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RecoverMode Reviews

By: EVLution Nutrition

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  July 19, 2018

  • Versatile
  • Hydration Support
  • Improved Recovery
  • Performance Improvement
  • Robust Profile

    Quick Summary

    Solid post-workout recovery but truly shines as a stand-alone intra-workout BCAA product.


    As I've written in other reviews, I'm a fan of consistently supplementing BCAAs for overall health and recovery. I try to ensure I'm ingesting 5-10g of BCAAs every morning during my fasted window, regardless of whether I work out or not. I've also experimented with heavy doses of BCAAs, up to 40g daily, in order to determine the optimal dosage-to-recovery ratio. Personally I notice solid DOMS improvement at ~15g BCAA daily, with no noticeable benefits beyond that dosage. For measurement purposes, I'm 6'1" and 205 lbs.

    Recover Mode was an interesting pickup for me. Listed as a post-workout product, the profile is essentially that of a loaded intra-workout. I was already running a simpler BCAA product however I do not usually supplement anything postworkout as I lift in the morning, in the middle of my fasted window. I've actually, GASP, stopped supplementing protein as a result of maintaining this eating regimen, thus I figured Recover Mode would be a good addition to my stack.

    Ingredient Profile

    For most of my BCAA supplements I am primarily concerned with the actual dosing of BCAAs. 5g of essential BCAAs per serving has been clinically proven to be the minimum effective dose for an average-sized human. Recover Mode includes 5g at a 2:1:1 ratio along with a LOT of other goodies. Notable are the minerals and electrolytes for hydration support, 3g of Glutamine for recovery, as well as 2.25g of Creatine Monohydrate, which I can personally do without.

    Also included are some common players in pre-workout and intra-workout products. You're getting a light dose of Beta Alanine (1.6g) and a solid dose of Taurine (1g), which are common non-essential amino acids used to support and improve athletic performance. Interesting to have these in a post-workout, but the benefits list is long for these two ingredients so I can see why they are included.

    In that same vein, one scoop also nets you 1.5g of Betain, another ingredient with a long list of claims revolving around improved performance and muscle gain, and 1g of L-Carnitine which, once again, is a common ingredient in other types of supplements given its role in energy production.

    Long story short, you've got a wealth of common ingredients to support hydration, muscular endurance, performance, and energy production but not a whole lot of specific recovery-boosting ingredients aside from the BCAAs and Glutamine.


    I received the Blue Razz flavor which is VERY strong, even in 32oz. of water. Taste-wise it is standard for a blue raspberry flavored supplement. Nicely done, not overly sweet, no medicinal aftertaste. The dyes and flavoring are heavy but overall not bad.

    I generally dumped one scoop into my 32oz. bottle and sipped post-workout. I did experiment with this as a stand-alone intra-workout a few times as well. Mixes well with minimal foaming or residue.


    I personally can't tell the difference between most BCAA products. I do notice a difference in my general recovery time and the amount of DOMS I experience when I'm taking a BCAA versus when I'm not, but not usually between individual supplements. And, as I mentioned above, I've found my personal threshold of performance improvement maxes out at ~15g of BCAA daily.

    Yes, I was running other BCAA supplements during my time on Recover Mode, but I do think the combination of these products was a plus. I was getting 5-7g BCAA intra-workout, and another 5g from Recover Mode post-workout, and I definitely felt like my DOMS was as light as it can get. I was dealing with minimal soreness most days and felt refreshed and energized post-workout. I do wonder if, without additional BCAA support, Recover Mode would be as effective on its own. While I really like the profile, it's not as loaded with recovery-focused ingredients as you might find for example there's nothing to address glucose replenishment. Not a big deal for me, just a note given how this supplement is categorized.

    As stated in the summary, I thought Recover Mode was fantastic as a standalone intra-workout. The wealth of performance-focused ingredients combined with the hydration support excelled at providing that extra boost to get through my workouts, to carve out a few more reps, and to just generally feel like I hit the weights hard. I think I would honestly say I preferred Recover Mode as an intra-workout given how effective it was.


    Most solid BCAA supplements will cost you around .80c per serving. Some of the flashier products with broader ingredient profiles will run you closer to $1.00 per scoop.

    At $30 for 30 scoops, this is exactly what I would expect to pay for Recover Mode and, honestly, I think this is a good value. You're getting a versatile, loaded product with effective doses across the board.

    Side Effects



    If you've got the cash to blow for a post-workout stacker, this is a good option, but I'd absolutely recommend this as a straight up intra-workout. You're getting more from Recover Mode than most other basic BCAAs at a good price point. Nice work from EVL on this product. Definitely one I'll grab again in the future.
    • Blue Razz: 7/10

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