can cause a lot of discomfort, especially when sweating and showering, many cant handle the heat of OG and downgrade to either smolder or BFF. BFF has no burn whatsoever and I often use it for Face fat.


Generally, 2 applications a day is best, 1 in the morning/before bed & 1 pre workout. But again, significantly easier if done after shower and exfoliation.


You wont really notice but extra fat burning from this product, although sometimes you notice a mild boost in weight loss if you were at a relatively small deficit to begin with.


This is where this product absolutely shines, even bulking. When using these products, lean or not (i generally wouldnt use it unless your sub 20% body fat) you notice substantial effects over a month of constant application, obviously slightly better, but when bulking you will still have a visual loss in fat on the targeted area.

The only reason I didnt give it a 30/30 is because i noticed all around better fat loss, even in non visceral fat, with abliderate, evomuses other product.


This is my primary issue with this product, you retain water, and a lot of it. After discontinuing use on my core and manhandles, i lost 4 inches in 3 days off my waist of just water. I love eviscerate BFF for face fat, but your face looks puffy while you are on it.


When mixed with liquid clen, this stuff becomes amazing, i would estimate it doubles the results mixing liquid clen in every other application. It also stacks nicely with the abliderate series, although i would rather just use abliderate with liquid clen mixed in.

PRICE: 8/10

If you have a large area you may not get much value out of this product, but smaller zones and it will last you a while, again, to get maximum value out of this product, pair with liquid clenbuterol, you shouldnt get any systemic absorption.


Eviscerate is a great product, but i would strongly recommend using Absolutely Abliderated or Abliderate Advanced instead, you get more fat loss, no water retention, no burning or discomfort, and minimal skin flaking, with better absorption.

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