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LeanMode Reviews

By: EVLution Nutrition

  August 24, 2017

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Fat Loss
  • Some Energy
  • Not Dosed Well
  • Too Expensive


This is the first fat burner that I have ever taken and I was excited to find one that had no caffeine. I am not necessarily sensitive to caffeine but I get paranoid about developing a dependency if I have too much (which with my preworkout and bcaa energy/coffee I would imagine that I am getting close). This was also getting started around the same time that I started a cutting program in my training and diet so it is always a little hard to tell what progress I can attribute to that and what I credit this product for.

----Ingredient Profile: 6/10----

CLA: 500mg
Green coffee bean extract: 500mg
Garcinia Cambogia extract: 500mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine: 500mg
Green tea leaf extract: 250mg

This ingredient list is a double edged sword because while it seems like a solid list, pretty much everything on here is underdosed to a degree. The recommended CLA dosage for effectiveness is 2-4 grams daily (4+ servings of this). The recommended dosage of Acetyl L-Carnitine is 1-2g daily (2+ servings of this). The recommended dosage for green tea leaf extract is about 1g daily depending on where you look (4+ servings of this) and so on. While I like the ingredient list and these are, for the most part, tried and true ingredients to aid in weight loss, I wish that the dosing was a little more scientific.

The ingredients are all very solid as far as solid metabolism boosters/fat burners that aren't stimulants. I know that some people do report some minor energy benefits from taking this product but that was not my experience. In fact I would personally never take this before a workout because they tend to sit a little bit heavy on my stomach (due to you remaining satiated longer).

----Effectiveness: 7/10----

The effectiveness of this product is up in the air for me. While I mentioned in the introduction that I started a cutting program at the same time I started this, it is hard not to credit at least a little bit of my progress to this product. Whether or not it was placebo for me, I think that some of the progress that I made was due to this product. Sometimes a placebo can work just as well as the real thing so I will take it either way.

The main thing that this product undeniably did for me was suppress appetite. I would take the recommended 3 pills before 2 meals daily and I noticed that after every meal I would feel way more satiated than I was used to. I had cut calories back by just about 1000 and had no notable hunger throughout my days like I was used to from previous cutting cycles.

----Value: 6/10----
The value is pretty mediocre for this product. It comes in at just about $15/30 servings (when it is on sale which it frequently is) which seems to be the average for this category. The problem is that the dosing needs to be more than what they recommend as one serving in order to be effective so the 30 servings on the bottle turned into 20 or so servings for me. The price was not bad enough that I wont buy this product again (I will) I just wish you got a little more bang for your buck.

Side Effects

No real side effects to note other than the aforementioned "I wasn't very hungry" (which is a selling point so I wouldn't consider it a side effect).


Overall I would recommend that anyone who wants a stim free fat burner give this a shot if they find it on sale. If you had to pay full price, I would recommend buying the ingredients separately and dosing it for yourself to save a little bit of money. I was somewhat happy with my purchase but only plan on buying again if it goes on sale.

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