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CRE+ has been reported as discontinued.

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CRE+ Reviews

By: EVLution Nutrition

  April 5, 2015

  • Excellent Recovery
  • Tastes Great
  • Good Value
  • Possible Bloating At Higher Doses
  • Some Bloating
I was looking for something different than just regular creatine and came across this product. I really liked what I saw in the ingredient profile and thought I would give it try. I have tried a few other products from this company and really liked them and figured this would be another good product by EVL.

Serving Size 1 scoop
Servings per container 60

Vitamin D3 500IU
Niacin 20mg
Vitamin B6 2mg
Vitamin B12 6mcg
Magnesium (as MagnaPower magnesium creatine chelate) 80mg
Creatine Monohydrate 3000mg
Magnesium creatine chelate 1000mg
Creatine Anhydrous 1000mg

This is a pretty solid profile I think for a creatine product. Has a few more things in it than your regular straight up creatine product which is nice. This has a pretty high dose of creatine per serving which I like. I like the different kinds of creatine they put in here instead of just one kind. HCL creatine I believe is a newer kind of creatine and have heard is suppose to be one of the best kinds because you need less of it and is more effective. I believe this is my first time using any kind of product that has HCL in it and from my experience I really liked it a lot.

Most sites you can get this around $22. I think for a product like this it is a pretty good deal.

I decided on the unflavored rather than the blue raspberry. I would be mixing this with my protein after my workouts and figured it would be a lot better mixing it with unflavored rather than blue raspberry. I am sure the blue raspberry would taste good and maybe at some point I will get that to try instead. Really not much taste to it. Maybe just a little bit of a chocky taste to it.

All you need is 1 scoop post workout. In each scoop you will be getting 5g of creatine which is a good amount so there is no need to take more than one scoop especially if you are getting some creatine in your pre-workout also. I feel the best time to take this is right away after your workout and that is how I took this through out the whole container. Seemed to mix fairly well I thought but then again I was mixing it with my protein shake so it was kind of hard tell how well it really mixed. It has a real fine like powder to it that kind of reminded me of flour. I noticed every time I tried to get a scoop out I was always getting some of the powder on my hand and it made for a little bit of a mess. Would be kind of nice to have a little bigger container so your hand can fit in there better so you don't make a mess.

I found this to be a much better product for me than just regular Mono creatine. Having the extra things in here I feel really helped me a lot more. I noticed that when I was on this my strength gains started to go up a lot and all my lifts just felt better. I noticed I was starting to put on a lot more muscle mass and my muscle started to look more full. I also noticed that my DOM's were a lot less after my really hard workouts. Now that I am done taking this and then started back on my regular creatine I have noticed my DOM's are back and it's not been fun. I believe this really helped me at limiting my DOM's I would get which was nice. Some of the benefits from this is helping with recovery and endurance and overall I thought my recovery and endurance from this was much better. I did notice a bit of bloating in my stomach from this which I did not like but then again you have to realize that you are getting a high amount of creatine each time you use this and that can cause for more bloating to happen. This also made me feel more full in my stomach where it was a little harder at times to eat a lot when I would get home and get ready to eat supper.

Side Effects:
The biggest side effect I noticed from this was the horrible gas it gave me. For some reason creatine in high amounts like this gives me horrible gas. It was like clock work for me. Shortly after I would take this I would always start to get this horrible gas and was so bad. It was the kind of gas that would knock you out. This part really annoyed me a lot because I had to be careful who I was around shortly after I took it because it was so bad. It would usually last for awhile and then finally start to go away.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable product for me minus the horrible gas it always gave me LOL. It was great being able to try something that was a little more than just plain old creatine. I feel the HCL was very much worth having in a product like this. I found out that HCL is a little more expensive than regular mono creatine but feel it is very much worth the extra cost because of how well it works. If your looking to try something a little different than your plain old creatine I would for sure recommend giving this a try. For the price and amount of servings you can't go wrong with this. I know I would be more than willing to use this product again when I am in the need of creatine.


  • SRBrandMan
    Rep: +2,419
    Rep for this Brand
    April 29, 2015

    workoutguru , sorry to hear about your stomach issues related to CRE+. Usually one of the advantages of creatine HCl is that absence of bloating that is traditionally associated with creatine mono. Thanks for taking the time to still finish the product and post up a solid review!

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