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BCAA Energy Reviews

By: EVLution Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to EVLution Nutrition for sending it out!
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  July 19, 2015

  • Good Taste
  • Smells Awesome
  • Some Under Dosed Ingredients
  • Not Effective


First of all a big shout out to SR for the Troops program and EVL for participating in it and let us try their products.

Ingredient Profile

BCAA 2:1:1 ratio
L-leucine 2500 mg
L-isoleucine 1250 mg
L-valine 1250 mg

Beta Alanine 500mg
L alanine 500mg
Taurine 500mg

Natural Energizers 110mg
Natural Caffeine (From Coffee Bean), Green Tea Extract, (Standardized for EGCG)(leaf)

As you can see there's nothing special in here, a good dose of BCAA but under dosed
on the rest of the ingredients. No proprietary blend that's a great move.


Taste: I got the chance to try Orange Dream and the taste is awesome, they really got it right with this flavor and the smell... you get addicted smelling the container every day !!!!
Mixability: Mix well with a shaker, bottle or a spoon. Not residues at the bottom
Dosing: Here is the problem, 2 scoops to get the minimum seems a lot


All right I'm going to leave recovery out of the equation since I always include BCAA pre and EAA with HBCD intra. I choose BCAA energy for a mid morning drink and/or mid afternoon pick up most of the time. What I was expecting from this never came that pick up energy that you get from a cup of coffee, for me it was't there. I used two scoops most of the time but when I increased the dose to 4 scoops there was a slight increase in energy but nothing that justify the use of 4 scoops. There was some workouts that I mix this with my HBCD for intra and didn't notice anything special.


The only place at the moment of this review that you can find this product is @ $26.99. The breakdown will be like this:
1 serv ( 2 scoops ) $ 0.67 ( 40 servings )
2 serv ( 4 scoops ) $ 1.34 ( 20 servings )
3 serv ( 6 scoops ) $ 2.07 ( 13 servings )

Side Effects

Apart from smelling the container, no sides


Overall is not a bad product, a good ratio of BCAA, a great taste ( Orange Dream ) mix with out a problem. The only thing is that if I'm going to buy this I will be paying more for some under dosed ingredients, like 500mg of BA really?!!! amd just 110mg of natural caffeine and green tea. EVL would have nailed if instead of under dosed BA, Taurine would have increase the amount of caffeine or added some choline and huperzine. I think EVL missed the opportunity to set their bcaa product apart from the others.

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